Martha (Sunny) von Bülow, was an American heiress who first married Austrian playboy prince and then to a Danish-born man-about-society who was twice tried on charges of attempting to murder her, died on December 6th, 2008 on a Saturday at a nursing home in Manhattan. Mrs. von Bülow, who was 76, had been in a coma for nearly 28 years.

Maureen Connelly, a spokeswoman for the family, confirmed the death. Mrs. von Bülow’s three children said in a statement that they “were blessed to have an extraordinary loving and caring mother.” The cause pulmonary arrest, Ms. Connelly said.  Her was  27 years, 11 months and 15 days after she was found unconscious on the floor of her bathroom in her mansion in Newport, R.I., on Dec. 21, 1980.

Newport House

In her long, silent years at the Milstein Building at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital, and then at a nursing home on the Upper East Side, doctors said Mrs. von Bülow never showed any signs of brain activity.  She was fed through a tube in her stomach. There were always fresh flowers in her room, and photographs of her children and grandchildren sat on a bedside table. She was attended by private nurses, and her room, for a while at least, was guarded by private security.

another-sunnyShe is survived by her daughters, Annie-Laurie von Auersperg Kneissl Isham and Cosima Pavoncelli; her son, Alexander (Ala) von Auersperg; and nine grandchildren.

In his first trial, in Newport in 1982, Mr. von Bülow was found guilty of twice trying to kill his wife and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He appealed and posted a $1 million bond believed to have been put up by his friend J. Paul Getty Jr., the oil tycoon.Sunny von Bülow in 1976, four years before she entered a coma that led to two trials for her second husband, Claus von Bülow.

The first appeal was guided by Alan M. Dershowitz, the Harvard law professor who asserted that information had not been made available to the defense, and there had been no search warrant when Maria Schrallhammer, Mrs. von Bülow’s longtime maid, confiscated the pills from the black bag that belonged to Mr. von Bulow.  So true to form, he did this later in the famous O.J. Simpson case, Dersh got Mr. von Bulow off on a technicality.

In reality, the contents of the black bag were given by the maid to Mrs. von Bulow’s daughter Ala, who passed to the family physician for chemical analysis.  A lab determined them to be Seconal and a paste form of Valium.  As the seizure was illegal, the lab report was inadmissible as evidence.

 On Dec. 21, 1980, Mrs. von Bülow was again found unconscious and taken to Newport Hospital. Shortly afterward, an investigator working on behalf of the two older children searched the house and found a black bag said to contain three hypodermic needles, one with traces of a sedative, again,  and insulin.  Another trial and another acquittal; Sunny in the meantime lingered on in a comatose state.

 Boo Koo Bucks

Mrs. von Bülow, who had inherited $75 million, was depicted by the defense as a quiet woman who drowned her insecurities in alcohol and was familiar with drugs. The von Auersperg children, backed by Ms. Schrallhammer, claimed that Mrs. von Bülow needed as little as two drinks to appear that she had had too much.

The prosecution put Alexandra Isles, a socialite and former actress who had been Mr. von Bülow’s mistress, on the stand to admit that she had given Mr. von Bülow an ultimatum about dissolving his marriage. It was noted, too, that a divorce would have voided the $14 million that Mr. von Bülow would have inherited under his wife’s will and left him with a measly annual income of $120,000 from a trust.  This would be about 1,000th of her total welcome.

Mr. von Bülow acknowledged that he and his wife had discussed divorce, but he denied that the issue was another woman. He initiated the talks, he said, because he wished to return to work and his wife did not agree. He had been working intermittingly as a stock broker.

Von Bulow

Claus von Bülow in court during his attempted murder trial on Feb. 9, 1982. Credit Associated Press

 The early Years

Mrs. von Bülow, the former Martha Sharp Crawford, was born in Manassas, Va., on Sept. 1, 1932, the only child of Annie-Laurie and George W. Crawford.

Originally nicknamed Choo-Choo because she was born in her father’s railway car but later called Sunny because of her disposition. She attended the Chapin School in Manhattan and St. Timothy’s School in Maryland, and had an elaborate debut in 1949.

