This is a historical chart from Alan Leo’s “Modern Astrology: the Astrologer’s Magazine/”

           Brilliance or arrogance?

On June.22, 1893; the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet was about to anchor off Tripoli, Lebanon.  The HMS Victoria was the flagship of Admiral Tryon ordered his ships form two columns, one led by him and the other by Rear Admiral Markham in the Camperdown, named most likely after the famous Camperdown race course in Victoria, Australia.

Tryon was supposedly an expert ship commander ordered that the two ships turn inwards towards each other to arrive on a reciprocal course prior to anchoring. Would have been a pretty site, but unfortunately, the two columns were only six cables (1200 yards) apart, less than the lengths of either boat, much less the two combined.  Disaster ensued as the two collided sank in about 10 minutes.  Tryon, true to the naval code, went down with his ship, but so did more than 350 crewmen.   There are some pictures here.

The Ascendant is at 15 Scorpio and ruler of Scorpio is Mars and now also Pluto. Pluto was still an asteroid, and carries the symbol of “Carefulness” or, as E. C. Chambers says when afflicted,, as it is here in opposition, of “Carelessness.”  This is not helped by the strong inward nature of the event’s mental chemistry.  The Moon is slow, slower than average that is, and Mercury is a virgintile away from the Sun highlighting the Admiral’s showoff arrogance particularly as Mercury is also square the North Node in the sixth house at 26 Aries 38.  This aspect hints that he was not concerned with the details, but since he was an Admiral to question his orders is mutiny and so his men had to follow them to the letter or be court martialled.  There was  no one there that day who could say, “By Jove,  Admiral, do you think…?

The chart of the Victoria and Camperdown

 Wildmen and bad vision

The ascendant is  conjunct that wild man of the zodiac, Uranus,  at 07 Scorpio, associating itself with unseen actions, the unconscious and large organizations.  While Uranus is too far from both the South Node and Jupiter to have much of a relationship there, through a translation of light to the ascendant that does work, and suggests swallowing one’s pride and admitting they are wrong is the better part of valour.  It raises whether the Admiral realized his mistake and preferred the ultimate penalty instead of being made a public fool — either way that happened by in this case he did not have to live with the consequences.  The symbol for Jupiter at 21 Taurus is Fame or Notoriety (however the case maybe) and opposite the ascendant.

Pluto in the seventh house at 10 Gemini, and  square the Part of the Fortune 03 Pisces (Resignation) in the Fourth House , highlights the living conditions of the house or ship… An angle to the cusp of the Fourth House in Mundane situations often tells of inclement weather, says astrologer Celeste Teal. That does not seem to be the case here, but the Royal Naval attributed the incident to poor judgement, which maybe the same thing,  (Jupiter over estimating squared (blindsided) to the Part of Fortune in 4th House of Ships and Houses).

In Chambers’s  notes, there is something is on our Jacqueline Nourrit. He mentions her Moon is also in Pisces 03 – and so she must have been a musical prodigy. Serendipity!

The Old Gray lady aka the New York Times  reported the news. We have a copy here: camperdown.pdf


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