Jane Roe, Norma McCovey and Gloria Allred

Her lawyer Gloria Allred on the left; Ms. McCorvey in the center, at a rally to support abortion rights in Washington in 1989. Credit Ron Galella/WireImage

The Backstory

Norma McCorvey, the anonymous plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the United States, reshaping the nation’s social and political landscapes and inflaming one of the most divisive controversies of the past half-century, died on Saturday in Katy, Tex. She was 69.   Her death, at an assisted-living home, was confirmed by Joshua Prager, a New York journalist who is writing a book about the Roe v. Wade decision and had interviewed her extensively. He said the cause was heart failure, her eighth house with the ruler Mars residing confirms.

Since the ruling, perhaps 50 million legal abortions have been performed in the United States, although later court decisions and new state and federal laws have imposed restrictions, and abortions have declined with the wide use of contraceptives. Theological, ethical and legal debates about abortion continue in religious circles, governing bodies and political campaigns, with Democrats staunchly pro-Choice and Republicans pro-Life.

Norma’s early life was brutal. Her mother, Mary, was physically abusive and her brother, Jimmy, was mentally ill so provided no sibling support. Her father, Olin, a TV repairman, was often away and then one day just disappeared.  Unhappy at home, Norma was  sent to a Catholic boarding school and then, after minor brushes with the law,  reform school.  To escape,  she married at 16, then divorced finding marriage unattractive.    Pregnant, she gave the baby up for adoption.

Ms. McCorvey gave up her children at birth as she was not interested in motherhood. Bisexual but primarily lesbian, she sought refuge from poverty and dead-end jobs in alcohol and drugs.  At 22 and pregnant again, she joined the abortion rights struggle and took her case all the way to the Supreme Court. On Jan. 22, 1973, the court ruled 7-2 in Roe v. Wade (Henry Wade, the Dallas County district attorney, was the defendant in the class-action suit) that privacy rights under the due process and equal rights clauses of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion in a pregnancy’s first trimester “free of interference by the state.”

Chief Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who wrote the opinion and rejected the view, that a fetus becomes a “person” upon conception and entitled to the due process and equal protection guarantees.  Blackmun was also against the use of the death penalty.  When Ms. McCorvey emerged from anonymity a decade later, strangers shrieked “baby killer” and spat at her. There were death threats. One night, shotgun blasts shattered the windows of her home.  And then she found God and repudiated her past, going as far to trying to get the decision reversed; the Court said No.

                           Norma McCovey aka Jane Roe’s Chart

jane-roe Download the

Ms. McCorvey has a very public Southern chart, basically a bucket with a Moon Handle in the Second House of Resources, that for her was her fertility, as that propelled her into the spotlight of the abortion vs. pro-life discussion.  Her Ascendant is at a critical degree, 28.02 Scorpio suggests that she has a dramatic personality that illuminates issues. The Sabian Symbol poignantly suggests,  An Indian Squaw pleading to the chief about the lives of her children.  Marc Edmund Jones assigns the keyword Effectiveness, and if ever there was a woman who effectively pled her cause, it was she.

Ms. Nelson has a preponderance of sextiles in her chart, again supporting our rectification for 10:37 AM in Simmesport, Louisiana, because sextile all about others helping you one way or another.  It may their help leads you down a blind alley but it may also help you out of that alley; all things in astrology as in most of life, have equal reactions to one’s actions.

She has a  preponderance of three planets  in the eleventh house, reasserting how public a life this woman led, and with Mercury far behind her Sun, her Mental Chemistry is “inward.”  Her desires and activities were self-directed.  She was not interested in making abortion for all, and she stated that to her lawyers many times, but wanted one for herself.  They seeing a chance to get abortion nationalized led her along and promised she would get one.  That never happened and once again, Norma carried the child, a boy this time after two girls, to term and gave it up again for adoption.  The Asteroid Nemesis shows how that legal decision, Mercury, plagued her life and later when she was sorry, there was nothing she could do.  Jupiter conjuncts her South Node aka the Dragon’s Tail,  supports this unfortunate circumstance, as this aspect forces their natives to surrender themself for a greater cause for their spiritual growth and that too came to pass for Miss McCovey.