She was 24 when she married Prince Alfred von Auersperg, a 20-year-old tennis pro at the private Schloss Mittersell in Austria. The couple settled in Munich and later in Kitzbühel, Austria. Anne-Laurie von Auersperg (known as Ala) was born in 1958 and Alexander the following year, June 13, 1959. The marriage ended in divorce in 1965. The princess had few interests in common with her husband, did not share his ardor for big-game hunting in Africa or his womanizing.  She also missed the United States. The prince received $1 million and two houses in a settlement.notice

(In a twist of fate, Prince von Auersperg also went into an irreversible coma in 1983 after an automobile accident in Austria. He died in 1992.)

The year after her divorce, the princess married Claus von Bülow, whom she had met years earlier in London. He was originally neither a von nor a Bülow. His mother was divorced from his father, Svend Borberg, a playwright and drama critic who was convicted of collaborating with the Nazis by a Danish court after the war. He was sentenced to four years in prison, released after 18 months and died shortly after.

Claus grew up with his mother and maternal grandfather, Frits Bülow, a former minister of justice in Denmark and a successful businessman. Claus adopted the Bülow name and added “von” as a young adult.

At the time of his marriage, Mr. von Bülow was a senior aide to Mr. Getty.

Clarendon Court at Newport

The couple settled in an imposing Fifth Avenue apartment facing Central Park. A short time later, following the lead of her mother, Mrs. von Bülow acquired a Newport estate, Clarendon Court, a 23-room Georgian mansion on 10 acres overlooking the sea. Mrs. von Bülow had the huge lawn lowered 17 feet to improve the view of the ocean.

The house had been the setting for the 1956 musical “High Society,” starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby. The property was sold in 1988 for $4.2 million; the same year, an auction of von Bülow furniture, paintings, porcelains and silver brought more than $11.5 million.

cosima.pngA daughter, Cosima, was born April 10, 1967, and the three siblings apparently got along well until their mother’s Marriage-Legacy aroused the suspicions of the von Auersperg children. Miss von Bülow supported her father during his trials and as a result was cut out of her maternal grandmother’s will.

When Mrs. Aitken died in 1984, Miss von Bülow filed suit claiming that family members had turned her grandmother against her. In a 1987 settlement, Mr. von Bülow renounced all his claims to his wife’s fortune in return for his daughter’s receiving a share of Mrs. Aitken’s estate, equal to those of her half sister and half brother.

Ms. Connelly, the family spokeswoman, said the three siblings, after a long period of estrangement, are “reconciling and moving forward together as a family, because that is what their mother would have wanted.”  Anne-Laurie married Ralph Isham of New York, June 10, 1989.Van Bulow Mansion for Sale

After the trials, the von Auerspergs founded the Sunny von Bülow National Victim Advocacy Center, with headquarters in Fort Worth, Tex., and the Sunny von Bülow Coma and Head Trauma Research Foundation in New York.

 Hollywood made the scandal the subject of the 1990 movie “Reversal of Fortune” with Glenn Close as Mrs. von Bülow and Jeremy Irons as Mr. von Bülow.

The author Dominick Dunne wrote about the case for Vanity Fair.  He had known Mrs. von Bulow since she was a debutante. Dunne said she had been portrayed unfairly in the film as an emotionally frail alcoholic but that  she was a “beautiful and shy” woman who “really did not like the social life, although she was associated with it.”

Download svb

 Charting Sunny


We have rectified Mrs. von Bulow’s chart to 04.25.Libra that has the symbol is a  “woman teaching real inner knowledge,” the keyword affinity. It has the warning, and one which we believe Mrs. von Bulow should have heeded in “subtle attempts to dominate her environment.”  She has Cardinal Grand Cross &  a  stellium of planets in the twelfth house suggesting both hidden enemies and a bond with large institutions.  Her temperament type is a bucket with a Saturn handle, with no intercepted houses via the Koch layout.

That Saturn handle is at 16.44 Capricorn.  It is also is part of her boomerang Yod (see the Aqua on the chart) as the inconjunct point between Pluto in Cancer and Mercury in Virgo (its Lord).  It is an impressive set of aspects because the Yod shows how the ghoulish publicity about her health, all those planets in Virgo.  The Saturn, in High Focus,  as it is the turning point of her chart, whether it is part of the bucket’s handle, the apex Yod, or within the Grand Cross.  Its symbol tells of a “girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude” suggesting furtive activity around her.

