According to Britannica, John Dillinger was born

John Dillinger, in full John Herbert Dillinger (born June 28, 1902, or June 22, 1903, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.—died July 22, 1934, Chicago, Ill.), most famous of all U.S. bank robbers, whose short career of robberies and escapes from June 1933 to July 1934 won media headlines.

Conflicting dates do muddy the waters, but so does Astrotheme’s 03 Leo Ascendant that is opposite E.C. Chamber’s 01 Aquarius.  Seems Mr. Dillinger is as elusive as ever escaping capture.  While we have four possibilities for our notorious gunmen, only one is right.wheels-dillingercar-blog480.jpg

We do agree with Mr. Chamber’s analysis that he is cold-blooded towards others, though not to family.  We are relying heavily on three sources:’s report of Mr Dillinger, Encyclopaedia Britannica and clips from the New York Times.

No doubt, rectification can be akin to detective work.

 First Chart:  June 22, 1903, Indianapolis

dillinger 1.jpg
Dillinger #1 Astrotheme

I am going to break down the four charts by number.  Looking at Dillinger #1 we have 04 Leo Ascendant and Venus in the First house.  Typically, when Venus is situated there, it bestows a well put together body — athletic and graceful.  This works for JD because of his athletic prowess jumping over police cars, department store stiles and climbing ladders like a cat.

Opposite Venus is Saturn in the Seventh House of Aquarius that happens to be its ruler.  This would give him good mechanical ability.  His Midheaven in Aries would tell us that he wanted to be the best in his career and  proud to be Public Enemy #1.

There is a problem right there.  Public enemy was something that J. Edgar Hoover created for his FBI, to make his nascent agency important.  Dillinger from his letters to his father, claims he never understood his importance & was unhappy with it.  Of course that could be that he was always in the limelight and this Leo ascendant  was frustrated by that, but it may have also irked his Pluto in the Twelfth House.

That raises another problem,  the amount of planets in the Twelfth House, a sector of large institutions, imprisonment and self-undoing.  This is sticky because JD was not in a prison for long when he craftily turned a spoon into a gun and escaped.  The self-undoing works if we think that his date with the Lady in Red was stupid mistake i.e. trusting her at all and under the circumstances you have to wonder about his poor judgement,  but he has no square to emphasise that in this chart so here we would have to rule that out — we would be reading too much into the chart with not enough supporting evidence.

Verdict:  possible with questions.

 Same Day, Different Time dillinger 2.jpg

This is the E. C. Chambers chart at 01 Aquarius, nothing is opposite his ascendant  — Venus is too far away. The Midheaven is now crafty Scorpio and Mars is in the Eighth House in Libra a sextile away but it does suggest a violent death.

Uranus is in the Eleventh House, telling us he had a rather bad set of friends that he ran into and that he was atypically portraying to the public.  Those two ideas work for PE (Public Enemy) #1.  In this chart, he remains a see-saw and the emphasis, the sign qualities, have the same setup 5-Air, 5 Common but a change in Neptune occurs:  in JD#2 Neptune is in the House of Recreation, in JD#1 Neptune is the House of Imagination.

Newly discovered Pluto is in Gemini on the Fifth House Cusp telling us that going out for recreation is a mistake, he should work harder.  This gets emphasis from a trine to Mars, its fellow Lord of  Scorpio.

Verdict:  As JD was captured and killed while going to a movie parlor, JD#2 is a better fit than JD#1 and has supplanted JD#1 in the running.


Same time different date:  June 28th dillinger 3.jpg

June 28th while almost a week later looks similar to JD#2 except that Jupiter is in the first house.  That is problematic as Jupiter would give him a lucky life and he has neither oppositions nor squares to harden it.

Verdict:  Impossible.  JD was not a fortunate fellow.

 Same day, different time:  7:05 June 28dillinger 4.jpg

Uranus is now in the Fifth House of crafty ingenuity and Neptune in the Twelfth again next to the Sun.  I suppose if he was a fantasy writer this would work but not for a bank robber.  The Eighth House has Jupiter calling for a peaceful death and Mars in the Third, violent in his family.  His ascendant in Leo is aspected by nothing — Venus and the Moon are out of orb — too far away and if none of that convinced you, Mercury in the Eleventh conjunct newly found Pluto would give him some sort of acclaim.

