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Astrologer Evangeline Adams has this as her  first chart in her 1927 book, “A Place in the Stars.”  Aleister Crowley who helped edit the book  also has it in his Compleat Works.    It is for an unknown woman whom they give the epithet, “Congenital Idiot” i.e. someone who was born with developmental, but not necessarily a hereditary, mentally disabling disease.

We rectifed this chart from an Ascendant of  #5 Libra to Libra #1 or the Sabian Symbol a person frozen in time like a butterfly with a single dart – the image seems fitting. Our house system is different from them as well; we use Morinus while they the ever popular Placidus.  No matter, either way she s a Bowl Temperament Type with all her planets in the Southern or upper hemisphere of her chart giving her a public persona despite her private personal life.

Download Miss CI’s chart.

                      What we know about her

Miss CI was born September 1st, 1880 in London, England.  Neither Adams nor Crowley make any comments about her family background, but her Arabian Parts suggest that she came from a wealthy family with possible Royal Connections (Juno is conjunct the part of Royalty).  That the family had money makes sense as it is doubtful that a poor miscreant would have gotten good care, and thus be brought to their notice.

Astrologically, she has a multitude of earth planets in her chart — six are located in Virgo alone and those are in the twelfth house of confinement. Two more are found trine them in the eighth house in Taurus, thus she has a Sabian preponderance of earth signs — one of the six is Venus in the house of her fall, Virgo, thus casting a cold pall upon our gal, and making her emotions stifled; she would be hard pressed even without her developmental problems to show great warmth as her natural emotional proclivity is be reserved and standoffish.

What’s her line?

Venus is also part of the Line of Efficiency that Marc Jones re-termed the Ptolemaic planetary pairing of Mars and Venus, and here so closely conjunct (less than a four degree orb) highlights her outward demeanour being so at variance with her inner turmoil.

 Like the Alice in Wonderland writer, Lewis Carrol,whom Marc Jones wrote profusely about,  her Line of Efficiency depicts the fundamental adjustments she had to make within her world around her.  Conjunct, it is conjunct suggests that she does not but prefers to remain alone and insular; complete and unto herself as well “little discrimination in petty things” –her intense reaction against things in her environment being changed or moved.

Her  conjunct Line of Vitality and the other planetary pairs that Dr. Jones created as a shorthand to understand how a person inter-reacts with themselves, their environment & their outer world show that she puts a lot of value on how she acts and reacts to the world; she is aware of it whether or not she can capably interact with it.

The Line of Culture, oddly named in this case, but actually referring to how a person reacts to their times and the milieu in which they live is trine.  Helen Keller, born deaf and blind, also has this aspect, suggesting a total communicative independence in both their cases from their environment.  How these ladies converse and interact with others and their environs is their own devising. Thus both our gal and Miss Keller, did not bond with the outside world but instead developed their own language that their parents did not understand.  For Miss Keller, it was not until Miss Sullivan came along and helped her, was she able to communicate with anyone outside of herself; our gal was not so lucky.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Miss C.I. also has Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aries in her seventh house, which Marc Edmund Jones calls the Line of Personality. 1 He writes that this gives a person an “outsized” consequence to their life.

And so it has been.


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Remember when you had to got o the Circus get the oddities of life?  Then there was television and now YouTube.  One doesn’t have to travel too far to see super large giants, and little tiny midgets.  This chart, mentioned in E.C. Chamber’s Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac struck my fancy.  Maybe it was because he threw it down as a challenge, maybe it was the connection with the Circus. Perhaps it was both.circus girl.png

I am using his information with the Koch layout.  I imagine he used Placidus, though he does not say.  He may have been an Equal House man.  Nevermind…

Jewelled Weed

Wisteria is beautiful, but it is unfortunately a weed.

Mr. Chambers that this is part of his collection of two thousand nativities.  He does not give the place, just the ascendant and date in London of course.  Looking at the chart has been interesting exercise.  the 13.09 Libra Ascendant from the Hyperion symbols, has a lovely image of a “jewelled weed.”  Perhaps that talent, did in the end bring her money and good livelihood, as according to Mr. McClung she needed a special “quality of care” in her handling.  Our first hint.


Next, I have noticed that dual signs predominate her chart like  Libra, Gemini  but none of the lower bodied ones, like Aquarius or Pisces.  Her talent must lay in the upper body.  Libra rules her balance.  She has no afflictions there, other than the fearful Moon, so her talent was not a pretty one.  The Bearded Lady is out she has nothing in Leo.

Looking at her chart, confirms that the problem is duality in the upper body.  Everything is stuck in Gemini.  Too many lungs?  Who would know?  That’s out.  But a surplus of fingers, a misshapen shoulder, wild arms, now we are unto something, but those oppositions suggest too many is wrong.