Part of her Fixed X-cross is a translation of light between Uranus and the Moon on the seventh-eighth house cusps as Mrs. von Bulow shifts emphasis in her life between the four points of institutions, home. Marriage-Legacy and limelight.

 In the end…

Was Mrs. von Bulow murdered? Or was this negligence or perhaps even an attempt at suicide?  We think that the answer lays in her Midheaven, a calculated point, and not an aspect.It has the symbol of a dark “archway and ten logs at the bottom,” that competence in handling life’s affairs, but with the warning of being in bondage to them.  E.C. Chambers in book “Fixed Stars”  cuts to the chase and says “Miserly.”

Download Megyn-Marie-kelly‘s chart here.



Megyn Kelly,  previously the Kelly File, on the cable network FoxNews, had a major run in with Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  She was asked if this was “political” and she said No,  we wanted to check if she was right.  She says that her political slant is “independent.”

She has been married twice.  The first time to a Daniel Kendall, M.D.  The divorce was acrimonious and ended in 2006.  The second marriage to Cybersecurity analyst turned writer, Douglas Brunt has been far more successful.   The Brunts have three children, 2 boys, and a girl.  She is a graduate of the Albany Law School and is half Italian and Irish.

 Where were you born? says that Megyn was born in Syracuse.  Wikipedia OTOH says Champaign Illinois.    We did the charts for both and found the Illinois birthplace implausible, so we are going with the Syracuse one.  It makes more sense all around as all her schooling is in New York State, and her father, Edward Kelly taught at SUNY.


Kelly.pngThe Chart

Ms. Kelly is a bucket temperament type with a Saturn handle in her fifth house of creativity & speculation. Saturn is the protector of the zodiac at nineteen Taurus, & as her handle creates the symbol of a “Newly formed continent, ”   suggesting the raw substance of existence and that her experience shapes and develops her character more than her education.   He allows her to see opportunities that others miss and gives her the revolutionary potential to recreate her image and her environs.

Mrs & Mrs Douglas Brunt

But this handle is under stress from the very benevolent Jupiter that also constituents the Line of Personality that makes her gravitate towards hubbub of turmoil and upset, and explains why she attacked candidate Donald Trump to such a great deal — she loves the attention.

Jupiter at 18.34 Scorpio is rather accurate for an interviewer, “A parrot listening and then talking.”  Dr. Jones writes this gives her the inherent sensitivity to reworking reality in the service of her own “personal aspirations,” and with not T-Cross to allow for a fuller expression it forces to recreate herself and her career almost chameleon-like.

Her Midheaven at  20.15 Libra is conjunct, within two degrees, to fiercely ambitious Mars at 18.31 Libra.  Here found in her ninth house of travels, writing and long distance communications, it suggests that she has had many disruptive moves as she directs her consciousness towards her new visions.  Mars has the symbol is a “gang of robbers in hiding” emphasizing her need to express her personal freedom, a vital ingredient in her various transformations and supports her first husband’s comments about her wanting a  role reversal marriage.  Luckily her second husband, Douglas Brunt, found a second career as a writer that would tolerate that.

 Network?  Networking?

SDC11588.pngWith a stellium of planets in her ninth house, Ms. Kelly has a Rolodex to die for.  She is networked, connected to everyone.  She swaps business cards immediately upon meeting someone, and then dutifully keeps in touch so that connection does not go stale.

Her Sun at twenty-six Scorpio is square her Part of Fortune, the symbol of Indians making Camp, encourages that, as she makes the least promising situations turn around to her benefit.  There is no doubt, Ms. Kelly is a hard worker.

That Part of Fortune is found in her intercepted eighth house, so she also spends a lot of time making it look good and effortless.  The changes in makeup, hair style, clothing, and networks, are all part of her desire to run up a significant image and bank account, eventually allowing her to write her own ticket.  Ms. Kelly’s Midheaven at twenty-one Libra is probably a run in the political arena as it has the symbol of a “Crowd gathering on a beach” to hear important revelations.  Watch her pick up the Hillary Clinton mantle sometime in the next ten years.