Verdict:  June 28th is impossible.


Round UP

I would go with E. C. Chambers for Dillinger’s chart, JD#2,  but of course YMMV.  Either way, send in a note and let us know where you disagree.  Thanks.  Another clue, that I did not think of earlier was Find A Grave, his father naturally wrote the correct date there:  June 22nd —  it seems we agree 🙂

From the New York Times:

Dillingers Letter To His Father

John Dillinger Body


Aleister and Rose on the Cairo honeymoon

Aleister Crowley wrote prodigiously.   His works “The Book of the Law”, “Magick in Theory and Practice,” Diary of Drug Fiend and “The Book of Thoth” are almost de rigueur reading for occultists.  His tarot deck, the Thoth Tarot, is nonpareil.  It was created with Lady Frieda Harris and Israel Regardie, then his personal secretary and later president of the Golden Dawn.  The trio is depicted on the deck’s Nine of Disks, that is titled Gain.

9 of Disks titled “GAIN”

Crowley’s wrote Book of the Law via automatic handwriting (psychography) i.e. a method that psychics use to channel either their higher self or a spirit angels. For Crowley wrote while in the “flow” — an effortless and free experience where words and ideas seems to come together — but most importantly when he was receiving messages from a higher being called Aiwaz (or Aiwass). Aiwaz lived in Ancient Chaldea during the reign of Hammurabi (around 1750 BC) and unveiled magickal (Crowley’s spelling for the word magical ) phrases and truths. Aiwaz’s high vowel count is considered to have mystical significance, helped Alexander become Aleister while guiding him to the perfect philosophy — Thelema where souls are archetypes for the new Aeon. The Thelemapedia discusses this further.

                                Chart Highlights

Edward Alexander Crowley was born on October 12, 1875 at Royal Leamington Spa, England at 11:42 GMT. We are not rectifying Aleister’s chart. He gave himself the Ascendant of 08 Leo,and  via G.K. McClung’s Hyperion Symbols is  “Zeus’s thunderbolt,” an image that we think the Master Theiron would approve.

Crowley’s chart is heavily western-based — all choice and opportunity, but as an introverted thinker-author his Mercury is in its own Lord, Gemini in the 3rd house though natally in Scorpio. Mercury is also as far as one can get from his Sun and in a separate sign, showing his brilliance and concentrated thought: his maverick career supports these ideas.

His Leo ascendant would have made him tend to bing a large man  with broad shoulders and a florid complexion.  One Lion we know flushes so easily that is discernible even with their olive complexion.   Leo rising also makes the natives, self-confident, ambitious and fond of power with a tendency towards the dramatic.

Thoth, the ibis headed, leads Isis

, a major goddess responsible for the reincarnation of her husband,

 Of course in Crowley’s case, all of this is affected, by that mighty Grand Cross from the 10th to the 4th house and then from the 2nd to the 8th house showing how his life and creative thoughts were tinged with the impermanence of life and the eternalness of death.

Pluto at the Midheaven supports this, as his interest in archaeology (digging up the dead) was so great, that he took his bride, Rose Kelly, on a honeymoon to the Egyptian tomb in 1904. There he first encountered his Holy Guardian Angel at the exhibit number #666.

When they returned, Rose entered trance states and insisted that the Egyptian God Horus, whose head is in the shape of a falcon and body that of a man, was trying to reach him.


Charting Aleister

As part of the Grand Cardinal Cross, his Saturn is square his Mercury in his Fourth House in Scorpio, conjunct Jupiter, showing how he was able to integrate his intellect to avoid becoming fragmented or detail bound but instead rise above the fray with a surprising light touch.

The final opposition to his Saturn is an exact opposition to his Uranus in the First House at 19.10 Leo.  Here we see how Crowley tried to integrate his originality into a new Aeon starting with himself by being more articulate, more open and more expansive than anyone else at the time.  This caused untold problems, first at home, then at school and then with the Golden Dawn that tossed him out for breaking their code of silence on their inner rites.  He left, claim foul, and founded his own Mystery School.  Years later his secretary, Regardie, opened up all of the Golden Dawn to the public following in his esoteric father’s footsteps.

