Father Teilhard de Chardin is in the center of the group

In 1962, the Vatican gave a warning, officially a “minotum” to the writings of nonconformist Father Teilhard de Chardin because of his discovery of “Peking Man” in the 1920s.  It does seem odd that they waited until the Jesuit was dead and forty years after the discovery that this proclamation was issued but it left a black mark on his name and works.

Since then four popes have questioned the warning, the latest a fellow Jesuit, Prop Francis,  being at variance with Catholic teachings.  There is a thought within the Catholic Church, akin to the Father’s own, that this is not as much a problem for the Church’s teaching but a scientific validation.    But Peking Man is not the only thing that Teilhard wrote that was at variance with Catholic teaching and so the question would everything be lifted or just those things relating to the anthropological discovery.

             Who was Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was born on May 1st, 1881  at the family estate in Auverge where an ancient but extinct volcano dominates the landscape.  He was their fourth of the couple eleven children. His mother, Berthe-Adele Teilhard de Chardin, was the -grandniece of Francois-Marie Arouet — Voltaire.

The long extinct volcanic peaks of Auvergne and the forested preserves of this southern province left an indelible mark on Teilhard. In his spiritual autobiography, The Heart of Matter, Father de Chardin writes about the environment 

   Auvergne served me both as a Museum of Natural History and as the wildlife preserve. Sarcenat in Auvergne gave me my first taste of the joys of discovery to Auvergne I owe my most precious possessions: a collection of pebbles and rocks…

(translated in Claude Cuenot, Teilhard de Chardin, Baltimore, 1938, p. 3.)

March 10, 1937, New York Times

During his five years at boarding school, Teilhard  read Thomas a Kempis’s Imitation of Christ.   It was to be his greatest influence and near graduation; he wrote his parents of his desire to become a Jesuit.  He entered the Jesuit novitiate at Aix-Provence in 1899, but just two years later, in 1901, an anti-clerical movement rose in France & the Jesuits and other religious orders were expelled.  He and his order found refuge on the English island of Jersey off the Channel.

His timeline is  at the American Teilhard Association site.  Download Father-Teilhard de Chardin‘s chart here.

During these years he conceived the vitalist idea of the Omega Point, or the  point to which all of history is progressing.  As the  Bible points to Christ as the Alpha and Omega, the One for whom, through whom, and to whom are all things (see Romans 11:36), Teilhard reasoned then the Omega Point is  more than Christ (a rather blasphemous thought)  and the end human end-point.  

His based his thoughts on on Russian crystallographer, Vladimir Vernadsky’s,  concept of the noosphere, or a sphere a pure reason — a mystical point  where “the mental sheathe “above and discontinuous with the biosphere”  one with  the Omega Point (again a secular thought outside of God).  This affected Carl Jung who believed this was the great “collective unconscious” by which his archteypcal theory fits in.

To explain this contradiction, Teilhard de Chardin wrote in the Risen Christ, his work would only win the faith of the doubting scientists if he embraced the theory of evolution and showed how it fit into the Divine plan.     Teilhard knew  that “evolution” and “creationism” were separate issues, but  as a theologian could not separate them and wanted to  show that logic, science, and faith were one.

Forbidden to work on more philosophical treatises, Teilhard was in Peking when on December 2, an archaeological expedition discovered the smooth dome of a skull at Zahedan near Beijing. One of the team, Pei Wenchung, took the skull to Peking where Davidson Black and Teilhard de Chardin examined it. Black verified the hominoid nature of the skull based on a single tooth, and Teilhard de Chardin established the geological era the cave was inhabited.

Peking Man

Black and de Chardin postulated that Peking man was extinct hominin of of Homo erectus, Later excavations yielded several skullcaps and mandibles, facial and limb bones, and the teeth of about 40 individuals. Evidence suggests that the Zhoukoudian fossils date from about 770,000 to 230,000 years ago.

Peking man is characterized by a cranial capacity averaging about 1,000 cubic cm, though some individual skull capacities approached 1,300 cubic cm—nearly the size of modern man’s. Peking man had a skull flat in profile, with a small forehead, a keel along the top of the head for attachment of powerful jaw muscles, very thick skull bones, heavy browridges, an occipital torus, a large palate, and a large, chinless jaw. The teeth, while modern, has canines and molars that are large, but the enamel of the molars is wrinkled. The limb bones are indistinguishable from those of modern humans.

During the next ten years of excavation five almost complete skulls, three of them adult, and dozens of other complete jaws and isolated teeth fragments were discovered at the site. Later antropologists identified these fossils as Homo Erectus and remain one of the largest findings of that classification. The original fossils disappeared in 1941 during World War II, but excellent casts and descriptions remain.