 What’s your Line?

Ms. Kelly’s Line of Vitality 1 is squared.  This aspect is determined by the aspect between the Sun and Moon.  Dr. Jones says that this native uses her physical energy to focus her will and the houses where the planets reside are those where she put the most effort into.

For her, this is the eighth house of legacies and the eleventh house of networking and friends.megynkellyfocusdonaldtrumpvsmegynkellyhnkxznfdnxul She feels strongly about impressing her personality upon sphere in which she operates & needs to be a high profile person on television, as well as traditional & social media.  As she is exerting her physical will here, she will work tirelessly for that to happen.

Her Line of Personality, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn has an opposition.  Her Saturn is also her High Focus planet,  and this point agrees with the Line of Vitality about her conscious decision for her personal place in the scheme of things.

Her Line of Culture, sextile Uranus, and Neptune is the third of the four lines that Dr. Jones created.  This aspect as these are outer planets happen generationally and tend to define age groups, so the houses that this is found in are more important than the character itself.  For Kelly, Neptune at 1 degree Sagittarius, tells us that she is very appreciative of her family, both past, and present, in supporting her.  This is demonstrated that her eldest son is named after her late father, Edward Kelly, as well as her on-air mentioning of her children and spouse.

Neptune at 1 degree Sagittarius, tells us that she is very appreciative of her family, both past, and present in their support.  This is demonstrated by the naming of her eldest son after her late father, Edward Kelly, as well as her on-air mentioning of her children and spouse.

Ms. Kelly has the final Line of Efficiency as well. This is not particularly common, and we have noted in our studies that those who do tend to be a bit more self-centered than the general populace.  For her, that Line, determined by  Mars and Venus, is sextiled.  The two planets are found in the ninth and eleventh houses suggesting that moving and being nimble-footed, is part of the desire for success.  She may be at NBC New York now, but like many other of her moves, she will be elsewhere in the future when opportunity strikes.


1.  Discussion of the personality pairs  can be found the Guide to Horoscope Interpretation.  Philadelphia:  Quest Books c. 1972.  Search for a copy here &   Astrology How and Why it works available over here on Amazon owned Alibris.



While Rachel Maddow does have an official birthdate of April 1, 1973 in Castro Valley, Alameda County, California it has no accompanying birthtime, so we decided to rectify it. We chose the ascendant of 29 Cancer, right on the cusp of Leo. Other known facts are

  • Her parents are Robert Maddow, born May 1943, is a former U.S. Air Force captain, and retired attorney, and Canadian Elaine Gosse Maddow, a school program administrator.
    • The Maddow name hails from her great-great-grandfather who came here from Poltava, Ukraine/Poland  with his four young sons.
      • Their surname was Medwedof.
    • His son, Ms Maddow’s great-grandfather married a woman of Dutch descent.
    • She has one brother.
  • She was brought up in a very conservative catholic community.
  • Education.
    • She went to Castro Valley High School, California where she was very active in sports like volleyball, basketball and swimming.
      • Both volleyball and basketball are “net” sports high in defense.
    • She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in public policy in 1994 where she came publicly came out.
    • She earned a Rhodes Scholarship and joined Lincoln College, Oxford in 1995.
    • She received her Doctor of Philosophy in politics from Oxford University in 2001.
  • She lives with Susan Mikula, a photographer who is fifteen years older than her who was born in New Jersey but has since relocated to Western Massachusetts in the Berkshires. The picture below is at the house there.
  • She is worth 12.5 million dollars.
  • Fishing is her favorite hobby.
Rachel and Susan in Northampton, Massachusetts

THE sign Cancer begins the maternal trinity. It is the first of the watery triplicity and the second of the cardinal signs. It governs the breast and stomach and is is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, and governs all home and domestic affairs in which the feelings play a prominent part.

