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Michael Moore’s chart in the Equal House method


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Michael Moore was born April 23, 1953 in Flint, Michigan.  We have rectified his birth time to  12:41 PM (or a quarter to 1 in the afternoon).   He is infamous for his movie, Roger and Me, where he  cuts between his childhood and Roger, then the GM CEO, highlighting their dissimilarities.  From that small independent movie, he has gone to tackle many other social ills.

He is divorced from his wife Kathleen of twenty-one years. She was often the producer of his films.  The couple had no children.

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Astrological Overview

Astrotheme.com, now owned by Astro.com,  has Moore with an an Ascendant of 16:  we rectified that back a degree to  15.  He has a chart that is split equally between the north (lower) and southern (upper) hemispheres, and the eastern (left) and western (right).  His planetary layout follows a see-saw or hourglass, that shows a strong humanistic bent benefiting  from changing social situations.

Every pattern has an inherent bias, even if the individual chart does not, and  the See-Saw as Dr. Marc Edmund Jones defined it originally,  bias is towards adjusting to constant change.  This predilection gives Moore a mutable tendency.   He is not action oriented (cardinal) or firm in his beliefs despite changing mores (fixed), but reactive towards the world around.  Reviewing his film oeuvre that makes sense.

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                                                                    The T-Cross Pattern

Mr. Moore has three notable oppositions, but only one resolves itself in a strong T-Cross aspect.  The others are unresolved, meaning that they exert a constant push-pull.  The First opposition, the black line on the chart above, is between his large network and his desire to harvest personal experiences.

His second opposition, shown on the chart in orange, is between his own wilfulness (Sun in Aries) versus his Neptune (social obligation).  With no outlet, there isn’t a corresponding  t-cross (an opposition with a square), this is  a constant battle for Moore and gets support from the agreement with his Mars/Moon conjunctions in the fifth house.

This opposition does have a trine to his Pluto, at 23 Leo, but that just increases the tension and does not release it constructively like a square (90-degree aspect) would.


The major opposition that does result in an outward expression is highlighted on the chart in blue.  This is the opposition between Mercury and Saturn that finds release, the actual T configuration, through his Leo Ascendant 16 / 23 Pluto conjunction.

This is a tight integration of his personality (the Ascendant) and his need (Pluto) to express himself &  makes him a fire-brand much in the line of Old Testament prophet Jeremiah using his films to illustrate his vision of a wicked capitalist society gone amok. (Moore for the record was raised Roman Catholic but now says he is an atheist).  That T-Square supports his humanist see-saw or hourglass temperament type tendency.

See-saw temperament types are typically non-religious people as they tend to look askance at theistic (God-centered) ideas & emphasize secular concerns.  The T-Square configuration often, but not always, shows up in an hourglass temperament types, as this is how they express themselves to the world.


                      Highlighted symbols:
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Mr. Moore Ascendant is 15 Leo 36,  the middle sign of the maternal trinity, and second in the fiery triplicity (Aries and Sagittarius are the other two), therefore  the central point of the zodiac.   At 16, his ascendant in the middle of the middle,  and as such tends to be a teaching point on the dial.  Mr. Moore surely demonstrates this, as he is always in pursuit of a riddle, and know one knows this better than famed Astrologer Alan Leo, who shares this point as his sun.



For Moore, this symbol is demonstrated through his use of daily stresses, UAW vs GM, Affordable Care Act vs Insurance, and now Donald Trump against Obama etc.  Squared by his Venus, 23.39 Taurus, this makes him rather pedantic and petty. picking on small points to drive home his larger message.

Taurus is in his tenth house of career and aspirations, suggesting that to Moore, it is the little quirks in life, that not only set his mind travelling in new directions, but also a belief that that the devil is in the details.  Armed with this insight, Moore sets off like Don Quixote in in pursuit of another documentary, another cause célèbre to defend.


The Hyperion symbol for his mid-heaven Taurus 5 is A small box with secret contents, that the natives collects and gathers, in Moore’s case , he waits for the  right time to pop open his collection and release it to the public.  Moore’s success relies on two strengths: the real-life docudrama technique of his films and timing.


A Leo ascendant makes its natives tall and large boned people with conspicuous hair when they are young but thin as they age.  They have florid complexions, &  rather squarish in stature.  They benefit, like the lion in the jungle, through social connections.

