Our featured image is by Giovanni Dal Lago, Italy, of the asteroid Chiron; from the NASA archives.

Barbara Hand Clow

Is the daughter of astrologer Robert Hand.  i read her book and that started the search for Chiron’s meaning.

Zane Stein


Zane Stein jumped on the Chiron boat almost immediately.  He dedicates his site to the asteroid.  He also wrote a book on it.  Of the two, his is better.

Ms Hand-Clow’s book Chiron and the Rainbow Bridge has many interesting ideas, but it ultimately fails as she takes too much from Ceres and gives it Chiron, thus hurting both.  I did like her emphasis on the environment and natural issues, which culminated in the 1970s shortly before Chiron was discovered, but how do I apply that to a horoscope?   Ms Hand-Clow does not really give me much direction there, other than embracing my inner-Unicorn.  I decided to to view the asteroid astrologically and let Chiron unfold for itself as there is little consensus of opinion on it. 




               Chiron, Hitler and Jones 

American astronomer Charles Kowal  discovered Chiron at Palomar Observatory, on October 18, 1977 at 3:47 PDT. A new moon was about to appear the next day, so the skies were still dark enough so astronomers could detect odd things.  We got the longitudinal coordinates for Palomar from NASA, though the chart shows San Diego .  This gives us the Ascendant of 15 Virgo, an Ornamental Handkerchief which Dr. Jones writes “preserves meanings and helps perfect action.”

Mental chemistry wise, the Moon is fast highlighting an outward bias and Mercury is almost partile the Sun steadying its focus, thus this is a disciplined approach to learning and interacting with others.   The yod, a favorite configuration, is perfect here, and I drew one from Chiron at 04 Taurus to Jupiter in the 10th at 07 Cancer.  The Apex ends at about Juno at 04 Sagittarius.  Dr. Jones in his book, Number Significance, says the keyword for Juno is Politics or being Polite based on how Juno herself usually turned a deaf ear to her husband Jupiter’s philandering.

Both the husband and spouse are part of this configuration interestingly enough but it is the midpoint that shoots perpendicularly from Juno to to Gemini 04 that is the key to Chiron’s meaning, “Holly and Mistletoe” a symbol of maximum encouragement to the differences in human personality by allowing continual stimulation to all resources of imagination and spiritual appreciation.  Reversed, Dr. Jones writes about Miss Wheeler’s symbol, “obsession with superficialities”.

Dr. Jones summed this up with his maxim of “respect for personality,” or the need not to  judge a  book (i.e. person) by its cover but allowing it to speak for itself.  This requires someone not to prejudicially pigeonhole another by your preconceptions, fears, or misunderstandings but to accept them whole.

Respect for Personality: 

Chiron & Adolf Hitler


Herr Hitler did not live while they found Chiron, but he is a good subject for the asteroid.  In his case, we find Chiron intercepted in the ninth house of religion and journalism.  Interception are blocked signs, the sign cannot outwardly manifest itself because of how the chart uses the celestial sphere for erection.  At 06 Cancer 54, Chiron has the symbol of “two faeries on a moonlit night” that Dr. Jones suggests encourages a transforming sensitivity from one’s own light.  Negatively, a senseless retreat to phantasy.  As Chiron is intercepted, the positive meaning is negated and the world of make-believe takes hold.

Worse, Chiron is directly opposite the Moon that is conjunct Jupiter. Both also intercepted, giving him the ability to stir up monsters and demons on command instead of lovely and delightful faeries.  Pity his father did not let him become a painter as he wanted…but that’s another post.  Chiron tells us that Hitler was intolerant of any religion other than his own Superman creation, where he became the Head Prophet in a Cult of Personality.

Respect for Personality: 

Chiron & Marc E Jones

Our next case, Marc Edmund Jones, a former Presbyterian minister,  and the Dean of American Astrology, also has Chiron in the Ninth House and in Cancer.  This time Dr. Jones’ Chiron is at 12 Cancer, but is not intercepted and so allowed to shine freely.  The Wheeler symbol is “A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message” is how life gains meaning from how the person accepts the totality of his existence.  Its keyword is Materialization    Dr. Jones was alive when Chiron was discovered;  he died in 1980.


Dr. Jones spent a whole life devoted to his belief in that Astrology was the hand of God guiding us along, elucidating this message in his book “Astrology, How and Why it works, ” and appropriately enough, and in his most important message — A Respect for Personality.