Persons born in this sign are characterised as being slow but sure. They are best described by the crab, whose tenacity proverbial; this creature moves forward by going backward, and it has come to be looked upon as a sign of retrogression. The main feature, however, of this sign is the power of retentive memory. The Cancer individual has the most remarkable memory of any given by the twelve signs, and it is no difficulty for them to recall minute incidents of the past.

Maddow says that she loves having the Massachusetts refuge from her weekday life in New York….HuffPo

Cancerians i.e. Cancer rising, tend to be somewhat antiquated, as they love to dwell on past events, or to go over in their memory through past occurrences, and through this they often become somewhat limited and hindered, particularly where attachment to family is prominent in the life. Their highly sensitive nature makes them feel very keenly everything that affects the other members of the family, and for them domestic affairs become a kind of brake on their own individual progress.

They are rather approbative — love to be approved of, and always yearn for the sympathy of others. They are very timid, reserved, and shy, and fear ridicule or disapproval very much, and this makes them somewhat conventional, with a great dread and fear of public opinion. This binds them to their clan or sect and makes them aware “Caste.”

Rachel Maddow – in her own words is a mannish lesbian policy wonk who doesn’t own a television set – & is not your average anchorwoman in America, or indeed on this side of the Atlantic. …The Guardian

When fully individualised these persons are remarkable for their imagination but on the personal side of their life,  they become very fanciful, romantic, superstitious, and fond of the unseen. From sensation they work through feeling to the highest emotional, and it  is there that they are  truly wonderful people.  Unfortunately this  may carry them into the worst forms of sensationalism; being exceedingly sensitive and overly dramatic about their feelings  being easily wounded.

They possess a psychic gift in their feelings, being able easily to feel the impressions around them. They are economical and very fond of saving, a trait that runs into almost all the details of their life: fond of saving letters, books, and all kinds of curios. They hoard to a remarkable extent, being fond of all that is antique and connected with age and the past. On the personal level, they tend to be  inactive and inclined to be indolent and somewhat grasping.

When fully individualised,  these persons possess a great love of power, and once having gained it they have the ability to hold it. They are not so ambitious as they are lovers of fame and public recognition, and they desire this most:  world-wide approval. They can rake up from the past things that others have long forgotten.

The irony is, perhaps, that part of her success is exactly because she doesn’t look like all the other cookie-cutter women on television. She is 6ft tall and boyish (so much so that for a radio show stunt she was once persuaded to go out onto the street and ask people to guess what gender she was).

“It’s true. I am an unusual-looking person. Maybe people tell themselves: ‘Well, she isn’t getting by on her looks, for sure. Maybe she’s got something to say.'”…The Guardian

As this sign governs the stomach, this organ will be a sensitive part of the system, and when the personal element is strong, we shall find these persons suffering from weak digestion and gastric troubles. They require to be careful in diet, there being a tendency to suffer from indigestion & fermentation in the stomach.

Worry and anxiety with them are frequent causes of indigestion, which produces a defective circulation, and brings in its train’ constipation, congestion, rheumatism and chronic disorders. They are liable to suffer from fancied ailments, and to become hypochondriac.

They are nervous when ailing, and fear the worst results of any functional disorders, and in this respect they become so morbid that they actually produce the illness they imagine themselves suffering from. The cure is a healthy imagination and freedom from all anxiety, especially with regard to domestic aflairs. 

They make splendid historians, being able to write up the past with a comparative accuracy. As the Aries types would do well as leaders in the military world, as captains, generals, etc., so will the Cancer types do well as naval captains and in all professions connected with the sea. They make excellent midwives…researchers, stewardesses, and succeed best in all matters of a fluctuating and public nature, &  in commodities that change hands often,. Career wise, they embrace catering for the masses, and  should be engaged in professions in which the general public are largely concerned

In summarising the character of  the Cancerian portion of humanity, we may best illustrate the character of this type by observing that tenacity is one of their chief characteristics. They are very reserved and sensitive, sympathetic and tenacious, persistent and impatient, impressionable and emotional.

It is necessary for them to become at times what the world calls selfish so they may protect their individuality, but once this has been attained they are self-possessed, self-reliant and strong characters, in which power  becomes the marked feature.

This sign completes the first four signs in the zodiac, in which the four triplicities, fire, earth, air and water, co-mingle, as it were; it is symbolic of the film or Theosophic auric egg  that contains the whole.