For Mr. Moore that very much the case as everyone can spot the younger Moore with his bright florid complection, and red hair, almost like an Andy Warhol shock wig.  The second point is brought home with his connection to his uncle who helped organize the 1937 GM Fisher-body Flint plant strike and then underwrote the first Roger and Me,  allowing him to bypass the movie-production circuit and go independent.

Overall, we expect to hear from Mr. Moore for a long while.

The Moon’s Nodes are retrograde more often than they are direct, pulling on the subconscious life and trying to integrate them with current life situations. When the nodes are direct, there is a “karmic, straight-path forward manifestation”   Most software allows you to chose either Mean or True nodes the difference is Mean Nodes are always retrograde and are averaged out to ignore wild perturbations, while True nodes are just true just twice a month, when the moon crosses the ecliptic, and demonstrate the relationship between the Moon, the Earth and the Sun.

Carl Payne Tobey and the Wobble

Astrologer Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980) discovered in in a vast number of major disasters when the Sun and Moon are square the Moon’s Nodes.

Tobey wrote that just using the “conjunction” was a mistake, that the real key was T- Square against the nodal axis to the Sun (the two nodes will always be in opposition — the nodal axis — so it their square that makes the difference). He called this a “Moon Wobble,” because, the Moon is “wobbling” in its path by declination.   Tobey wrote that we experience a significant likelihood of massive environmental damage with loss of life and property when the Sun forms an aspect to the nodes of 0°, 90°, or 180°; he also increased the nodal orb to five degrees from the traditional 1.

During the Wobble, the Sun creates an energy similar to that associated with the eclipses or the new or full moon. While the Dragon’s Head has a favorable astrological impression,  a melding of Venus and Jupiter, the Dragon’s Tail is malefic, blending Mars, Saturn & Uranus that undermine our best intentions, and encourage us to revert to karmic destructive or separative patterns.

                          Nodal Degrees

Tobey called the degree where the North Node is found was “Karmic”.  As shown below in the 1930’s actress Jean Harlow, she has a North Node at 11 Taurus 35 Taurus — according to Tobey the twelfth degree of very sign is the nodal degree — and he would look for aspects to it.  The South Node, opposite is an empathetic point in the horoscope, and not given the same amount of weight as its boreal brethren.  Tobey wrote, that when the Nodal Degree is activated by either a progression or transit, significant karmic events can be expected.  To illustrate this we will use Miss Harlow’s map as it fits the pattern almost perfectly.


                                   Nodal Returns

The Moon’s nodes move back by transit to their birth position once every 18.6 years. This means that in our 19th year, we have a Nodal Return as well as 37th, 55 1/2, 74th and 93rd birthdays.

As the Nodes are an axis, halving this period gives the Nodal Opposition, the Counter-Nodal Return, when the transiting North Node is in conjunction with the natal South Node and vice versa. So our 9th birthday often symbolizes the end of childhood,  and out 18 ½ a graduation from high school.

The 28th birthday is the turn to Saturnine adulthood (or for Jean Harlow when genetics and her unfortunate habit of dyeing her hair with peroxide took its toll, read more at Slate about that).  The 37th – 55th is when we are established in our career and at our peak earning years. By our 66th year we traditionally retire and start to have some leeway in our life, when about at 9 years later at 74.5 illnesses, deaths or moving to a retirement home issues crop up.

The transiting nodal axis is the effect that others have on activating our chart — other people will be playing an important role in current situations. The difference is when a transiting planet is activating a natal nodes, the person  will be applying the energies ascribed to the planet,   but when the transiting nodes affect a natal planet an outside influence triggers them.

Jean Harlow

In Miss Harlow’s chart, she has a North Node in the Eighth House conjunct Saturn.  The Eighth normally the home of Scorpio and sex appeal but it is also a house of legacies.  Here, Harlow has a NN suggests her strong sex appeal with Plutonian white hair and curvy figure that Mars would love (Pluto and Mars are the Lords of Scorpio) but as the NN is aligned with Venus and Jupiter, women instead of being jealous would agree!  Yes she is a blonde bombshell!  She’s gorgeous!  They would exclaim  and rush to the beauty parlor to emulate her.

 Capricorn hugging that NN would suggest at some point she would have to pay the piper for that allure, particularly as it is sextile Neptune, who never forgets an obligation for what the heavens so generously bestowed, but that always seems so far away particularly when one is young and pretty.

harlow obit.png
The “acute” sunburn in the New York Times obit was actually jaundice.

