Sir Richard Francis Burton is renown for the being the first European to penetrate Arabian culture in the 19th century so thoroughly that he was able to write sixteen volumes of their stories and folktales in The Arabian Nights. His books are here on Click here to download sir-Richard-burton’s chart

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones was also enthralled by Burton’s writings and condensed them for his readers in a series of lesson sets that he called the 1001 Nights.  A full list of his condensed notes here. The Sabian Assembly is in progress of republishing them for public

Aleister Crowley, also a fan, writes that Burton was typical of his ascendant as

“The Scorpio ascendant does not spare pains with himself, and as a rule he cares nothing for the sensitiveness of others.

He expects everyone to be as strong as he is himself He is in fact a somewhat dangerous associate, for his magnetism is so great that those who are working with him are insensibly drawn to emulate his vigourous energy, and they are extremely likely to overstrain themselves and collapse. Scorpio, within his own limitations, is a great master of organization.

He is intensely thorough in his preparation, and his foresight is marvellous. In fact, it is one of the drawbacks to the immediate success of the very best types of this sign that they possess an idea so big that it is generally impossible of realization within the compass of a lifetime.

We find them building for posterity, and perhaps suffering intensely in consequence of their absolute refusal to swerve from their appointed path in order to deal with temporary exigencies.


Sir Richard Francis Burton was a British soldier, explorer, author, and translator.  He was born in Torquay, Devonshire, England, March 19, 1821 in Torquay, England.   Both Crowley and Jones have his nativity in their books, though with slightly different times; Crowley renders Burton at 06 Scorpio and Jones at 08 Scorpio.  The latter used Alan Leo’s 1001 Nativities for his data, so we giving Leo-Jones the nod.

   The Burton MAP

The most noticeable thing about Burton’s astrological chart is everything is in the Northern hemisphere (bottom part of the chart) telling us that he was very much an “undercover man.”  His Moon handle is in the Eleventh House at 12  Libra suggesting he could adapt to the crowd.   In the Hyperion Symbols, a modern universalist look at the Symbols, suggests that this degree is “the substance of human culture” hearkening backward to see the cultural value in all of man’s existence.  G. K. McClung gives this the symbol of “The Moon of Leto, Apollo’s mother.”


In Greek Mythology, Leto is is a daughter of the Titan pair Coeus and Phoebe; her sister is  Asteria, who becomes with time, the personification of justice. The family comes from the island of Kos. In Roman Mythology, Leto was then renamed as Latona & her family the Titanides.  In both myths Leto/Latona is a bride of Zeus/Jupiter  and mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis/Minerva.  Her iconography suggests that Leto was a goddess of modesty and perhaps also  of the night, both of which fit Sir Burton’s moon perfectly, as he did most of his work in full sheik’s costume complete with the ghutrah — cloaking himself  and a good ability to tan well would have assisted in the masquerade.

Leto in Attic pottery

Of course, the real issue would be the language, and here, Burton was helped by a stellium in the creative languages of the fifth house in Pisces, spilling over into the sixth with Mercury & Saturn and suggesting that he had a true talent in straddling both formal and informal social structure and a great instincts.   All of which would have been necessary in an incredible gamble.

His Mercury via a translation of light to neighboring Saturn at 15 Aries, is opposite his Moon in Libra & highlights his ability to get into the “rhythm” of his work and lose his identity in it.  Others with this aspect are actress Bette Davis, Alan Leo (both of them with their Sun) and the adorable multi-talented Shirley Temple (her Venus).  The comparison of Ruffian Dick’s adventures with acting is not without merit.

 A lot of water in the Araby desert

Sir Richard has little elemental air in his chart, so he truly did not “translate” as much as “transcribe”  the stories and tales he heard. (Neptune in the third house of communications and letters) He wrote in the papers at the times, that he felt he was capturing (his Midheaven is at 18 Leo that is often as E. C. Matthews writes, the sign of the writer) a world that time forgot.