From here, he made a trip across America, travelled to Central Asia with the famous Yellow Expedition sponsored by the Citroen automobile company and then up the Yangtze River into the mountainous regions of Szechuan. Having enjoyed this, he joined the Yale-Cambridge expedition under Helmut de Terra in India and von Koenigswald’s expedition to Java. In 1937 they awarded him the Gregor Mendel medal at a Philadelphia Conference for his scientific accomplishments. That same year he went with the Harvard-Carnegie Expedition to Burma and then to Java with Helmut de Terra.

This extensive field work made Teilhard recognized as a pioneering geologist.

                                           Father’s de Chardin’s Map

We have rectified Father Teilhard de Chardin to 11 Scorpio 50, an embassy ball where the emphasis is on the practical values of life and the place where civilization exhibits itself in its individual framework for display. The Keyword is Display. It gets the reversed symbol of a demand for special privilege. The ascendant is supportive of Teilhard’s life work (sextile) and trine to its Lord (Mars in Pisces), both good signs of a happy and productive life.

His Part of Fortune, where we find the riches of life is in the eleventh house. This is the brotherhood and fraternity of Jesuit monks to which he belonged and who despite their chastisement of his philosophical works were supportive of him.

The sixth house dominance is striking: we have six planets here and we see that his life was one of service given and service received. This preponderance gives the native a keep penetrating mind, highly observant nature, a neat and orderly method to both life and his work and a conscientiousness to follow things through. Unfortunately, it makes the native skeptical, fussy and rather petty, but it is a superb setup for a geologist and things belonging to the earth.

His nodes are also helpful to his career. The North Node ruled by Júpiter is found in Sagittarius and shows how his rise was through hard work and not academic study and the South Node associated with Saturn is conjunct his Moon at 20 Gemini 40 in the eighth hose literally his bringing to light dead things buried and forgotten.

Finally he has another preponderance that of conjunctions, which supports his eleventh house fraternal riches as his working relationship with fellow archaeologists/explorers went smoothly. As the Virgo preponderance hints, he was a charming and charismatic man and people flocked to him, and he was generous and good-natured with them. It makes for fluid and reciprocal relationships.

Teilhard’s Lines

  •  the Line of Vitality semisextile.  This line is how a person exerts his personality over his environment.  Father Teilhard was not a risktaker but relied on other’s advice and encouragement.
  •  the Line of Efficiency sextile.  This line is how a person exerts his personality towards goals.   Again, Father Teilhard built upon others work instead of reinventing the wheel.
  • the Line of Motivation is conjunct. Here Teilhard used his resources well.
  • the Line of Culture (also called the Line of Social Significance)  is square.  This line is how a person exerts himself over his fellows. In this aspect of his life, Here Teilhard struck out on his as he was very ambitious and so would be a tireless worker to that end.

We rectified Reality Winner’s birth time which was taken from her Arrest Warrant.  She was born December 4, 1991, in Kingsville, Texas, but her moment of relevance occurred just nine days ago in Augusta Georgia.

reality progressed

Reality Leigh Winner (née Sarah, it seems) was arrested for leaking an NSA report to The Intercept .  She printed the report, photographed it with her cell phone, and then exchanged emails from her work account with the staff at The Intercept, before emailing the photos of the report to them, also from her work account. The Intercept shared the document with the NSA to confirm it — rather humorous isn’t that bit?  When the FBI looked her up, according to the arrest affidavit, she admitted to being the one who sent the document.

She supports Black Lives Matter, is an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, and of course, hates the Republican Party & Trump.  None of that matters for either her job or her NSA clearance.  Both are based from her stint in the Air Force because she had been a cryptographic linguist. According to the stories, she’s fluent in Farsi (Persian), Pashto (a national language of Afghanistan of Iranian origin), and Dari (the other national language of Afghanistan of Iranian origin) .  These three are the major languages spoken in Afghanistan and probably Iran (formerly known as Persia) as well.

 That means she was translating intercepted communications from Afghanistan or Iran, for consumption first by the NSA, which it then passed along to the CIA. (We know this because NSA intercepts and processes communications, while the CIA analyzes communications.)

We also know she had a top-secret clearance originally for some kind of extended background investigation, we are guessing about Afghanistan when she was in the Air Force.  Ms. Winner then separated from the Air Force, we do not know why and took a job shortly afterward with government contractor Pluribus International that is a privately owned company headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia; no more information is known.  She though was based in Augusta, Georgia.

As a top-secret clearance costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to process, literally, not to mention any months Pluribus probably asked the  NSA, to sponsor extending her clearance, so she could get up and running (and billable) as soon as possible. Voilá, it is a done deal.