Speeding ahead to June 6 1937 (Jean died on the 7th) we see that North Node is in the same place as is Saturn and between them lovely Venus opposed by Jupiter at 14 Scorpio, the Ruler of the Eighth House suggesting an overload to her genio-urinary system.

harlow progressed.png

Jupiter square her progressed Mars at 13 Aquarius, the other Ruler of Scorpio, is in the Fifth House of creativity.  It is also Square her progressed NN suggesting a total attack on her internal system from an external agent — this is what ultimately killed her. Her Midheaven at 06 Cancer is sextile to the NN, in this case is not a good thing, because it is abetting the whole process of a kidney failure (with friends like these!)   The only good thing about this is that she was probably unconscious as with everything in Taurus, suggesting that talking was difficult, so we assume she was in a coma at that point.

the star comment on Harlow loss.png

The fateful “Nodal Degree” is at 12 Taurus, a symbol of “Window Shoppers” a symbol of human imagination in the sphere of self-awareness.  It’s keyword is visualization and represents positively, the potentials of human achievement but negatively, the realization that all desirable things (in this case life) are beyond one’s reach.



  1. Having viewed about 1000 charts now, I have not found that this Nodal agreement in natal charts works as well as it did for Miss Harlow.  But I will persevere nonetheless.
  2. Miss Jean Harlow is #433 in the Jones 1000.  Dr. Jones at 7:30 PM instead of our 7:40.
  3. Download Miss Jean Harlow dies here.
  4. Mr. Carl Payne Tobey’s lessons can be read here. He wrote lots of magazine articles on his work, many of which were published in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine.
  5. The obit and memoriam clips are from the New York Times newspaper, Times Square, New York the June 8th, 1937 edition.

Noel Coward Map

Playwright Noel Coward is also a See-Saw, and his chart looks more what we are accustomed to seeing:  three opposing planets in the Eighth House against five in the Second.  His chart also is rather reminiscent of Miss McBride’s:  both have Cancer at the Midheaven (hers at 22, his at 30) and both have Libra rising (hers at 19 and his at 23) so these two media artists, have much in common.

But Mr. Coward’s chart is a Northern Hemisphere chart , showing despite his public demeanor, he was a private person. His Sun at 24 Sagittarius is opposite his Moon at 13 Gemini, creates a Line of Vitality that allowed him to aware of his foibles and failings.  That was to his advantage, as he used everything in his environment to create his plays (Mars conjunct Venus in the Third House of communications, the Line of Efficiency).

The novelist Stella Gibbons would recall of Coward that ”he seemed to me to incarnate the myth of the 20’s (gaiety, courage, pain concealed, amusing malice). ” Looking at that abundant Second House of Personal Resources,  it does seem that the various planets are sparring to see which gets the greatest notice.

Mr. Coward was known as a deft “literary” writer, his prose full of double entendres, witty remarks and verbal repartee, but surprising the Line of Culture is missing. While it makes a minor debut as a semi-sextile (Saturn to Jupiter), it does not get a starring role.


Noel Coward at Firefly
Noel Coward at Firefly Jamaica Lookout

Perhaps though that is because we are ignoring the disruptive Uranus in the Second House that is a tad too far until either the North Node or the Sun, but in exact aspect to Coward’s Part of Fortune and then another trine away from his Midheaven. Our see-saw has a Grand Trine to keep it on an even keel despite the lopsidedness of the planets on the map.

The Grand Trine misses that little stellium in Eighth House and opposite the Second, making the spectre of Death & farewells always at Coward’s shoulder.

Overall, Coward has two themes running throughout his life, one of the Grand Trine and the other of the See-Saw wanting very much to make a go of it and be something. Venus is alone in the Third House of Short Communications (he wrote many a One Act Play) but too far from the Midheaven to do much good. Instead, it relies on the relay to the Ascendant to the Midheaven to pull lyric verse and song off — when he writes he writes for others, but when he sings, it is for himself.

The Eighth House with Neptune, Pluto and the Moon suggest he would die suddenly and rather mysteriously on an island, but that was meaningless as England is an island too, so no help there.

Better luck is with his Ascendant at 22.19 Libra that Dr. Henry J. Gordon writes shows “many capabilities which should be trained early on. A restless nature that will seldom stay in one place …. but honour and reward at the end.”

And indeed it was: he was knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1970. He died three years later at Firefly, his Jamaica mountaintop estate after suffering from a sudden heart attack. His secretary, Cole Lesley, said that the burial was closed to only he, two close friends in Jamaica and the staff of Sir Noël’s estate. There was later a “public” London funeral as well.

In the meantime, enjoy some songs from the “Master,” including the ever popular Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Noonday Sun.