Jane Roe, Norma McCovey and Gloria Allred

Her lawyer Gloria Allred on the left; Ms. McCorvey in the center, at a rally to support abortion rights in Washington in 1989. Credit Ron Galella/WireImage

The Backstory

Norma McCorvey, the anonymous plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the United States, reshaping the nation’s social and political landscapes and inflaming one of the most divisive controversies of the past half-century, died on Saturday in Katy, Tex. She was 69.   Her death, at an assisted-living home, was confirmed by Joshua Prager, a New York journalist who is writing a book about the Roe v. Wade decision and had interviewed her extensively. He said the cause was heart failure, her eighth house with the ruler Mars residing confirms.

Since the ruling, perhaps 50 million legal abortions have been performed in the United States, although later court decisions and new state and federal laws have imposed restrictions, and abortions have declined with the wide use of contraceptives. Theological, ethical and legal debates about abortion continue in religious circles, governing bodies and political campaigns, with Democrats staunchly pro-Choice and Republicans pro-Life.

Norma’s early life was brutal. Her mother, Mary, was physically abusive and her brother, Jimmy, was mentally ill so provided no sibling support. Her father, Olin, a TV repairman, was often away and then one day just disappeared.  Unhappy at home, Norma was  sent to a Catholic boarding school and then, after minor brushes with the law,  reform school.  To escape,  she married at 16, then divorced finding marriage unattractive.    Pregnant, she gave the baby up for adoption.

Ms. McCorvey gave up her children at birth as she was not interested in motherhood. Bisexual but primarily lesbian, she sought refuge from poverty and dead-end jobs in alcohol and drugs.  At 22 and pregnant again, she joined the abortion rights struggle and took her case all the way to the Supreme Court. On Jan. 22, 1973, the court ruled 7-2 in Roe v. Wade (Henry Wade, the Dallas County district attorney, was the defendant in the class-action suit) that privacy rights under the due process and equal rights clauses of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion in a pregnancy’s first trimester “free of interference by the state.”

Chief Justice Harry A. Blackmun, who wrote the opinion and rejected the view, that a fetus becomes a “person” upon conception and entitled to the due process and equal protection guarantees.  Blackmun was also against the use of the death penalty.  When Ms. McCorvey emerged from anonymity a decade later, strangers shrieked “baby killer” and spat at her. There were death threats. One night, shotgun blasts shattered the windows of her home.  And then she found God and repudiated her past, going as far to trying to get the decision reversed; the Court said No.

                           Norma McCovey aka Jane Roe’s Chart

jane-roe Download the

Ms. McCorvey has a very public Southern chart, basically a bucket with a Moon Handle in the Second House of Resources, that for her was her fertility, as that propelled her into the spotlight of the abortion vs. pro-life discussion.  Her Ascendant is at a critical degree, 28.02 Scorpio suggests that she has a dramatic personality that illuminates issues. The Sabian Symbol poignantly suggests,  An Indian Squaw pleading to the chief about the lives of her children.  Marc Edmund Jones assigns the keyword Effectiveness, and if ever there was a woman who effectively pled her cause, it was she.

Ms. Nelson has a preponderance of sextiles in her chart, again supporting our rectification for 10:37 AM in Simmesport, Louisiana, because sextile all about others helping you one way or another.  It may their help leads you down a blind alley but it may also help you out of that alley; all things in astrology as in most of life, have equal reactions to one’s actions.

She has a  preponderance of three planets  in the eleventh house, reasserting how public a life this woman led, and with Mercury far behind her Sun, her Mental Chemistry is “inward.”  Her desires and activities were self-directed.  She was not interested in making abortion for all, and she stated that to her lawyers many times, but wanted one for herself.  They seeing a chance to get abortion nationalized led her along and promised she would get one.  That never happened and once again, Norma carried the child, a boy this time after two girls, to term and gave it up again for adoption.  The Asteroid Nemesis shows how that legal decision, Mercury, plagued her life and later when she was sorry, there was nothing she could do.  Jupiter conjuncts her South Node aka the Dragon’s Tail,  supports this unfortunate circumstance, as this aspect forces their natives to surrender themself for a greater cause for their spiritual growth and that too came to pass for Miss McCovey.






Aubrey Vincent Beardsley was an Art Nouveau artist who died at the beginning of the 20th century from tuberculosis on the French Riviera. He had gone there to help improve his weak lungs, but it was too little too late, and he died shortly after arriving.

He was born August 21, 1878 at 11:22 am in Brighton. He had a younger sister Mabel. Both his parents were well-to-do but lost their money through a serious of miscalculations. His mother, Ellen (Pitt) Beardsley was an accomplished pianist and painter of silhouettes. Before discovering his penchant for drawing, he was a musical prodigy (Neptune in the 3rd) and with Mabel help augment the family’s poor earnings. That changed when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis (poetically called the “Dark Shadow” ) and was sent away to a school in Sussex to regain his respiratory strength. This was to be a life-long issue for him.