Jupiter the planet of excess is in opposition to the stronger Sun.  Saturn is confining things and it is exalted there, but afflicted also by that Sun that is totally unopposed, reminds me of heat stroke and too much gives you the opposite — dehydration.  Perhaps those arms, digits, and shoulders have gone missing?  That the excessive Jupiter has been cut short and confined?a.jpg

Those oppositions are in the third house, that Gemini naturally rules, found here with the traveler Sagittarius.  Uranus found there also, is supported by that kind Libra — she needs help.  Perhaps she needs help to dress?  To wash?  To eat?  Could that be why the Midheaven is in Cancer — one must be kind to her as she cannot take care of herself, much less defend her person.

Let’s step back a second.  The midheaven is 16.33 Cancer, the Hyperion symbol suggests “Cooking pots” but it is afflicted by Saturn, so there aren’t any or she cannot get to them.  I am not sure which, but I have decided, she was born with no hands.  So I turn back to where Chambers, gives the answer…..I was close but no cigar.  Our girl was born with no arms.

Download circus-girl‘s chart here.








(From Sonnets from the Portuguese)

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  •  HOW do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
  •  I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
  •  My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
  •  For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
  •  I love thee to the level of everyday’s
  •  Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
  •  I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
  •  I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
  •  I love thee with the passion put to use
  •  In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
  •  I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
  •  With my lost saints,- I love thee with the breath,
  •  Smiles, tears, of all my life!- and, if God choose,
  •  I shall but love thee better after death.



 A brief intro

Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett was born on Thursday, March 6, 1806, the eldest child of Edward Moulton-Barrett (1785–1857) and Mary Graham-Clarke (1781–1828), at Coxhoe Hall, County Durham, England.   Both come from families with extensive plantations in Jamaica, where Edward was born and lived until the age of seven.

EBB’s beloved brother Edward Moulton-Barrett (‘Bro’, 1807–40) is born 26 June 1807. The other siblings most important to EBB (there are twelve children altogether, eleven of whom survive infancy) are Henrietta (1809–60), born March 1809, Arabella (Arabel, 1813–68), born 4 July 1813, and George (1816–95) born 15 July 1816.

The Barretts left Coxhoe in the Autumn of 1808 and, after a period spent mainly in London and at Mickleham in Surrey, move at the end of 1809 to Hope End, near Ledbury, Herefordshire (purchased for £24 000).  This would be their home until August 1832. The original house is converted into stables and a new mansion in exotic Turkish style is constructed.

Her mother died from rheumatoid arthritis on July 7th, there has been a lot of conjecture that is what EBB had as it is a hereditary disease; here is one view.

 The Neptunian Sprite

Mrs. Browning is not esteemed in literary circles to be a great poet,  except for Sonnets from the Portuguese which thankfully her husband Robert Browning encouraged to her publish. Prior to that most of her poems were sweet but lacked depth.  but her chart tells us that Neptune’s  discovery during her lifetime and she married four years later,  had a monumental effect on this lovely lady and its conjunction in her chart exactly to the then Galactic Center (24.14 in Sagittarius that fell in her Third House of short communications (unlike her husband she wrote no long poems) was just about to change everything.

So, if anyone epitomizes Neptune in the Arts and the Spirit of this planet, it is this delicate lady, who wrote extremely popular, well-paid and well-loved verse all from the confines of her couch.

That Neptune centered in the part of her bowl emphasizing Personal Expression is square her Sixth House that owns a flurry of planets working busily to make her, during her lifetime, the most Popular and Well-Paid Writer in Victorian Britain — and for a woman no less.

 Elizabeth and Emily

Often it is said that Emily Bronte, who shares much in common with Mrs. Browning is the Neptunian Definition, but the problem with that is that while well-loved this was all because of the movie on Wuthering Heights with Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier and not on its own merits.  Mrs. Browning, on the other hand, needs no movie, no Hollywood send-up, her Sonnets are one of the most well-loved, highly regarded and memorized set of poems in modern times.

barret browning.png

An invalid, Saturn in the Second House, may have had HPKK but it also resembles what was called then “neurasthenia” or what is now referred to a fibromyalgia — sensitive neural pathways that overreact to stress, exercise, and fatigue.  As the disease typically overwhelms the victims, it is hard for them to manage daily existence and as stress is a strong contributor, and her father’s overbearing manner (Saturn in the Second sextile the North Node exact to Jupiter in the Fourth House of the Home and father) did not help there.

She found great comfort (Jupiter in the Fourth House sextile the stellium in the Sixth) in her work.  Mercury and Mars show her vigour for writing and self-expression.  Pluto separates that pair — and was yet to be discovered for another 70 years — from the Sun conjunct Venus just sitting proud and regal on the Seventh House of Relationships cusp — they met through her work.

