It’s been almost a year since we posted the  want ad for Billy Bruce, we finally found him in London.

 Marc Edmund Jones lists in his 1000 nativities¹, a singer named Billy Bruce.  Place unknown, born December 2nd, 1903 at 4 PM. Several searches have found no one by that name and date.  We need some help. Thanks.

This is Splay Temperament Type.

We know so little of Mr. Bruce i.e. what type of singer: choral, dance hall, operatic we are keeping our commentary to a minimum.

  1.  the Line of Vitality inconjunct.  This line is how a person exerts his personality over his environment.  As it is inconjunct, Mr. Bruce was a risk taker.
  2.  the Line of Efficiency square  This line is how a person exerts his personality towards goals.   Again, Mr. Bruce tend to be contrary and tend to take the road less trod.
  3. the Line of Motivation is absent.  Here Mr. Bruce  tended to scatter his energies.
  4. the Line of Culture (also called the Line of Social Significance)  is square.  This line is how a person exerts himself over his fellows. In this aspect of his life, Mr. Bruce is semisextile and would rely on his friends and associates for tips and leads.


  1. Jones, Marc Edmund.  The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.  Stanwood,  WA:  Sabian Publishing Society, 1953