 Progressing Reality

Her progressed chart is a Wedged framed by the trine from  Jupiter to Saturn, which is actually a consolidation of her native Bowl temperament.  Her progressed Neptune is opposite her progressed Ascendant with no T-Square for some expressive outlet, so she is bouncing between her duty and her feeling that she is the “odd one out” thanks to 16 Cancer.

There are a lot of reasons for that feeling of not fitting in, her change of name, that the NSA was not as progressively liberal as the Air Force or just being in the Peach Tree State.  Any one of those could do it, and without a T-Square, we cannot positively id it other than her new employment and her are a mismatch.

 Gimme some Respect

Chiron, that asteroid of Personal Respect, is in the first house at Leo 08.18, tells us that Ms. Winner has a high regard for herself, and it is sextile her Part of Fortune at Gemini 8 which incredibly is exactly conjunct her native Ascendant.  That POF is now in the Eleventh House and between the two spheres creates a Yod with its apex at the North Node-Sun conjunction in the house of labor, the Sixth house, which makes the progressed South Node, in the Twelfth House of large institutes and secretive business, her midpoint.

E. C. Chambers writes that that midpoint degree highlights “unconventionality” and a desire for “recognition.”  The Hyperion Symbols gives us the image of “Madrigal singers performing, ” that works well as Ms. Winner really did put on some solo performance.

Her Line of Social Significance Jupiter to Saturn is trine, suggesting her receiving plaudits was a slam-dunk.  She sang the right tune to the right audience and the showers of praise.

Her Life of Efficiency or Social Adjustment, the aspect from Mars to Venus, is also an easy one, and semi-sextile.Her Life of Social Integration the aspect from Uranus to Neptune, conjunct. And finally, her Line of Vitality, or Personal Assurance, is also semi-sextile.

All of this suggests, that Ms. Winner’s timing was impeccable.  As for whether her story holds up?  That is a chart I do not have.

Reality Progressed




Mrs and Mrs Tillerson and daughter Jill

Forbes Magazine rates Rex Tillerson as the 24th most important person in business for 2016.President-elect Donald Trump must have agreed, as he tapped Mr. Tillerson over his staunch friend ex-Mayor of New York City,  Rudolph Giuliani, for the Secretary of State post.   Trump later made him Cybersecurity chief.

Download the rex-tillerson chart

Information on Mr. Tillerson is slight.  He started his career at ExxonMobil in 1975 after graduating from University of Texas at Austin with a B.S.Civil Engineering degree and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.


Mr. Tillerson became CEO of his only employer in 2006. He is friends with Bush family, also Texas-based, and many oil men and close ties to the most influential person on FORBES’ list, Vladimir Putin,  ruler of Russia and former KGB operative, whom Tillerson knew in the 1990s when he led Exxon’s interests in Russia.  

Since being made CEO, Exxon has recovered from a steep drop in its stock price showing his shrewd business savvy but he reaches Exxon’s mandatory retirement age of 65 in March 2017, and so retires today,  December 31, 2016.  Darren W. Woods,age 51 is Tillerson’s successor at Exxon whether or not he receives Congressional approval for his  Secretary of State nominations.

Tillerson considers himself a devout Christian.  He has supported the US Boy Scouts all of his life, becoming an Eagle Scout in 1962 when he was ten years old.  He is also a Distinguished Eagle Scout, Silver Buffalo Award recipient and past national president of the Boy Scouts of America and told  National Convention of Eagle Scouts that they are special because they have personal integrity.

“People trust you. They count on you,” he said to the 5,000 Eagle Scouts gathered. “Your personal integrity, once established and earned, people don’t have to think about it. They know. They know you. They know you’ll do the right thing every time.”

Mr. Tillerson has been married twice and has four children.  The first time to his college sweetheart that ended in divorce, and the second time to Renda St. Clair, that has been far more successful.


                                              Astrological Overview

Horoscopes are many ways depending upon the astrological method, but Marc Edmund Jones emphasized that the basic qualities of the chart  could do the bulk of the work, and  they are  the four quadratures,  the three triplicities  and four hemispheres.  Quadratures are the astrological traits  of the signs, liked  fixed, cardinal or mutable, each sign has one and only one of these natures.  Then there are the triplicities, that are again singular, as signs belong to one of the four elements,.  Last are the hemispheres and quadrants that are the physical divisions of the circle  — a hemisphere being the halves that the map is broken into and quadrants those halfs halved again.  In these cases we look at the dominant and empty portions for direction.

Mr. Tillerson has no earth in his chart which is rather odd for a man whose undergraduate degree in civil engineering  —  building large public or commercial works. Instead the elements of fire and water dominant it  (he has four planets in each), but they are polar opposites that clash and take each other out, giving the Air & lack of Earth in his chart prominence. This is best seen with the Saturn and Neptune conjunction in his seventh housean image of dutiful fidelity, but in Air (Libra is intercepted in this chart) and so becomes a reaction against being fenced in by marital requirements.

