It’s been almost a year since we posted the  want ad for Billy Bruce, we finally found him in London.

     Marc Edmund Jones lists in his 1000 nativities¹, a singer named Billy Bruce.  Place unknown, born December 2nd, 1903 at 4 PM. Several searches have found no one by that name and date.  We need some help. Thanks.

This is Splay Temperament Type.

We know so little of Mr. Bruce i.e. what type of singer: choral, dance hall, operatic we are keeping our commentary to a minimum.  

  1.   the Line of Vitality inconjunct.  This line is how a person exerts his personality over his environment.  As it is inconjunct, Mr. Bruce was a risk taker.
  2.   the Line of Efficiency square  This line is how a person exerts his personality towards goals.   Again, Mr. Bruce tend to be contrary and tend to take the road less trod.
  3. the Line of Motivation is absent.  Here Mr. Bruce  tended to scatter his energies.
  4. the Line of Culture (also called the Line of Social Significance)  is square.  This line is how a person exerts himself over his fellows. In this aspect of his life, Mr. Bruce is semisextile and would rely on his friends and associates for tips and leads.


  1. Jones, Marc Edmund.  The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.  Stanwood,  WA:  Sabian Publishing Society, 1953
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Our featured photo is Marlene Dietrich and Cesare Romano in “The Devil is a Woman” directed by Josef von Sternberg. It was her favorite film because it made her look “beautiful.”  You can watch it here and see if you agree.

Marlene Dietrich, the German femme fatale, is a mutable hourglass. Like Joseph Haydn, she has a Virgo Ascendant, but hers is contrary to his.  Where he has a singleton in the third quadrant of spirituality; she has nothing — he was a devout Catholic she was a professed atheist though born and raised Roman Catholic.  Where Haydn’s first quadrant of intellectual endeavour is overfull; Dietrich’s is empty.

The bottom of her hourglass ends right on the the cusp of her sixth house of Aquarius with Venus alone.  That the two air signs Perhaps this gives added weight to her comment, supported by her daughter,  that she was bisexual.   This would not be notable except its part of the cutting pair (hourglasses are like scissors with two blades) and the only planet in the third quadrant.  The bottom part of the blade is Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in the fourth house of home affairs.

maria elisabeth
Maria Elisabeth Sieber Riva, Dietrich’s daughter
  • “As a child I thought my name was ‘Maria The-Daughter-Of’.”
  • I think I wanted to be a teacher, or something important. My mother didn’t force me into anything.
  • Most of my dear friends came from my mother’s lovers. I had a lot of strange fathers; some of them were women, some of them were men.

She married director Rudolf Sieber in 1923. They had an open relationship, each allowing the other lovers. With him, she had her one and only child  Maria Elisabeth, who was also born in Berlin on December 13, 1924.  Miss Sieber was known professionally as Maria Riva.

Download Marlena Dietrich.

Mother Marlene Dietrich is the gold inner circle; daughter Maria the green outer. Maria is NOT rectified but has a sunrise chart. This gives her a rising of 20 Sagittarius 48 like her mother a mutable outlook.

Her planetary emphasis runs towards creativity and self-expression, something that she nurtured incessantly, almost narcissistically, from her daughter’s accounts.  As a singer and actress, she went on USO tours during World War II and raised War Bonds.  In 1992 when she was 92 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for those efforts.

Pluto on the cusp of Gemini and Taurus bestowed her a smoky  voice and a curvaceous figure. Her Neptune (29 Gemini)  suggests she took great pains in protecting her assets and for her traveling was just a matter of course (those many planets in Sagittarius).

marlene_dietrich c 1938
marlene_dietrich c 1943

Her Line of Personality is conjunct (Saturn Jupiter  in Capricorn) making her someone who was very much part of her times (1930s-1940s Hollywood) and a wise investor — she was known to be penurious and left her daughter a fortune.  Her Line of Vitality also conjunct,  bestowed a long life.  She has no major aspect to either to her Lines of Efficiency, because ” she was not concerned with daily details”, probably true as she had people for that;  nor does she have a Line of Culture, that Jones later re-termed Social Significance.  Here she remains aloof with the socioeconomic troubles of their fellow man again that makes sense she probably had no connection to them — even in her USO efforts she was the consummate performer on stage and separate.

Marlene Dietrich’s natal chart progressed to her date of death.

The New York Times Obit.

“Marlene Dietrich is a professional,” Alfred Hitchcock once said. “She’s a professional actress, a professional wardrober, a professional lighting technician. . . .” Hitchcock knew his subject well, having directed her in “Stage Fright” (1950), in which she introduced one of her favorite cabaret songs, “The Laziest Girl in Town.” Dietrich was a professional just-about-everything because of her many planets from the sixth to the eighth house in the area of work, opportunities and legacy, she wanted to make sure evveryone was doing their best to ensure hers.

According to one of her associates, at least part of the reason for her dazzling figure was a tip-to-toe flesh-colored body-stocking with the tensile strength of steel. Artifice shows up with transpluto in the sixth ; she took no chances.

Photos: Dietrich in “The Devil Is a Woman” (1935) — The keeper of her own flame. (Photographs by Movie Still Archives); Dietrich in Paris during the 1940’s.

PS.  At her time of death, her progressed Saturn, Father Time, was trine her natal Midheaven.  Her progressed Ceres was conjunct it and the Nodes were activated to the Ascendant.

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