It was the relationship that fueled gossip rags, angered people and gave hope to the love lorn:  infirm and quite wealthy Elizabeth left all to be with her great love, the nascent poet Robert Browning, in Italy.  They hoped that the warm of the Mediterranean rays would help her health.  She lived another fifteen years, so who knows if it did, but it was Browning that disciplined her mind, broke her from her father and made her create great passionate verse that made Shakespeare’s sonnets look pale in comparison.

Her ascendant at 30 Virgo, Dr. Henry J. Gordon (he was a medical doctor who took up astrology after World War I) writes that this degree gives one an “eccentric nature” that is in tune with mysticism, and will tend towards mental work.  He cites that this is a tragic degree because they are too attuned to their own body.

For Mrs. Barrett, the Mercury trine to Saturn conjunct Uranus (the individual breaks out from structure and demands through sorrow) semi-sextile Neptune/the Galactic Center (extreme sensitivity to a new mode of expression) was just that extra push that she needed.  But let us not think that her father was her only impression; her mother’s death (Saturn inconjunct Venus and just missing a conjunction to the Moon) started her poetic career with Aurora Leigh, telling us how sorrow, love, and partings were all melded into one beautiful whole in her writings.

Her part of Fortune is at 25 Aries in the Seventh, suggesting that Marriage would allow the potential within to be unlocked….and we most definitely agree.  Go to and download the Sonnets, or go to Poemhunter read them.  Either way, you will not be denied.

You can read a little more about her from this essay here.

“First time he kissed me he but only kissed
The fingers of this hand wherewith I write,
And ever since, it grew more clean and white,
Slow to world-greetings, quick with its ‘Oh, list,’
When the angels speak. A ring of amethyst
I could not wear here, plainer to my sight,
Than that first kiss. The second passed in height
The first, and sought the forehead, and half-missed
Half falling on the hair. O beyond meed!
That was the chrism of love, which love’s own crown
With sanctifying sweetness, did precede.
The third upon my lips was folded down
In perfect, purple state; since when, indeed,
I have been proud and said, ‘My love, my own!’


Download the chart for Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The Hellenistic Hyleg

In Hellenistic Astrology, the Part of Hyleg or simply calld “Hyleg” marked “the giver of life” position on the chart.  It  based on whether the person was born during the day, or at night in a hylegical area and then subtracts the last Full Moon prior to the event.   It like the Part of the Fortune and other Arabian parts, is a calculated and so virtual point on the chart.

 Defining Hyleg

All possible Hylegical areas are marked on our featured image in yellow.  Hyleg’s are measured by the Right Ascension, which is similar to longitude — the long bands of geographic reference on the earth’s globe (see below), and are always recorded in terms of hours, minutes, and seconds with the ZERO point being the vernal equinox, approximately March 20-21 in the geographical Northern Hemisphere (above the equator) and September 1st in the Southern (below the equator).


 Right Ascension is Longitude

Hylegs are measured by the Right Ascension, which is similar to longitude — the long bands of geographic reference on the earth’s globe (see below), and are always recorded in terms of hours, minutes, and seconds with the ZERO point being the vernal equinox, approximately March 20-21 in the geographical Northern Hemisphere (above the equator) and September 1st in the Southern (below the equator).

 Declination isimages.duckduckgo.png

Latitude + Geographic Coordinates

Latitude is the horizontal lines on the globe. They tell how far a place is from the equator. We see that position on our astrological charts as declination. By using the two coordinates you can find any spot on the globe. The following exercise will not work for people in apartment buildings, you need two separate house numbers.

Using this site, put in your address, write those two numbers down,  and then put in your neighbor’s down the street address or next door.   The two sets of numbers will be different  — not remarkably but different.   The set of numbers that you got is the geographic coordinate of that location. Here is an extreme example:  74.69 North 94.82 West are the coordinates for Resolute, Nunavut, Canada, while The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, NSW Australia has the geographic coordinate of 33.86 South 151.22 East.

The East-West suffix tells you in which direction on the prime meridian, see the center line on the globe above, to look.  East is on the right-hand side; West on the left.  The North-South coordinates tell you whether to look above the Equator (north) or below (south).

 Back to Hyleg

Hyleg is the Sun’s position as determined by the Right Ascension (i.e. longitude).  It is typically abbreviated as R.A.  The Part of Hyleg can never be the astrological Northern Hemisphere so the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Houses are all out as they are considered that the Sun is asleep.  An example here is I was born at night, and my Part of Hyleg is the Third House, so it is invalid for the Hyleg calculation.  Instead for night events, the term Prorogatory is used.  While similar to Hyleg, it uses the

Instead for night events, the term Prorogatory is used.  While the idea is similar to Hyleg, it uses the Moon’s position via the Right Ascension.   Prorogatory positions do not count for this exercise, that is another essay, another time.

reality hyleg chart.pngIn the Hellenistic Chart for Ms. Winner, we see that since she was born during that day, 17:00, she has the Part of Hyleg in her First House conjunct her Part of Fortune. (Download the map to review this.)  This Hylegical position was considered fortunate for the person’s health. So using this calculation, we know that Ms. Winner is a healthy young woman, and about that’s it.