Perhaps that is why the first marriage to his school sweetheart Jamie Henry resulted in dissolution, while his second nuptials to Renda St. Clair in 1984 has been more rewarding. In the twelfth house,  controlled by the Diana and Aphrodite, {the Moon and Venus}  one can speculate this is a horoscope of  a man wedded to his job.

                                Locomotive Temperament Type

Mr. Tillerson is a mutable locomotive temperament type because his Grand Trine s found in mutable signs.  Locomotives,  like motorcycles, do not back up, but instead go forward and circle to turn around:  momentum is their keyword.  Here we see Tillerson instead of retiring out to the golf course, picking up another other career as US State Department head, using his personal relationships he made at ExxonMobil.

His high focus planet is Mars in the 8th House of legacies, which tells that Tillerson is a man inspired by leaving behind an enduring legacy built, like President-elect Trump,  with his own particular imprint.  [Mars is in the nineteenth degree of Scorpio, that is his eighth house.  Traditionally,  Mars rules Scorpio and is thus dignified here giving Tillerson some impetus to assert his own agenda tied with being a locomotive we are assuming that agenda is fine with the White House.]

rex's yod.png
This chart is from Solar Fire.

The Sabian Symbol for his Mars illustrates this point as “A parrot listening and then talking.”  MEJ writes that such a degree when activated favorably the native rejects aspects of himself that he finds useless and creates others in their stead, that are useful to his overall purpose.  For Tillerson, that purpose is found in his Part of Fortune, a mathematically derived point that emphasizes life’s purpose  at 29 Aries, A Celestial Choir Signing, or the desire to use all of his abilities to their fullest.

Reading his Forbes biography,  Tillerson’s career at ExxonMobil   went from oil fields of Texas and Oklahoma to the deserts of Saudi Arabia  and then to the tundra and Byzantine cities of Russia.  It would seem that at least geographically, he stretched himself to his utmost.

                                     A Dynamic T-Cross

Tillerson’s s focal planet is Mars and opposite both his  Mercury and Jupiter in the first house creating a T-Cross, that planetary pattern that accents the stresses that one has to bear.  Not all temperament types have T-Crosses, but locomotives usually do.

For Tillerson, the Mars-Mercury/Jupiter cross ends with a release of Uranus in his fourth house [in his chart under Gemini]  suggesting that his method of dealing with the strains of creating his personal legacy is by forgoing a conventional home life.   Instead, for Tillerson home is the proverbial where his hat lays, and with a Sagittarius midheaven, that could just be about anywhere.    Uranus is at 10 Gemini, the symbol of an Airplane Falling, which MEJ writes is man’s independence from the same nourishment that most other men have accepted as a limitation.

Mr. Tillerson’s self-ordering aspects are :

  1.    the Line of Vitality semisextile.  This line is how a person exerts his personality over his environment.  For Tillerson, being semisextile, means he uses his network and those people he already trusts.  He is not a risk taker.
  2.   the Line of Efficiency trine.  This line is how a person exerts his personality towards goals.  For Tillerson, being trine, he will take the most efficacious method available — he will go with the flow.
  3. the Line of Motivation is in opposition.  This line is how a person exerts his personality individualistically  For Tillerson being in opposition, shows he gives a dramatic flair to what he does; he is not humble, meek nor mild.
  4. the Line of Culture (also called the Line of Social Significance)  is square.  This line is how a person exerts himself over his fellows.  For Tillerson being square, he is very ambitious.

                                                 The Boy Scouts Yod

Yods like T-Crosses do not appear in every chart, but Rex Tillerson has one which we think is crucial to understanding him.  Yods show skills that the native need to perfect and used in a constructive but selfless way.   The skills the sextiles aspects in the chart, while challenge is demonstrated by the quincunx.  The apex planet , or head, shows the native’s personal mission. In Tillerson’s layout, the sextile is from Venus in the twelfth to the midheaven; with the quincunx at Pluto or 20 Leo in his Fifth House  which rules children and creativity.  Leo rules this house showing  the importance of leadership in its sphere, while Pluto the need to openly present oneself for examination  all of which is symbolized  by Tillerson’s ongoing commitment to the Boy Scouts.



Will Congress approve him?  Yes, we think so.  Will he be a good Secretary of State, if we define good as effective, honest and diligent, all aspects point to yes but remember locomotives have their view of things (see above the caveat on Mars in Scorpio and agendae) so there may be a some amount of dissonance within the Administration.

Update:  The Senate on Wednesday, February 1, 2017  confirmed former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, sending him to the State Department.  Career officials mount a formal protest against Mr. Trump’s immigration initiative stating that he U.S. faces a complex set of foreign-policy challenges for which his team is unprepared.