A site devoted to Sir Richard is here.

 Lines of Awareness

Sir Richard does not a major aspect for his Line of Vitality, as they are inconjunct.  Marc Edmund Jones writes that this suggests “neither a direct emphasis on action” nor an awareness of their potential implying that his own ego is subordinate to his life’s work.  That would make sense how he operated undercover as an Arabian sheik, not as a British soldier.

His Line of Personality, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, are conjunct, suggesting a life through his own physical abilities, and making Sir Richard, exceptionally aware of his experiences.

The Line of Efficiency, the aspect between Mars and Venus is also conjunct.  Marc Edmund Jones in his “Guide to Horoscope Interpretation” says that the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie and the fantasy writer cum mathematician, Lewis Carroll, also had this aspect.  It suggests a high degree of concentrated insight into their work.

The final Line of Culture, that aspect between Uranus and Pluto, is also conjunct, like songwriter Stephen Foster, and suggests in both cases, an ability to lose one’s self and cultural identity.  That would definitely be Sir Richard’s case.


  • Hyperion Symbols, Gavin K. McClung, 2012, Infinity Publishing.  Available here.
  • Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed, E. C. Matthews, 1947, Fixed Star Press.  Available here.
  • Leo, Alan, 1001 Notable Nativities, London, England c. 1926.

We rectified Reality Winner’s birth time which was taken from her Arrest Warrant.  She was born December 4, 1991, in Kingsville, Texas, but her moment of relevance occurred just nine days ago in Augusta Georgia.

reality progressed

Reality Leigh Winner (née Sarah, it seems) was arrested for leaking an NSA report to The Intercept .  She printed the report, photographed it with her cell phone, and then exchanged emails from her work account with the staff at The Intercept, before emailing the photos of the report to them, also from her work account. The Intercept shared the document with the NSA to confirm it — rather humorous isn’t that bit?  When the FBI looked her up, according to the arrest affidavit, she admitted to being the one who sent the document.

She supports Black Lives Matter, is an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, and of course, hates the Republican Party & Trump.  None of that matters for either her job or her NSA clearance.  Both are based from her stint in the Air Force because she had been a cryptographic linguist. According to the stories, she’s fluent in Farsi (Persian), Pashto (a national language of Afghanistan of Iranian origin), and Dari (the other national language of Afghanistan of Iranian origin) .  These three are the major languages spoken in Afghanistan and probably Iran (formerly known as Persia) as well.

 That means she was translating intercepted communications from Afghanistan or Iran, for consumption first by the NSA, which it then passed along to the CIA. (We know this because NSA intercepts and processes communications, while the CIA analyzes communications.)

We also know she had a top-secret clearance originally for some kind of extended background investigation, we are guessing about Afghanistan when she was in the Air Force.  Ms. Winner then separated from the Air Force, we do not know why and took a job shortly afterward with government contractor Pluribus International that is a privately owned company headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia; no more information is known.  She though was based in Augusta, Georgia.

As a top-secret clearance costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to process, literally, not to mention any months Pluribus probably asked the  NSA, to sponsor extending her clearance, so she could get up and running (and billable) as soon as possible. Voilá, it is a done deal.

 Progressing Reality

Her progressed chart is a Wedged framed by the trine from  Jupiter to Saturn, which is actually a consolidation of her native Bowl temperament.  Her progressed Neptune is opposite her progressed Ascendant with no T-Square for some expressive outlet, so she is bouncing between her duty and her feeling that she is the “odd one out” thanks to 16 Cancer.

There are a lot of reasons for that feeling of not fitting in, her change of name, that the NSA was not as progressively liberal as the Air Force or just being in the Peach Tree State.  Any one of those could do it, and without a T-Square, we cannot positively id it other than her new employment and her are a mismatch.