Sir Richard Francis Burton is renown for the being the first European to penetrate Arabian culture in the 19th century so thoroughly that he was able to write sixteen volumes of their stories and folktales in The Arabian Nights. His books are here on Gutenberg.org. Click here to download sir-Richard-burton’s chart

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones was also enthralled by Burton’s writings and condensed them for his readers in a series of lesson sets that he called the 1001 Nights.  A full list of his condensed notes here. The Sabian Assembly is in progress of republishing them for public

Aleister Crowley, also a fan, writes that Burton was typical of his ascendant as

“The Scorpio ascendant does not spare pains with himself, and as a rule he cares nothing for the sensitiveness of others.

He expects everyone to be as strong as he is himself He is in fact a somewhat dangerous associate, for his magnetism is so great that those who are working with him are insensibly drawn to emulate his vigourous energy, and they are extremely likely to overstrain themselves and collapse. Scorpio, within his own limitations, is a great master of organization.

He is intensely thorough in his preparation, and his foresight is marvellous. In fact, it is one of the drawbacks to the immediate success of the very best types of this sign that they possess an idea so big that it is generally impossible of realization within the compass of a lifetime.

We find them building for posterity, and perhaps suffering intensely in consequence of their absolute refusal to swerve from their appointed path in order to deal with temporary exigencies.


Sir Richard Francis Burton was a British soldier, explorer, author, and translator.  He was born in Torquay, Devonshire, England, March 19, 1821 in Torquay, England.   Both Crowley and Jones have his nativity in their books, though with slightly different times; Crowley renders Burton at 06 Scorpio and Jones at 08 Scorpio.  The latter used Alan Leo’s 1001 Nativities for his data, so we giving Leo-Jones the nod.

   The Burton MAP

The most noticeable thing about Burton’s astrological chart is everything is in the Northern hemisphere (bottom part of the chart) telling us that he was very much an “undercover man.”  His Moon handle is in the Eleventh House at 12  Libra suggesting he could adapt to the crowd.   In the Hyperion Symbols, a modern universalist look at the Symbols, suggests that this degree is “the substance of human culture” hearkening backward to see the cultural value in all of man’s existence.  G. K. McClung gives this the symbol of “The Moon of Leto, Apollo’s mother.”


In Greek Mythology, Leto is is a daughter of the Titan pair Coeus and Phoebe; her sister is  Asteria, who becomes with time, the personification of justice. The family comes from the island of Kos. In Roman Mythology, Leto was then renamed as Latona & her family the Titanides.  In both myths Leto/Latona is a bride of Zeus/Jupiter  and mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis/Minerva.  Her iconography suggests that Leto was a goddess of modesty and perhaps also  of the night, both of which fit Sir Burton’s moon perfectly, as he did most of his work in full sheik’s costume complete with the ghutrah — cloaking himself  and a good ability to tan well would have assisted in the masquerade.

Leto in Attic pottery

Of course, the real issue would be the language, and here, Burton was helped by a stellium in the creative languages of the fifth house in Pisces, spilling over into the sixth with Mercury & Saturn and suggesting that he had a true talent in straddling both formal and informal social structure and a great instincts.   All of which would have been necessary in an incredible gamble.

His Mercury via a translation of light to neighboring Saturn at 15 Aries, is opposite his Moon in Libra & highlights his ability to get into the “rhythm” of his work and lose his identity in it.  Others with this aspect are actress Bette Davis, Alan Leo (both of them with their Sun) and the adorable multi-talented Shirley Temple (her Venus).  The comparison of Ruffian Dick’s adventures with acting is not without merit.

 A lot of water in the Araby desert

Sir Richard has little elemental air in his chart, so he truly did not “translate” as much as “transcribe”  the stories and tales he heard. (Neptune in the third house of communications and letters) He wrote in the papers at the times, that he felt he was capturing (his Midheaven is at 18 Leo that is often as E. C. Matthews writes, the sign of the writer) a world that time forgot.

A site devoted to Sir Richard is here.

 Lines of Awareness

Sir Richard does not a major aspect for his Line of Vitality, as they are inconjunct.  Marc Edmund Jones writes that this suggests “neither a direct emphasis on action” nor an awareness of their potential implying that his own ego is subordinate to his life’s work.  That would make sense how he operated undercover as an Arabian sheik, not as a British soldier.

His Line of Personality, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, are conjunct, suggesting a life through his own physical abilities, and making Sir Richard, exceptionally aware of his experiences.