Why use Hylegs?

The Hyleg position is no longer used because many find it disconcerting and akin to fortune telling to know when someone will die, particularly as the accuracy is questionable.   Of course, not everyone agrees.  Robert Zoller in his book on Arabian Parts in Astrology: A Lost Key to Prediction does discuss it, as does Bernadette Brady.

The reason for Hylegs was it a method of how astrologers determined a lifespan. The idea was that when the Hyleg point progresses to an Anaretic one, Anareta being the “taking of life” and the opposite of Hyleg, the native was presumed to have run the course of his natural years.

We will not be doing that progression for Ms. Winner, we are just using her chart of an example of where it is located and what Hyleg means.  If you would like to do hers, or your own, be our guest.  There are several methods out there, Ptolemy (born 100 AD) and Guido Bonatti (born 1296 AD) are the most common.


moorhead sheffield city centre
Moorhead Sheffield city center

From William Joseph Simmonite’s book, the Complete Arcana of Astral Philosophy or the Celestial Philosopher being Genethiology Simplified, or the Doctrine of Nativities to which is added the Ruling of the Microcosm, published by Jas. Neville, Printer, 134 Carver Street, Moorhead, Sheffield England 1890.

The reality medieval natal with a hylex depicted.





Melania Trump, the FLOTUS — First Lady of the United States –, does not like Sean Spicer, so the buzz is that Laura Ingraham will replace him.  Dunno, but her birthday was yesterday and so like so many of the Trump’s closest advisors, a Gemini.  Also like Trump, she attended an Ivy League school, this time in New Hampshire, Dartmouth.  She was a writer for Bill O’Reilly on Fox, but left a long time ago for her own show, click here.

 Getting to know you

Ms. Ingraham’s Moon, ruler of the Fifth House of Children, has no aspect to her Sun, so her health is never as strong as she would like, but with the conjunctions to Venus and   Indeed, Laura has adopted three children:  a girl from Guatemala and two boys from Russia but with the Moon found in an Air House, Cancer, suggests she would not have children naturally.  She has also two septiles going to Venus one from Jupiter (excessive growth) and the other from Saturn, typically breast cancer, particularly as Venus, is in her matrilineal Fourth House.laura anne ingraham

She started out as a lawyer, but the talk show gig & her change in career is totally an outgrowth of her faith as highlighted by the YOD from her Jupiter in Aries 15.36 sextile the Moon at 09.31 Gemini to the apex at Neptune in Scorpio 13.13 in the Ninth House of long journeys, religion and journalism.  That creates a midpoint in her Third House, that is ruled natively by Mercury, and found in the Fourth House in the sign of its Lord, Gemini, and highlights her dseire to communite with the world at large her vision and beliefs.

 Oh those Lines!

Sextile is her Line of Personality, that aspect between the larger Jupiter to the smaller Saturn, almost actually septile, that almost inexorably pushes her activity towards large institutions (22.53 Aquarius, Hyperion Symbol of the Koran Upraised)  and an enthusiastic embracing of her innate talents (Jupiter in the Second House at 15.36, the Hyperion Symbol of Two Friends Shaking Hands).  Another we visited that has this sextile-septile is Abdul Bah’a.

 Being Efficient in the Group

Her Line of Efficiency is squared with Venus at 08.52 Gemini in the Fourth House of the end of life and home issues (HS A traveler enjoying anonymity in a foreign country, which here suggests probably her own) to Mars 08.46 in Scorpio in the Seventh.  Mercury being a supernumerary is the third part of this planetary department particularly when it is close enough to one of the two.  Here it is conjunct at 06.10 Gemini (HS Slot Machines at Vegas) and definitely part of the fray and emphasized by the Uranus on the Seventh House cusp.  This Line suggests her single status was part of her career decision to be traveling and moving around the World, perhaps now that she has settled in NYC with her children that will change.

 Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto == Dynomite!

The final department of the Line of Culture is made of Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, as the supernumerary.  Ms. Ingraham has Uranus and Pluto conjunct and Neptune is Squared that grouping.  This group suggests how her Breast Cancer survival, being something erratic and caught her by surprise, really was a wake-up call.  She shares that aspect with the astrologer Evangeline Adams and shows how both women struggle in their fields against the social norm.  With Pluto conjunct Uranus, this gives her strength to hold on despite critics.

 And in the end

Whether she will replace Sean Spicer, we cannot say, but with her Sun opposite the Galactic Center, and the T-Cross at her Uranus 01.54 Virgo in the Seventh House, she will be out there writing, talking and driving her cause home.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday.

Download the chart of Laura anne ingraham porphyry