 Gimme some Respect

Chiron, that asteroid of Personal Respect, is in the first house at Leo 08.18, tells us that Ms. Winner has a high regard for herself, and it is sextile her Part of Fortune at Gemini 8 which incredibly is exactly conjunct her native Ascendant.  That POF is now in the Eleventh House and between the two spheres creates a Yod with its apex at the North Node-Sun conjunction in the house of labor, the Sixth house, which makes the progressed South Node, in the Twelfth House of large institutes and secretive business, her midpoint.

E. C. Chambers writes that that midpoint degree highlights “unconventionality” and a desire for “recognition.”  The Hyperion Symbols gives us the image of “Madrigal singers performing, ” that works well as Ms. Winner really did put on some solo performance.

Her Line of Social Significance Jupiter to Saturn is trine, suggesting her receiving plaudits was a slam-dunk.  She sang the right tune to the right audience and the showers of praise.

Her Life of Efficiency or Social Adjustment, the aspect from Mars to Venus, is also an easy one, and semi-sextile.Her Life of Social Integration the aspect from Uranus to Neptune, conjunct. And finally, her Line of Vitality, or Personal Assurance, is also semi-sextile.

All of this suggests, that Ms. Winner’s timing was impeccable.  As for whether her story holds up?  That is a chart I do not have.

Reality Progressed



I loved the television show, Barney Miller, and today watching a very old rerun, Fish caught my eye, with his deadpan lines and expressionless look, and so I decided to do his chart.  You can read about him at his New York Times obituary here.

Abe Vigoda was a solid actor, and part of the Hollywood tableau when minor or supporting actors were acknowledged as the meat and potatoes that hang a movie together.  Director Elia Kazan (On the Waterfront) prophesied in the 1950’s, that with everyone wanting  to be star, movies would die.  Recently, director Martin Scorsese echoed that opinion that “film” was dead because comic book themes and their heroes are dominating the scene — I am amazed it took him so long.

 There was no public birth time for Mr. Vigoda so we rectified it, making this a speculative chart.

abe vigoda.png

An electrical Storm

Mr. Vigoda’s ascendant is symbolized by an “electrical storm,” with the keyword Transformation highlighting his aplomb and ability to dramatize the values at hand while simultaneously suggesting the potential ahead.  This really summed up his role as Salvatore Tessio, among others, in the epic Francis Ford Coppola movie “The Godfather.”

The Lord of his Ascendant is found conjunct in the Twelfth House of Aries, a cadent house and tells us despite his deadpan man, he was a very hard-working and ambition actor who was willing to take on any role and learn its vagaries thoroughly.

A seesaw Temperament

Mr. Vigoda is a See-Saw or Hour Glass temperament,  but unlike most see-saws that have a decided emphasis for one hemisphere over the over, his does not.  This makes his two cutting planets,  the Sun above and the Pluto below, work well together, almost as though they were conjunct, giving him staying power and a certain dynamism that belies that cool exterior.

Seesaws, Dr. Jones wrote, have a tendency for its planets to group together in pairs.  We see that with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (the line of personality) and again with the Sun and Uranus (eleventh house), suggesting a decided bias towards outward expression and end results over method and philosophy.

 What’s your Line?

Mr. Vigoda has two other lines in his chart as well.    The Line of Vitality (Sun inconjunct the Moon) suggesting resourcefulness of character and the Line of Culture (Uranus inconjunct Neptune 11.45 Leo) suggesting an artistic endeavour would be his calling.

His Part of Fortune at 01.40 Sagittarius, (image the ocean covered with whitecaps)  tells us that he will have physically travel from his hometown and flexibility in adapting to a myriad of roles will be a great asset. So with everything sounding good, what happened to his career that it did not soar?

 The YOD, on the downloaded version, shows that despite his desire and acting range, he was pigeonholed into a character extra and never a leading man.  The problem was not with his talent, it was with the one-dimensionality of a business that did the same to Jimmy Durante, Boris Karloff, Karl Malden, Walter Brennan and many others.

Download the Abe Vigoda chart