On May 30, 1806, Andrew Jackson and Charles Henry Dickinson met in a duel in Nashville, Tennessee.  Charles Henry was an excellent duelist with 26 kills under his belt. The animosity between the two men seems to have started in 1805 over a bet at a horse race.

Charles Henry Dickinson
Charles Henry Dickinson
Jackson and Dickinson were rival horse breeders with a long-standing hatred of each other. Dickinson accused Jackson of reneging on a horse bet and called Jackson a coward and an equivocator.   Getting no response, Dickinson then Jackson’s wife, Rachel, a bigamist. (Rachel had married Jackson not knowing her first husband had failed to finalize their divorce.)   Still no response.  Dickinson knowing he was the better marksman then published in the Nashville Review (Tennessee) an op-ed piece where he called Jackson a worthless scoundrel, coward and so concerning the Thomas Swann incident  who was a friend and confidant of Dickinson, where Jackson had insulted him, obviously as a Dickinson proxy.  This incident led to two more newspaper exchanges of insults between them.  I

Finally, Jackson realized that Dickinson was not going to stop taunting him and sent a letter to Dickinson “requesting satisfaction due me for the insults offered.”


 Duel in Nashville

Dueling 2

On May 30, the two men met in for their duel.  I could not find the exact time; it was probably early morning.  I have set up the transit chart at Nashville, that I assume was the site,  for noon.  What you see is a bi-wheel with Jackson’s chart inner and the transit chart outer.

A Jackson Duel

Dickinson was an expert shot.  He had killed 26 men in previous duels, so the man was deadly.   Old Hickory, a nickname Jackson got during Creek War of 1813-1814, where despite illness and famine, Jackson would not let up on his troop. The hardest wood around hickory so he got the “Old Hickory”  because unlike iron he aged but was still unbending.    In a duel each man is give just one bullet for their one shot.  Jackson thought Dickinson would rush his & miss then Jackson could take his time and take aim more carefully.  Charles Henry fired first, hitting Jackson in the chest so close to the heart it was never removed.  Thus, Old Hickory had his moment as Dickinson remained still as Old Hickory, ignoring the blood and pain, took aim and shot.  The bullet was deadly.

Many Tennesseans did not approve of Jackson’s tactics, they felt it ungentlemanly as he should have shot when Dickinson did, and to be honest, that was part of the unwritten code of duelling, but not a requirement and Jackson shrewdly took advantage of that loophole.    But the cost was high, and he received the reputation he was a violent &  vengeful man, that made him and his wife, an outcast in many social circles.

Looking at the Chart

The first, checking out the angles of the wheel, we see there is a very close opposition of transiting Venus to the transiting Saturn, Uranus conjunction, these almost exactly on the ASC/DSC angle of the natal chart.  In addition, there is a YOD ( Finger of God) configuration combining the Venus & Saturn, Uranus with the natal Sun and Mars.  Jackson’ natal Uranus is also somewhat involved.  This is obviously an astrologically ‘hot period’ for him.  Could we predict that he would be engaged in a duel, take a bullet to the chest, kill the other guy, and survive? What do you think?

Jackson’s birthdata is a DD, so we can’t place much confidence in the house placements.  The planetary aspect patterns will not change much in a matter of a few hours, but the signs on the houses and the planet placements will change.  It is critical for these to be correct if we expect to make predictions.

With this in mind, what does this chart suggest as an outcome of the duel?  Where do we place the ‘actors’, Andrew and Charles Henry?  Since we are studying this situation from Jackson’s point of view, he will be placed at the 1st House ( Aries rising, Mars as ruler represents him) .  Jackson’s adversary, Dickinson, will be located there, in the 7th (Libra, with Venus as ruler).

Venus ( Charles Henry) in the transit chart is in Aries, a difficult place for it, much too hot and dry, hence he is probably dangerously overwrought.  This Jackson sensed waiting and letting him take the first shot, which he did too quickly.  And further, we see that Venus is opposing Saturn and Uranus, which increases the stress.  So, Charles Henry, from what we see so far, was not in very good shape.

Mars, representing Jackson, is by transit approaching his natal Mars in Taurus, suggesting that Jackson is feeling re-energized and ready for action.  The transiting Moon is in Scorpio, opposing his Mars, which stimulates it even more.  Further transiting Mars is trine to his natal Moon and Jupiter.  From this quick study it would seem the bet of Jackson surviving the duel would have been a good one.