Tsarevich Alexei was the only son of Tsar Nicholas & Empress Alexandra of Russia. His birth was  announced by his father on August 12, 1904 as at 1:00 PM and heralded by a twenty-gun salute.¹  Marc Jones incorrectly states that the “Czarevitch Alexis Nikolaevich” was born at 12 noon.

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Asteroid HYGeia is on the tenth house cusp conjunct the Moon in Virgo. Via a translation of light, Hygeia is also conjunct the Midheaven showing the hopes of a cure for the boy from his parents, Venus and the Sun also conjunct. Asteroid MOSkva is in the eighth house, highlighting the importance of that city for his life though the Imperial City was St. Petersburg. Moscow (Russian Moskva) was the administrative center and that is where the Bolsheviks took power like the short lived Kerensky government before them. Moskva is a semisextile away from Pluto, which was never a physical force in boy’s lifetime, it obviously exerted a pull being opposite his intercepted Uranus, showing how he manipulatively used his illness to control others.

His Ascendant, 10 Scorpio that falls in the twelfth house; Alexander the Great is said to have this degree as his Moon.   Positively it is an affectionate but fickle aspect but most importantly denotes a change in fortune; President Lincoln had it for his Uranus.

Alexei Romanov the Tsarevich

His Jupiter is at  00 Taurus 07 , but if we follow Marc E. Jones rule that it did not have impetus to reach the 1 mark, then it falls back to Aries. This gives him a Cardinal Square to Neptune in Cancer in the eighth house, denoting his  bleeding disease (hemophilia) was that quite active and almost unprovoked — it could start from the smallest physical transgressions. 

Jupiter as the a planet of excessiveness is trine the Moon in Virgo at the midheaven but in the ninth house, we see that this caused the effect on his Mother, whose position in the Russian Monarchy became tenuous with her son so ill. The Moon in Virgo is in the ninth house of religion, encouraging Tsarina Alexandra to taken on a heightened sense of extreme religiosity, (via the Rasputin affair) to protect herself and him from their doubting eyes. But the Moon there also hints his bleeding may have been an overreaction because his health’s (Hygeia) importance to the succession of the Crown.

Here a Septile, there another

The Tsarevich has a septile at Uranus in the second house of ready resources or genetics to Saturn in the Third House of Family.  Uranus 26 Sagittarius 11 Rx and intercepted, and shows how powerful the little boy’s health exerted on his month (trine the Moon). With Uranus in Sagitarrius a symbol of hemophilia or traveling blood i.e. the blood does not clot or pool in the kidneys but instead just runs, we see that whatever he demanded became a directive , scared that not listening to the boy tyrant he would start to bleed. And as Uranus is sextile Saturn 17 Aquarius 32 Rx, he was well aware of his position as boy-Tsar over his parents and their encourage (Saturn in its domicile in Aquarius opposition Leo in his conjunct Venus).

painting of the boy

At the time since so little was known about the hemophiliac disease, it was not understood how to stop or control it. Also amazingly his sisters were not bleeders. Far from unusual, it is incredibly rare to be a female hemophiliac as they are the carriers of the gene; while the men are the sufferers. As none of his sister married, we do not know whether any of them were carriers, but chances are at least one was — that’s just the statistical norm, and in reality could have been quite different.   The eldest, Olga,  had the chance but did not want to leave Russia, an unfortunate decision, in retrospect. And of course Anastasia, was a hoax.

Then there’s the Yod

alexei yod.jpg

His Pluto that has a vigintile aspect to Neptune: the boy was precocious, perhaps intuitive, in understanding the manipulation of pain and fear — many of his ancestor had used it to control the populace. Smack in between the two is the asteroid Alexandra as though she is channeling his emotions in some type of hysterical frenzy.  The Empress  shows up throughout his chart, unfortunately.

Alexei’s Pluto is opposite the asteroid RUS for Russia (not shown but at Sagittarius 13 so scribble it in) in the intercepted first house making a point focus at his Mercury in the tenth at 16 Virgo.  This aspect takes the form of hypochondria as passive control and with asteroid RUS is also inconjunct asteroid Demeter (again the mother Empress Alexandra, who seemed to have had a morbid obsession with death that she neurotically ciphered to her children) sextile Alexei’s Mercury.  In short, mother and child are too close for comfort each using the other for the own plans..

Finally we get to the yod. Made up of the Asteroid Moscow at 18 Cancer conjunct the Fixed Star Capella (the head) and Bellatrix.  Capella is a good star, Jean Harlow had it too, but Bellatrix (Latin for female warrior) hanging onto the right shoulder, offsets that.   It portends a painful death, something both Alexei and Harlow did share.  Its next point is the North Node at 18 Virgo 41, also Count Leo Tolstoy’s Sun degree suggesting a good memory — the boy knew and remembered his best antics and saved them for the right time.

The third point is the singleton in the third house, Alexei’s Saturn at 17.3 that has the meaning of “isolation”.  Helena Blavatsky who shares this day with the Tsarevich also has this degree, but with Jupiter.  It is not hard to imagine being the only boy and getting special tutors and then sickly Alexei Nikolaevich would have been isolated from his sisters shown far away on the sixth house cusp at Jupiter Taurus 01.  Outside of a Septile to his Pluto, the four girls are quintile to his Saturn, suggesting more of their catering to him as a superior figure, and future head of All of the Russias, than an equal footing amongst siblings.

                                                                 Not all Bad

Before readers get the idea that everything was horrible for the Tsarevich, let us remember are just dealing with his septiles.  If we look at the many positive aspects in his chart like noviles, deciles and such, we see that he had a phenomenal memory, was a good student and an keen mind.  To blame him and his mother the Empress for the downfall of the Tsarist regime would also be incorrect; many of those  seeds were placed  by forces outside of the country who wanted to bring the regime down for their own purposes; they unfortunately were at the wrong place at the wrong time,in the end is the real lesson of septiles:  being out of trend with larger dynamic forces.


  1. D.M. Potts, Queen Victoria’s Gene:  Haemophilia and the Royal Family. c. 1999.  London:  Sutton Press.
  2. Marc Edmund Jones has the Tsarevich listed as #24 in his 1000 Nativities in the book the Sabian Symbols in Astrology, c. 1953.   but with the incorrect time of 12 noon.
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