Download the chart here.R_Maddow_

                         A Yod and a Mutable Grand Cross


This article was basically written to demonstrate that Ms. Maddow’s public persona support her Cancer ascendant, but while looking at her chart, I did notice that her yod’s midpoint ended right on her eighth-ninth house cusp:  the intersection of religion and politics shown on the chart by the Sun and Mercury conjunct. (see the pink triangle)

 The Separatism of the  Yod Midpoint

It’s interesting because Ms. Maddow says she “came out” at Stanford, ruled by the Ninth House of higher education, as the ninth house midpoint of the Sun/Mercury dynamic also suggests she has a great need to see herself as part of a “universal whole; ”  hence the mistaken idea that she has Aquarian rising. Another striking thing that would allow a mistaken Aquarian rising, is that she is a Bucket emperament type with a Saturn (the Lord of Aquarius) handle that resides in her eleventh house of friends and networking, the natural house of Aquarius.With Saturn found in its own home, that would intensify the Saturnian aspects about her:  the dark colouring, the stark & genderless Aquarian appearance.  Saturn also plays into her mutable Grand Cross, and finally, Ceres are an exact conjunction.

With the Sun/Mercury on the cusp, this makes her vociferous in projecting her ideas, philosophies, but also her fears (being outted in the paper before she told her family) thereby gaining comfort from her inadequacies by sharing them with others.

Many people who have ninth house midpoints in their nod, tend to be “separatists,” feeling that they are different from the world around them and not understanding why, or they react strongly to prejudice either aimed at themselves or towards groups that they are sympathetic towards.  An example here is her work at an AIDS crisis center in high school, which she says, allowed her sexuality to first awaken.

                                                               The Mutable Grand Cross

The Mutable Grand Cross, outlined in aqua, is made of the Moon to Pluto, highlighting a need to upset people’s precognitions, and then from the asteroids Ceres to Vesta — a problem between needing to be nourished and wanting to remain aloof and untouched.  Ironically, these  two asteroids were recently discussed.

Rachel with  blonde dye job from her high school yearbook.From HuffPo

Ceres is found here in her fifth house of Sagittarius a sign of distribution and trine her ninth house cusp.  This encourages her to be the pursuer in love and not the  damsel in distress, but more of the shining knight yearning to save someone & be their hero.  That desire though, is caught between the push-pull dynamic of Vesta (dedication) in Gemini, a sign of participation. Perhaps her part time relationship with Ms. Mikula fills that need, being dedicated to her work and not fully involved in a partnership.


  1. The Guardian Article is here.
  2. On Cancer from Alan Leo, Astrology for All, c. 1899, London, United Kingdom.

   Learning about              Bob


Robert Leo Hulseman was born on April 5, 1932, in Chicago. His father, Leo, founded Solo Cup in 1936; his mother was a singer who went by the name Dora Hall. As a teenager, he contracted polio, that affected the left side of his body and caused one leg to be shorter than the other, this was corrected by surgery (mars conjunct asc at the first house.  Mars rules the head and face but is found in the 12th house of the feet indicating the top of the leg.)

Download Mr. Hulseman’s_wheel

Mr. Hulseman attended the Jesuit run Marquette University and served briefly in the Army. He started working in a Solo factory at age 18 & he held various jobs in the company including purchasing. Later worked on developing the company’s plastics business, and he became company president in 1980 and then ts chief executive and chairman.

“He knew plastics manufacturing like nobody,” said Paul Hulseman, who worked at the company with some of his siblings. “He built plants and machines and tooling.” From his obituary in the New York Times.

But it is his Red Solo Cup that everyone knows.  Country and Western singer Toby Keith even wrote a ballad in its honor and so we at Sabian Earth are giving the man, the myth, the inventor, his due.

Solo Factory

        A Preponderant Cardinality 

With 5 planets in the first house, Mr. Hulseman has a strong fire and Cardinal personality.  He is not one to wait for another person to give him the go-ahead, he took up challenges he felt he were compelling and then made it happen, see his son’s Paul comment above (Preponderance in Aries a forceful and driving sign and a preponderance in the 1st house is one that is self propelled).