Being grey

If Samuel Morse Whistler, a famous American artist living in London, wore all white, Mr. Beardsley, far younger than the famous Whistler, made his signature dove gray. The picture above is painted in his typical attire, which was considered only appropriate by the British upper classes as “morning attire.” One changed for tea and if dining out again for evening dinner. Beardsley, forever the artist, refused to come out of his morning wear (mourning?), a premonition perhaps that he would die in his youth.

Download the Beardsley zodiac ring wheel 3 atm

The three legs of the tripod in Beardsley gray.  As he is a Splay temperament type, he lacks a natural disposition.

Chart Highlights

We have rectified his chart to an Ascendant of 12 Scorpio, that has the symbol of A Gold Rush.” Marc Edmund Jones writes that this symbol is the “exploration of one’s natural resources through personal initiative” and offers high rewards for the person genuinely willing to challenge his own human skills for their own good fortune.

Mr. Beardsley was an astounding illustrationist tapping into Toulouse Lautrec’s florid cartooning of Moulin Rouge but all in black and white. He said to have come to this idea by seeing Japanese Ukiyoe (i.e. Floating World) Art that was coming to London from Paris. Ukiyoe is a pen and ink drawing, that is colored by various washes applied over the picture (see the gallery above).

Temperament Type

Mr. Beardsley is a splay or as Robert Jansky re-termed it his Planetary Patterns, a Tripod temperament type for it is dominated by a grand trine (Saturn in its ruler to Mercury in Virgo to Pluto in Taurus).  He also has no oppositions in his chart, though several conjunctions.  He is not a bucket because typically the handle is opposed to something in the bowl.

posters from Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, and Moulin Rouge

Focal Determinators

Saturn is the High Focus for Beardsley according to Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, a planet that through its position in the chart dominates it.  In Aubrey’s chart, it is in the southern hemisphere and the 11th house conjunct his ascendant. It is a point in his Earth Grand Trine & part of his Line of Personality (the aspect between Jupiter to Saturn) where it is inconjunct (Saturn is in its Lord Capricorn while Jupiter in Leo in the 5th).

Marc Jones work is a process of unfoldment and so names and keywords often changed throughout his works. No one book is the culmination of his astrological thought — they are to be read as a sum. Hence, what were “lines” in his Guide to Horoscopic Interpretation, where he discusses his planetary patterns and the 4 astrological lines, in his next work, Astrology, How and Why it works, they morphed into departments.

The first of these is the Line of Vitality, that documents the aspect between the Moon to Sun. In Aubrey’s chart it is trine suggesting he had an easy relationship with others and was well-liked but OTOH could like his tell-tale grey be too much of a chameleon in life and never fully growing up. This would have encouraged him to stay “put” both figuratively via his art and in location.

Jung on self-awareness; Jones and his friend Rudyhar were big followers of the psychologist.

The next line is Self-Determination between Jupiter and Saturn – his focal determinator. This department reveals Beardsley’s personality and how it make itself known i.e. self-awareness. As it is inconjunct it not synchronously with his artistic and personal yearnings (dreams) but were stifled and out of step with his inner soul. This is probably because his Line of Vitality was too agreeable with outward society and he was scared to break with his patrons and what they wanted from him.

Unfortunately, that is not uncommon in one’s personal or professional life –the status quo is hard and unrelenting — and the major reason J. K. Rowling (ascendant Sagittarius 08) chose the pen name of Robert Galbraith when writing her non-Potter books. Her line of self-determination is stronger but more constructive than Beardsley’s as it is square.

and Departments

Beardsley’s Line of Social Significance is from Uranus at 04 Leo in the 6th to Neptune in the 3rd and is not aspected — the orb is too wide and suggest as he got older he began to see his “lost opportunity” (Aries 12) by remained in his “stylized garments” too long (Leo 04) & needing to break out and establish his own vision. Jones writes that this is emblematic of a native who wishes re-establish himself in his own world and his own efforts rather than continuing to live another’s.

 long after he died

the pall ofcurtains — shutting out light.

Chiron was discovered long after Beardsley died, so while the asteroid is at 14.34 Aries on his, it is an interesting footnote for it shows where Beardsley felt the remorse:  in his house of work and health.  Because of his health that he could not draw as much as would like and Chiron’s  image of a “dark curtain casting a pall” according to  Charubel suggests an “early death.” Indeed for him it was : he died at 26 in the Southern France.