The Line of Efficiency, the aspect between Mars and Venus is also conjunct.  Marc Edmund Jones in his “Guide to Horoscope Interpretation” says that the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie and the fantasy writer cum mathematician, Lewis Carroll, also had this aspect.  It suggests a high degree of concentrated insight into their work.

The final Line of Culture, that aspect between Uranus and Pluto, is also conjunct, like songwriter Stephen Foster, and suggests in both cases, an ability to lose one’s self and cultural identity.  That would definitely be Sir Richard’s case.


  • Hyperion Symbols, Gavin K. McClung, 2012, Infinity Publishing.  Available here.
  • Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed, E. C. Matthews, 1947, Fixed Star Press.  Available here.
  • Leo, Alan, 1001 Notable Nativities, London, England c. 1926.
adelina patti
Neptune is missing here but falls between the Sun and Jupiter tells that she have several marriages.  Pluto is not depicted because it was discovered after she died.

In the second half of the 19th century Adelina Patti was probably the best operatic soprano of the day. She was peerless. Audiences flocked to see and hear her from St. Petersburg to San Francisco. Internationally famous authors eulogized her; critics renowned for their severity were unstinting in her praises. Even other prima donnas, a breed unknown for their generosity to rivals, acknowledged her supremacy.   She remains for many in the operatic world, the yardstick that all others are measured against.

 A Golden Voice

Astrologically, Miss Patti is a rimless bucket with a Moon handle in the Eleventh House of Hopes and Dreams.  It is right on the cusp of its own house, Cancer, giving her that extra boost.

That handle is also trine her Sun in Aquarius sextile its ruler in Ninth House, Uranus.  This alone would give her a very unorthodox approach to self-expression, i.e. singing as opposed to speaking, but it is compounded by her Sun and Mercury are conjunct the Eighth House of psychology, making her a Diva of Coloratura, considered the highest of all sopranos as she is capable of seemingly superhuman feats with an agile voice range, firing out fast paced sections that ascend as high as the 3rd F above middle C (and in a few cases even higher).   Think of Australian Dame Joan Sutherland’s piece from the Mad scene from Lucia di Lammermoor. Click here to hear that.

Her chart abounds in Aquarius, (Jupiter, Sun, Neptune & Mercury) Pisces (Uranus) but not the third leg of Taurus (which we have noted shows up with Tenors) —  a triptych we call the musical signs.  Both her parents were professional singers, her father a tenor and her mother a mezzo-soprano (the opera Carmen is for mezzos) of Italian descent.

There two more planets in Capricorn in the Sixth, the House of Labor, suggesting she worked with lots of women and older men (conductors and composers and some tenors) opposite that Moon that here is probably depicting the fans around the globe who loved her fiercely.

Venus in the Sixth is opposite the cusp of the Twelfth with the Moon is impressive but the  T-Square ending at Uranus in the Ninth tells us that travelling far and wide to appease her admirers was something she found enjoyable.


Her Second House at 00.29 Virgo is ruled by Venus a trine away from that opposition, suggesting that despite the wear and tear of performing and traveling,  she would gain wealth.  Another trine over takes us to her Moon, her worldwide fame that encompassed even the President and Mrs. Lincoln, but in the end, even Grand Diva’s give final performances.  She died at home in Wales with her third husband by her side.

Thankfully, we can hear her still here  and watch a BBC biograph there.

Marc Jones got the data for #752 from Alan Leo but it should be noted that the London Times has this data but I suspect it is incorrect as the BBC documentary gives Leo’s data.

ADELINA MARIA JOHANNA CLORINDA PATTI was born on the 19th February, 1843, and she has been engaged in operatic singing at Brussels, Ghent. Liege, Loraine, Amsterdam, the Hague, Utrecht, Paris, Vienna, London, and other towns in England, in the course of which she has earned very large sums of money.

Her singing engagements were entered into on her behalf by the defendants, who assumed to act as her guardians, directed and controlled all her movements, and received all the profits of her engagements, which amounted in one year to upward of £24,000, for which sum they have never accounted to Mme. PATTI.

The Official Donald J. Trump birth certificate from The Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica, Borough of Queens in the city of New York, New York is here on  NewsMax.com.  It plainly states. 