The Grand Trine made him a tough boss and exacting father (Neptune 05 to Saturn 03 Venus 01) but as it is out of quadrature, a little more practical in exercising his duty than had it been complete.

The five planets (a Jonesian preponderance) in the first house is a sextile away from Saturn on the eleventh house cusp, and quincunx  to Neptune in his sixth house.  This makes the apex to the yod starting from his ascendant and culminating at the head n the seventh house.  This aspect makes him more reliant on labor relations and family interrelations than he cared for, and was probably a restraining factor on his strong martial personality for no matter how much he wanted to get things done, he had to rely on others to implement it:  delegation was not his strong point.

Growing up with a family run enterprise, Hulseman found he could be jack of all trades, but the larger his business grew, and because of his strong ambition it was bound to, he had not only to specialize but also delegate.  This hints why he sold the family owned firm — it was getting larger and more complicated then he one man could handle, and his children did not want to follow in his Saturnian footsteps.  On the positive side, the descendant is trine Saturn and so Solo probably did not have have labour problems but loyal employees who appreciated the steady work.

Robert Hulseman Map

                       Temperament Type

Hulseman is a Bucket temperament type with a Saturn Handle in the Eleventh House. His Saturn at 04 Aquarius is opposite Jupiter in the Fifth House at 12.37 Leo creating what Marc Jones calls an “awareness” of his Social Consciousness and allowed him to partner his deep faith with realistic practicality i.e. making an otherwise taciturn man amiable and more extroverted than his makeup would suggest.

It also made him hold himself to a high standard of being showing that work was an ennobling act by working so many positions at Solo so that he could have a commonality with his employees.  Besides being a good employee, he was also most likely a good and honest, husband &  Mrs. Hulseman had little to worry about though she probably would have liked him around the house more.  In reality,  he would have been a difficult man to have had in constant companionship, needing as he did a large territory to roam.

hulseman midpoint list.png

Saturn is also sextile his Moon in the First House at 10 Aries suggesting that home and family were integral to his self-image.  His hereditary roots at Solo were important to him and it is not surprising that he had several of his children work in various positions as well, trying to instill the same pater familias he had.

Finally, Saturn was also sextile to his Sun in the First House that would have been a clarion call to Mr. Hulseman to be the leader he wanted to become in the world at large.  Saturn is often seen as the key to the Father with the Sun as the ego of the native himself, and with this sextile of accomplishment, Mr. Hulseman going beyond his father by creating an emblematic Red Cup would have been a piece de resistance.  He was professionally, and probably, familiarly, a happy man.


Mr. Hulseman has his Saturn opposite his Jupiter for his Line of Self-Determination.  Saturn helps the soul come into focus and gives a person emotional and/or spiritual stability in their life while Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm, renders the native a strong degree of confidence and self-love.  Here in his chart as they are in push-pull struggle, suggests that Hulseman tended to be dramatic (hence the bright red cup)  and prodigal with his talents  — he may have had more inventions that he let by the wayside or have others capitalize on in an exercise of social bonding and generosity.

His Line of Vitality, Moon aspect towards the Sun, is quite strong and conjunct in the first house bestowing a long life.  It also shows that Hulseman believed that he and Solo Cup were inextricably bound and was probably at a loss that his children did not feel the same way about the company that he did. 

Next is the Line of Self-Determination, the aspect between Venus and her partner Mars which has a sextile aspect between them.   Here we see that Hulseman’s ego could be quite strong and demanding because while he had a lot going on in his life, he wanted to be the center of it all.  This aspect shows up also in Thos. Alva Edison, who had a large support of friends and worked all the harder to impress them.  For Hulseman his coterie were his devoted wife and children, but also his employee’s and their families.  While this can be thrilling and inspiring, it can also be palling as the demands are incessant and never stop.

Finally we have the Line of Culture, the aspect between Neptune and Uranus that is inconjunct and tell us that in the larger world (i.e. outside of his own retinue) , Hulseman had little interest.  Like German inventor, Paul von Hindenburg, he was more interested in his work and his circle than whatever was beyond.  This gave him some freedom but it also diminished his importance in the larger world.  Perhaps this review will help there.