The Midheaven

Beardsley’s Midheaven shares is Scorpio 23, showing how much fame in his artistic career meant to him. He was ambitious and in his lifetime found critical acclaim and publication. It is trine his Sun at 29 Leo,a merman “seeking and responding to the creative” side of life; Charubel says this symbol is a “large white piece of paper” where the native is scribbling.

                                The Beardsley Oeuvre

You can lots of his work at Dover Publications here.†

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Francesco Forgione was born in a small town called Pietrelcina, near Benevento outside of Naples in Southern Italy, He was fifth of eight children. At an early age, he had celestial visions &  spoke with Jesus and the Virgin Mother.  He was also tormented by the devil to turn away from the Heavenly visions.

Francesco helped his family by looking after livestock until he was 10 years old,  and gained a limited education. When he first applied to join the Capuchin order, he was knocked back because of this lack, so he worked in exchange for private lessons from a local schoolmaster. Upon graduation, he was able at 15 to enter the Capuchin Friars at Morcone, where he took the name Friar Pio.

The Capuchins are an offshoot of the Franciscan order, founded by St Francis of Assisi — the current Pope Francisco took his name from him. They seek to return to extreme austerity, simplicity, and poverty envisaged by St Francis, Francesco in Italian.  After entering the Friary of St Francis, Pio experienced severe illnesses and moments of religious ecstasy. It was said that strange sounds could be heard from his room. Padre Pio said he was frequently attacked by the devil and the sounds were from the battles taking place.

On  August 10, 1910,  he was ordained a Priest in the Cathedral of Benevento and eight years later on September 20, 1918,  while he was praying in front of a Crucifix located in the choir in the hutch, an angel gave him the stigmata. The stigmata remained opened and bleeding for the next fifty years. This was one of the reasons for which doctors, scientists, journalists went to San Giovanni Rotondo to observe this miracle.

Like most monks, Father woke up in the early morning to get himself ready for the Holy Mass. He arose at  4 a.m.and inevitably there were always hundreds and sometimes even a thousand people waiting for the door of the church to open and receive his blessing.  After the Mass, he used to spend most time of his day in prayer and confessions.  After fifty years of stigmata, he died September 23, 1968, at 2:30 am when transiting Ceres (08 Aries) was exact to his North Node (09 Aries) and his transiting North Node (23 Leo) was exact his Ascendant (21 Leo).

Read more about the life of mystic of Padre Pio here.


Southern Bowl

The dear Padre is a bowl temperament type, with everything in the Southern hemisphere of his chart, giving him a very public life.  His ascendant is 08 Scorpio 17, suggesting that while he was a recluse at heart, he overcame his personal preferences for his performed his obligation to the hundreds of pilgrims who came to see him tirelessly and with inexhaustible patience (Neptune part of the stellium at 28 Taurus — a man pursued by others, a symbol of eternal promise from others.

Scorpio 09,  his ascendant, “Dental Work,”  hints at the pain he suffered.  We know of no one who finds visiting the dentist anything but a necessary evil, and Dr. Jones writes this is the “self-renewal one must engage in to fulfill a higher mission.” This is obviously the stigmata.

                              The Crowded House

The crowded 7th house that is striking because it is found in a celibate priest’s monk and so many planets —  Mars, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun — suggests lots of opportunities and relationships.  Instead, a stellium hear is the opposite –individuals with a 7th House stellium are least least likely to marry.

This is because too many energies come into the life that they cannot commit to a person — these opportunities and endeavours swallow them whole and they find themselves loners needing solace and time alone to recover.  Still, this aspect is often a sign of someone committed to others in an advisory role like a solicitor, psychologist or consultant.

 Chiron is in the eighth house, separated by the dotted green line on the online chart, at 23 Gemini 33 “children skating on thin ice” is about the pious Father’s surrender to circumstance and accepting his burdens as they were and not capitalizing on them for personal gain. Undoubtedly many such offers did come his way.

While the Ascendant gives Padre Pio’s outlook on the world, the Moon in the 8th house, tells of his public devotion to the Church, while the Sun at 04 Gemini 05 a “radical well” was his will at succeeding in his devotion despite the outer compulsions that tried to swerve him away. Mercury is the Lord of the sign of Gemini,the priest’s Sun, so the stellium actually are helping him in his faith by buttressing it with strong support, giving the Father strong mental resilience to doubt and vexation from others, including Old Nick himself.

He reposed on September 23, 1968 San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Italy . His funeral was attended by over 100,000 of the faithful. He was beatified, the first step in canonization, on 2 May 1999, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City by the late Pope John Paul II.

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