                               the  Jones lines

Of Marc Edmund Jones’s four departments, only the Line of Efficiency <sup>1 </sup> is the most prominent. This square dominates Master Theron’s chart because it also the closest square aspect in his chart and so becomes his Dynamic Aptitude. This angle gives a “particular dramatization” to his affairs with a strong need to be “different” and striking. His early writing partner, Evangeline Adams, does not have this department and thus, this difference between the two suggests the real reason for their astrological writings to have such great success: a marriage of practicality and elan.

His Line of Vitality is trine, this is the angle between the two Luminaries, suggesting a creative tone of self-expression and supports the Line of Efficiency.

The Line of Culture, Neptune in relationship to Uranus lies in opposition. As the two oppose each other, this slanting, shows his awareness of his sensitivity to his surroundings. The most salient episode In Crowley’s life that this angle manifests itself is not only by his automatic writing (a method similar to free-writing) but also by his receptivity to the Egyptian god Thoth’s healing spirit in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities (now the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities at Cairo) during his honeymoon.

The fourth and final line is the Line of Personality, or Jupiter’s slanting to Saturn. In Crowley’s chart they are square but sextile in his mentor-writing partner, Evangeline Adams chart. His square suggests an offhand and careless attitude towards his work, while her sextile brings an almost obsessive concern with the work having to be perfect. It is this aspect that obviously caused the break in writing relationship as this would be hard to harmonize.

Crowley has all 4 departments in his chart; we have found in our studies that this creates a hard-headed obstinate person who is not open to criticism or critical input. His chart shows this with Asteroid Lilith conjunct the Sun in the 4th house, pushing him to greater and more dangerous acts of self-exhibitionism in a driving need to stand out from his peers   His high declination of Mars 22 Capricorn 53 in the sixth house, supports this driving personality that eventually caused a physical and mental exhaustion that led him to being totally dependent upon others for care.  In the fourth house we find his only stellium auguring his need to remove his energies from himself and instead transfer them into a professional activity. Clutter-bugs often have this stellium as well those interested in archaeology and history (evinced again by his visit to the Cairo Museum, that was obviously a touchstone in his life).

   The Symbols aren’t silent either

In Crowley’s chart the two most important symbols are Mars & his ascendant. The former at 22 Capricorn 53 “two awards for bravery in war” symbolize his resourcefulness in developing new areas of self-expression that extolled the personal vision through his leadership.

His ascendant doubles upon that idea despite that Jones ignores this tradition talisman replacing this with his focal determinator theory. Nonetheless at Leo 8, (HS) Zeus’s Thunderbolt key is the need for “self correction.” In Master Theron’s case, he consistently refused such adjustment and missed his calling as probably the greatest 20th century occultist. Instead, he allowed his debauchery and notoriety to dominate his life that eventually left his health in ruin.


                                What’s his type?

Lady Frieda Harris

Aleister is a see-saw, that according to Marc Edmund Jones is the most common type of Temperament Type, while we have found that “bowls” are everywhere & see-saws a distant second. in the see-saw case, the native goes through life trying to be an acrobat on a high wire act, balancing this way and that to get his equilibrium.   Because there are oppositions in the chart, for his see-saw to work there always must be some mediating string or person that unites the tension between the two segments of the natives life to create a whole. For him that was the noble Lady Frieda Harris.


A Fixed Grand Cross

Another major feature of Aleister Crowley’s layout is the Grand Cross (see above) in fixed elements.  One example that Marc Edmund Jones in How to learn astrology, is financier J. P. Morgan, founder of the major American bank that bears his name.  Dr. Jones writes that a Grand Fixed Cross gives the native a “special instinct for dealing with intangibles.”  And if esoterica is not an “elusive” tangible, there is not much that is.  “A fixed cross,” Jones continues, “irrevocably” links the native with the establishment of a pattern for beliefs or age.

                                  Intercepted Houses

rowley has no planets in his intercepted houses of Gemini-Sagittarius, but Pluto that is on the cusp. Pluto was discovered in 1930, and in that year “The Legend of Aleister Crowley” is compiled by Crowley though written by his secretary Israel Regardie, later the president and leader of the Golden Dawn, and his friend P. R. Stephenson. On September 23 1930 at 6:36pm  Crowley  faked his own suicide at Boca de Inferno, Cascais Portugal: he is nothing if not theatrical.