DONALD J. TRUMP was born to MR & MRS FRED C. TRUMP in this Hospital at 10:54 AM on Friday, the Fourteenth day of JUNE A.D. 1946.

official trump.png

The Official Trump Chart with the 10:54 AM Time.

Which begs the question, how does one rectify that aswe did here. The answer, unfortunately, is a sticky wicket.

Many think birth time is when the head is shown “crowning.” My good friend a CNRP (certified nurse practitioner) who has worked many a delivery, say that is wrong, because a head crowning could be stillborn and so until the baby “cries” does the delivery team know that it is alive.  If we use Mrs. Shafer’s definition, how could we be right with 10:03 when the birth certificate says 10:54.

                             the difference of an hour

Let’s tackle the hour difference first.

Obviously the Daylight Savings Time issue.  New York State required prior to 2004 that all time be recorded in Standard Time but we do not know if out in Jamaica the nurses were that up to snuff — in the mid 40s Jamaica Queens was considered the “boonies,” but that does not mean that the hospital staff was not competent, just not administratively aware.  Then again, we could be wrong.  For this argument’s sake, let us assume this and all the following issues are valid.

Our rectified time which rather works except that nothing supports his known germaphobia or marriages to foreigners while the 30 Leo does above.  Oh these details!

Next, whether the attending nurse looked at the main clock, a time-stamp,  or their watch, which was obviously in DST and wrote that down.  Both Doris Chase Doane and Robert Jansky, both have books on natal time issues & admit this error happens more often than not.  Now, with the DST issue gone, we are now TWO minutes late.

Two minutes one way or the other


Jamaica Bay, Queens — the bridge goes to Rockaway and not to Jamaica

I can give another example in the same vein.

A friend of ours, Loir, was never happy with her chart, always picking and delving into it, tearing it apart, asking everyone she met to divine it because it did not describe her, or her marriage (there were no synastric aspects that could explain the attraction) & in consequence felt inadequate.  She got a copy of the birth certificate from the hospital; she figured that was part of the problem.  But when it arrived, everything was still a mishap.


Loire River Valley, Loire France

For her birthday last March, I rectified Loir’s chart, and Voila, the time on the birth certificate & my rectification did not match. I got 17:44.  I sent it to her as a gift.  She read it and for the first time, her symbols clicked, her progressions worked, her relationship with her husband Kieran made sense (where before there was nothing, now she had her Midheaven partile to his Ascendant); she was happy.  Why should this be so?  Eine mysterion (Greek for it is a mystery) or look above and pick your logical reason like clocks run fast or slow. I prefer that birth is a mysterious event and we must work to get it right.


Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica Queens

That said, a few other astrologers have gone this route as well.  Over the course of his administration, we learn if the Jamaica nurses got it right (frankly I think they did) but in the meantime we are sticking with 9:58 AM.   Trump’s is Mars 26 Leo  45 & well within the orb of Regulus at 29.50 Leo.  According to Vivian Robson, this gives him “honor, fame,  a strong character, public prominence, high military command.”  That is all true, he is Commander-in-Chief of the American Armed Forces and it has nothing to do with his ascendant.

The President’s ascendant is still within Leo, which makes its natives tall and large-boned people with conspicuous hair; especially when they are young and at its  most abundant  (see Michael Moore another Leo ascendant ).  They have ruddy complexions, &  are rather squarish in stature.  They benefit, like the lion in the jungle, through social connections.  For both men, this is true.

What changes with the 20 Leo ascendant is his Midheaven is now at 10 Taurus 26 giving him a dutiful character that does not shirk from his duty.  It is square Pluto and partile his first house,  making him bombastic in speech and flamboyant in dress. With two martial planets, Pluto and Mars, in the first house, whether you love him or hate him, no one is neutral about Trump.

He has a stellium in the 12th house in Cancer shows the importance of hismother, that he admits is his first love and whom he resembles.  He has an affinity for large organizations, hotels and gambling joints — all things that Leo rules.  But this ascendant leaves him with nothing in the 10th house that traditionally is the Presidential stamp.

Finally, he is a Bucket with a Moon handle again in the 5th highlighting his sensitivity to criticism ( trine his Ascendant), and attacks on his children — but that is typical of the lion, and should be no surprise.  He may have a June birthday, but President Trump, like President Clinton (who has many of these Leonine traits including coming from a gambling town), is all Leo.

Download the Official Trump Map, while here  is the rectified President-trump