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Robert Leo Hulseman was born on April 5, 1932, in Chicago. His father, Leo, founded Solo Cup in 1936; his mother was a singer who went by the name Dora Hall. As a teenager, he contracted polio, that affected the left side of his body and caused one leg to be shorter than the other, this was corrected by surgery (mars conjunct asc at the first house.  Mars rules the head and face but is found in the 12th house of the feet indicating the top of the leg.)

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Mr. Hulseman attended the Jesuit run Marquette University and served briefly in the Army. He started working in a Solo factory at age 18 & he held various jobs in the company including purchasing. Later worked on developing the company’s plastics business, and he became company president in 1980 and then ts chief executive and chairman.

“He knew plastics manufacturing like nobody,” said Paul Hulseman, who worked at the company with some of his siblings. “He built plants and machines and tooling.” From his obituary in the New York Times.

But it is his Red Solo Cup that everyone knows.  Country and Western singer Toby Keith even wrote a ballad in its honor and so we at Sabian Earth are giving the man, the myth, the inventor, his due.

Solo Factory

        A Preponderant Cardinality 

With 5 planets in the first house, Mr. Hulseman has a strong fire and Cardinal personality.  He is not one to wait for another person to give him the go-ahead, he took up challenges he felt he were compelling and then made it happen, see his son’s Paul comment above (Preponderance in Aries a forceful and driving sign and a preponderance in the 1st house is one that is self propelled).

The Grand Trine made him a tough boss and exacting father (Neptune 05 to Saturn 03 Venus 01) but as it is out of quadrature, a little more practical in exercising his duty than had it been complete.

The five planets (a Jonesian preponderance) in the first house is a sextile away from Saturn on the eleventh house cusp, and quincunx  to Neptune in his sixth house.  This makes the apex to the yod starting from his ascendant and culminating at the head n the seventh house.  This aspect makes him more reliant on labor relations and family interrelations than he cared for, and was probably a restraining factor on his strong martial personality for no matter how much he wanted to get things done, he had to rely on others to implement it:  delegation was not his strong point.

Growing up with a family run enterprise, Hulseman found he could be jack of all trades, but the larger his business grew, and because of his strong ambition it was bound to, he had not only to specialize but also delegate.  This hints why he sold the family owned firm — it was getting larger and more complicated then he one man could handle, and his children did not want to follow in his Saturnian footsteps.  On the positive side, the descendant is trine Saturn and so Solo probably did not have have labour problems but loyal employees who appreciated the steady work.

Robert Hulseman Map

                       Temperament Type

Hulseman is a Bucket temperament type with a Saturn Handle in the Eleventh House. His Saturn at 04 Aquarius is opposite Jupiter in the Fifth House at 12.37 Leo creating what Marc Jones calls an “awareness” of his Social Consciousness and allowed him to partner his deep faith with realistic practicality i.e. making an otherwise taciturn man amiable and more extroverted than his makeup would suggest.

It also made him hold himself to a high standard of being showing that work was an ennobling act by working so many positions at Solo so that he could have a commonality with his employees.  Besides being a good employee, he was also most likely a good and honest, husband &  Mrs. Hulseman had little to worry about though she probably would have liked him around the house more.  In reality,  he would have been a difficult man to have had in constant companionship, needing as he did a large territory to roam.

hulseman midpoint list.png

Saturn is also sextile his Moon in the First House at 10 Aries suggesting that home and family were integral to his self-image.  His hereditary roots at Solo were important to him and it is not surprising that he had several of his children work in various positions as well, trying to instill the same pater familias he had.

Finally, Saturn was also sextile to his Sun in the First House that would have been a clarion call to Mr. Hulseman to be the leader he wanted to become in the world at large.  Saturn is often seen as the key to the Father with the Sun as the ego of the native himself, and with this sextile of accomplishment, Mr. Hulseman going beyond his father by creating an emblematic Red Cup would have been a piece de resistance.  He was professionally, and probably, familiarly, a happy man.


Mr. Hulseman has his Saturn opposite his Jupiter for his Line of Self-Determination.  Saturn helps the soul come into focus and gives a person emotional and/or spiritual stability in their life while Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm, renders the native a strong degree of confidence and self-love.  Here in his chart as they are in push-pull struggle, suggests that Hulseman tended to be dramatic (hence the bright red cup)  and prodigal with his talents  — he may have had more inventions that he let by the wayside or have others capitalize on in an exercise of social bonding and generosity.

His Line of Vitality, Moon aspect towards the Sun, is quite strong and conjunct in the first house bestowing a long life.  It also shows that Hulseman believed that he and Solo Cup were inextricably bound and was probably at a loss that his children did not feel the same way about the company that he did. 

Next is the Line of Self-Determination, the aspect between Venus and her partner Mars which has a sextile aspect between them.   Here we see that Hulseman’s ego could be quite strong and demanding because while he had a lot going on in his life, he wanted to be the center of it all.  This aspect shows up also in Thos. Alva Edison, who had a large support of friends and worked all the harder to impress them.  For Hulseman his coterie were his devoted wife and children, but also his employee’s and their families.  While this can be thrilling and inspiring, it can also be palling as the demands are incessant and never stop.

Finally we have the Line of Culture, the aspect between Neptune and Uranus that is inconjunct and tell us that in the larger world (i.e. outside of his own retinue) , Hulseman had little interest.  Like German inventor, Paul von Hindenburg, he was more interested in his work and his circle than whatever was beyond.  This gave him some freedom but it also diminished his importance in the larger world.  Perhaps this review will help there.

            Sabian Symbols

Mr. Hulseman’s ascendant is 04 Aries a Group around a campfire with the keyword of Amiability.  Marc Edmund Jones writes that this degree is a “special skill” that allows Hulseman to bring together others in an effective structure.  His supporting other employees in developing their creativity is an obvious fact, as well as having his children experience different areas of the Solo world for them to find their own interests and abilities.


Artist Jon McNaughton &  his Boy Scout Painting, Sacred Fire.

His ascendant is part of a massive stellium containing conjunctions to  Mars 02 Aries, the Moon, 10 Aries and his Part of Fortune, 11 Aries,  his Sun, 16 Aries, Uranus 20 Aries and finally Mercury ending this powerful stellium at 24 Aries. giving his creativity a powerful single minded devotion that would have indeed made him a workaholic.

A sextile to his high focus Saturn, at 04 Aquarius1   gives the illustration to the symbol of a Hindu Healer who needs “to transcend the physicality of the body” and unite it with his soul to create “two remarkable achievements”.

RIP, Mr. Hulseman.


1. The Sabian Symbols  cited here and throughout this site is from the 1953  edition of  The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, Sabian Publishing Society, Stanwood, Washington.    Look to Bookfinder for a copy.


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