This chart is progressed to the Boca “suicide.” He pulled this off with the help of his friend and poet Fernando Pessoa, inspired by the death of the Greek philosopher Empedocles, who threw himself into a volcano.  Pessoa handed Crowley’s suicide note to newspapers, helpfully explaining the Thelemic symbols and translating the mangled Portuguese to police and media alike.  Crowley reappeared three weeks later at the opening of an exhibition of his works in a Berlin gallery, suggesting this whole affair was more publicity stunt than anything else as shown by the stellium in the 11th house of publicity and fans.


Marc Jones outline the four departments in the Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, page 151. They provide a shortcut for how a person interacts with his environment. Neither Pluto nor Mercury are in a department, thus Marc Jones called them “supernumeraries” or extras. Mercury, and the two luminaries, appear in his Mental Chemistry angle.

  • Crowley’s grandson is jazz pianist Eric Muhler. It’s uncanny how Mr. Muhler resembles the old sod.
  • This site, Ghost Blooms, discusses Crowley’s Cambridge years complete with his poetry and lots of modern day pictures.


  • McClung, G. K.  Hyperion Symbols.   Barnes and Noble sells the eBook. It is far cheaper than the paperback edition; there is no hardcover available.
  • Jones, Marc Edmund.  How to learn Astrology.  Stanwood, WA:  Sabian Publishing Society.  c.  Mrs. Delphine Norwood/ Dromenon LLC., Chicago, Illinois. This book is rare and out of print.
  •  Jones, Marc. Edmund.  The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation.  Philadelphia: MacKay Publishing, 1941. Available for purchase here.

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Joseph Haydn was a baroque era composer. He was born March 31, 1732 and died May 31, 1809.  He is considered the “Father of the String Quartet” and was instrumental to the piano trio, considered to be the genesis of the sonata form.  Of his 3 brothers: Michael Haydn, was also an accomplished composer & Johann Evangelist Haydn, a virtuoso tenor.  Besides his own compositions, he taught both Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

His chart has a mutable accent to its see-saw temperament type, suggesting someone who was always having to adapt to the times via his extended network.  The shifting sands of this type, have a heavy bias towards opportunity as well, but for Haydn that was dependent upon himself and his ability to sell and market his talents as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses houses form his base.

Uranus was discovered during his lifetime ( March 1781) appearing in the 3rd house where getting good students was as important as his own compositions. And indeed, on Jan 29 Mozart‘s great choral opera “Idomeneo” premiered in Munich. Neptune, not discovered until after the Maestro reposed, is at his midheaven next to the Moon, illustrating how much his music, particularly his invention of the “Sonata” was the “sound” of the era.

                                        The early years

Haydn (pronounced High-den)  started off as a choirboy obtaining a scholarship for his singing, but then just as suddenly lost it as his voice changed (Uranus in the 3rd house highlighting sudden changes in his ambition (Mars). Rebuffed at his first choice, he undertook the self-study of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, the second son of  Johann Sebastian Bach, and a crucial composer in the transition phase between the Classical Style of his father and  the Baroque period.

Prince Nikolau Esterhazy

It was his tedious copying (Mars opposite Neptune conjunct Moon at the Midheaven) of Bach’s chords and forms —  the traditional method of studying this brought brought him the attention of Italian composer and singing teacher Nicola Antonio Porpora, who invited him to his school, first as accompanist for voice lessons and as Haydn’s developed, compositions.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven c. 1801

The natural ruler of the Third House is Gemini which does bestow musical gifts, being an air sign, and its ruler is in the 7th House, partnering with others, particularly men who are in the top of their profession.

From Porpora, Haydn was introduced to music-loving Austrian nobleman Karl Joseph von Fürnberg, who in turn brought him to the attention of Count Ferdinand Maximilian von Morzin.  His job title under Morzin was Kapellmeister, musical director, and he led and developed the Count’s orchestra.  Unfortunately, while von Morzin  loved music he had little money and so he graciously recommended Haydn and troupe to the  Prince Pál Antal Esterhazy (Hungary), the richest man in the Holy Roman Empire.  Morzin was probably hoping for some sort of finders fee as well.