            Sabian Symbols

Mr. Hulseman’s ascendant is 04 Aries a Group around a campfire with the keyword of Amiability.  Marc Edmund Jones writes that this degree is a “special skill” that allows Hulseman to bring together others in an effective structure.  His supporting other employees in developing their creativity is an obvious fact, as well as having his children experience different areas of the Solo world for them to find their own interests and abilities.


Artist Jon McNaughton &  his Boy Scout Painting, Sacred Fire.

His ascendant is part of a massive stellium containing conjunctions to  Mars 02 Aries, the Moon, 10 Aries and his Part of Fortune, 11 Aries,  his Sun, 16 Aries, Uranus 20 Aries and finally Mercury ending this powerful stellium at 24 Aries. giving his creativity a powerful single minded devotion that would have indeed made him a workaholic.

A sextile to his high focus Saturn, at 04 Aquarius1   gives the illustration to the symbol of a Hindu Healer who needs “to transcend the physicality of the body” and unite it with his soul to create “two remarkable achievements”.

RIP, Mr. Hulseman.


1. The Sabian Symbols  cited here and throughout this site is from the 1953  edition of  The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, Sabian Publishing Society, Stanwood, Washington.    Look to Bookfinder for a copy.


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Judge Gorsuch’s chart was put up on the site rectified.  You can download it here.judge-gorsuch


Who is he?

Judge Gorsuch is a rara avis — he is a Westerner appointed to the Supreme Court and an Episcopalian.  All the judges nominated in the past thirty years, indeed since Justice Stephen Breyer, who hails from have been from the East Coast and either Roman Catholic or Jewish. He originally clerked for the first Coloradan Justice,.Byron Raymond White.

That said, the Judge has Eastern based chart, the majority of his planets are in the Eastern portion of his chart.  This tells that us that he relies upon his own resources and abilities and not opportunities. With so many planets in the Northern Hemisphere, this makes him an introverted thinker, unlike the extroverted Anton Scalia he is replacing. [We will be uploading Scalia’s chart for comparison shortly.]

His mother, Anne Gorsuch, was the EPA chief under Pres. Ronald Reagan. She had a rather controversial outing and was soon replaced by William Ruckelshaus.  Her son, Neil, despite all the leftist outrage does have some liberals praising him; others want a total boycott of his nomination.  Chances are with a  blemishless record, his nomination will pass.

 The Judge’s Temperament

Judge Gorsuch is a bucket with a Saturn handle at 12 degrees Aries, handle.  As it is located in his eighth house, he is concerned with his judicial legacy, & probably why his personal life is beyond reproach: he believes what he practices..  It is also conjunct the asteroid Chiron, telling us that he thinks that the law to be therapeutic, and cathartic and not punitive:  that someone by going through the legal system one is ultimately purged of their mortal sins and cleansed.  This is probably a good philosophy for a Judge and in line with its historic value not only in the US Supreme, John Marshall, but biblically (Book of Judges:  Deborah, Gideon and Samson) as well.

Comparatively, Scalia is a Splash temperament type with his Part of Fortune and Jupiter in the eighth house, suggesting that the late judge had a rather social collective attitude towards the justice system.  That is in tune with Judge Gorsuch’s historical view but  we are not sure  at this  point how unique that is at this juncture; we just have not done enough of the Justices to know.

 Line of Culture

The Judge only has the Line of Culture in chart, that is the aspect between Pluto 23 Scorpio and Uranus 24 Virgo.  It is conjunct, almost exactly.  Pluto, found in his second house of resources, tells us that he is a man who has the utmost probity in his life, symbolized by  “A jewelry shop”assuring us he has an array of talents that he directs towards his larger vision.judge and wife.jpg

The Honorable Judge and Mrs. Gorsuch

Uranus the other pair in this cusp is part of the earth stellium in Virgo.  It has the symbol of “Mary and her little lamb” suggesting the Biblical proverb of “having a child’s eyes to enter the Kingdom of God,” 1

We wish him and his family, all the best.


  1.  That verse comes from Luke 18 v. 16-17

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.  17 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.