With Esterhazy’s backing,Haydn provided for his patron more than 150 compositions featuring the baryton, a cellolike instrument.  Listen to it here on Youtube by musician Roland Hutchinson.  Haydn also travelled with the family throughout the capitals of Europe, putting on performances of chamber music, and even operatic productions.  it was a grueling job, but it seems Haydn relished it as it gave him access to his own orchestra to play his works.

                  The London Years

Rebecca Scott Schroeter

When Esterhazy died, Haydn was put on a pension and freed of his works, so he traveled to London and met Rebecca Scott Schroeter.  With Saturn in the 7th House, this suggests a physical relationship for either an older woman or widow growing out of a mutual interest (Sun, Saturn and Mercury).

Despite their mutual affection, they could not marry as Haydn was married to Maria Anna Keller with whom he rarely lived, but as a devout Catholic would not consider divorcing (see Venus in the 9th house of Taurus suggesting the bonds to the Chuch triumphed all.)

                                       In the end

Haydn returned to Vienna, homesick and took up teaching and pushing the musical envelope.  When unable to compose, he prayed the rosary, claiming it gave him great inspiration and insight (Moon in the 10th).  He died in 1803 in his beloved Vienna, fourteen years before Napoleon invaded.

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Noel Coward Map

Playwright Noel Coward is also a See-Saw, and his chart looks more what we are accustomed to seeing:  three opposing planets in the Eighth House against five in the Second.  His chart also is rather reminiscent of Miss McBride’s:  both have Cancer at the Midheaven (hers at 22, his at 30) and both have Libra rising (hers at 19 and his at 23) so these two media artists, have much in common.

But Mr. Coward’s chart is a Northern Hemisphere chart , showing despite his public demeanor, he was a private person. His Sun at 24 Sagittarius is opposite his Moon at 13 Gemini, creates a Line of Vitality that allowed him to aware of his foibles and failings.  That was to his advantage, as he used everything in his environment to create his plays (Mars conjunct Venus in the Third House of communications, the Line of Efficiency).

The novelist Stella Gibbons would recall of Coward that ”he seemed to me to incarnate the myth of the 20’s (gaiety, courage, pain concealed, amusing malice). ” Looking at that abundant Second House of Personal Resources,  it does seem that the various planets are sparring to see which gets the greatest notice.

Mr. Coward was known as a deft “literary” writer, his prose full of double entendres, witty remarks and verbal repartee, but surprising the Line of Culture is missing. While it makes a minor debut as a semi-sextile (Saturn to Jupiter), it does not get a starring role.


Noel Coward at Firefly
Noel Coward at Firefly Jamaica Lookout

Perhaps though that is because we are ignoring the disruptive Uranus in the Second House that is a tad too far until either the North Node or the Sun, but in exact aspect to Coward’s Part of Fortune and then another trine away from his Midheaven. Our see-saw has a Grand Trine to keep it on an even keel despite the lopsidedness of the planets on the map.

The Grand Trine misses that little stellium in Eighth House and opposite the Second, making the spectre of Death & farewells always at Coward’s shoulder.

Overall, Coward has two themes running throughout his life, one of the Grand Trine and the other of the See-Saw wanting very much to make a go of it and be something. Venus is alone in the Third House of Short Communications (he wrote many a One Act Play) but too far from the Midheaven to do much good. Instead, it relies on the relay to the Ascendant to the Midheaven to pull lyric verse and song off — when he writes he writes for others, but when he sings, it is for himself.

The Eighth House with Neptune, Pluto and the Moon suggest he would die suddenly and rather mysteriously on an island, but that was meaningless as England is an island too, so no help there.

Better luck is with his Ascendant at 22.19 Libra that Dr. Henry J. Gordon writes shows “many capabilities which should be trained early on. A restless nature that will seldom stay in one place …. but honour and reward at the end.”

And indeed it was: he was knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1970. He died three years later at Firefly, his Jamaica mountaintop estate after suffering from a sudden heart attack. His secretary, Cole Lesley, said that the burial was closed to only he, two close friends in Jamaica and the staff of Sir Noël’s estate. There was later a “public” London funeral as well.

In the meantime, enjoy some songs from the “Master,” including the ever popular Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Noonday Sun.