Mother Gloria Vanderbilt and teenage son, Anderson Cooper


Anderson is a new correspondent and celebrity host of his own show on CNN.  He is also the son of Gloria Vanderbilt,  the descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt who made a slew of money running ferries across the Hudson and East Rivers.  Ms Vanderbilt was also a fashion and parfum designer.  His father  the late Wyatt Emory Cooper  of Mississippi, was a Hollywood screenwriter.  His only full brother, Carter committed suicide by jumping from the family’s Manhattan apartment in 1988; Carter Vanderbilt Cooper was 23.  Ms. Vanderbilt has two other sons from her marriage with conductor Leopold Stokowski.

Mr. Cooper is a graduate of Yale University where he received a B. A. in political science, interning with the CIA in Virginia.

 Anderson’s T-Square Map

cooper with a t square.png

Let us start with Mr. Cooper’s first T-Square seen above..  It has an opposition from his Sun Gemini in the eighth house of legacies to his Neptune in Scorpio in the second house.  The short leg, or the “T” is Pluto in the eleventh house of associations and networking that is right next to his Uranus also in Virgo in the twelfth house.

This setup suggests that Mr. Cooper was definitely an “heir” of an impressive lineage, that gave brought his some amount of responsibility, or notriety in his case, but as it is opposed, suggests a legacy lost, true as his mother, Gloria, blew the family fortune.  That did not seem to affect him because he is a highly motivated man and with Pluto next to Uranus he will find his niche in electronic arenas, telephone, Internet, radio, television.  His part of fortune also in that networking house at 1 Virgo the symbol is a “Man’s Head”, rather appropriate for a talking head on tv.

Dowload anderson-cooper‘s chart here.

This symbol, Dr. Jones writes suggests an individual who has a self accepted responsibility, with strong dynamic ambition and a need to distinguish himself apart from others either by appearance or by debonair self-assurance.  Sextile to that symbol is his Ascendant, an individuals way of approaching life, and for Mr. Cooper this is 19.45 Libra  and conjunct, in the twelfth house, his Mars at 15.26 Libra.  It is also the same degree as Charles Chaplin and Adolph Hilter’s Uranus, suggesting a personal intensity and living life to its fullest.

Carter and younger brother Anderson c. 1976 MS.

The symbol here is a “Jewish Rabbi” with the keyword of heritage, demonstrating that Cooper felt driven to succeed because of his ancestors, and also not above using the Old New York network that Edith Wharton in many novels of the early nineteenth century described.  With his Mars right next it, he is fortunate that he some amount of personal magnetism and charm, but also easily seduced by flattery and influenced by his surroundings.


 A second T-Squaretsquare cooper.png

The second T-Square, involves Mr. Coopers Lord of his Ascendant where we have Mars conjunct the Ascendant in Libra opposite Saturn in Aries.  This group affects his appearance and despite his dyed Andy Warhol white hair, makes his appearance actually darker than it would be as well.  It also encourages his Splash Temperament and makes him a “spiritual” and non-religious person particularly attuned to sculptural foreign works.shwegan

 What about the YODS?


Anderson Cooper is no doubt a great subject, two Yods, two T-Squares, all wrapped in a Splash temperament type.  Astrologers love it when they find someone who has so many challenging aspects, it’s rather fun to unravel.  We wrap up Mr. Cooper’s layout with a brief discussion of the two Yods, shown above in New York City’s emblematic colors:  orange and blue.

 The Boomerang BLUE YODcoopers boomerangs.png

When there is a planet or point opposite the apex planet then we get a Boomerang Yod; it is  also called a Focused Yod and the reaction point is like a pressure valve, and in some ways it makes it easier to release the pressure build-up found in a standard Yod astrology. However it can also let off the energy in an uncontrolled or fearful fashion.

For Mr. Anderson this fear point is his Mars in his twelfth house, perhaps a reaction towards his older’s brother suicide as well as his father’s fatal heart issues.  As this boomerang point is part of his third T-Square it gets intensified as it seeks to let off pressure by excessive spending on travel and art.  As the Venus is sextile his Sun in the eighth house, Cooper could suffer the same fate as his mother and overspend his way to nirvana.

The second Yod, in Orange this time, is smaller and just a plain Yod, but here takes in his Sun and his Saturn as it struggles to find release in Mars/Ascendant, and what Karen Hamaker-Zondag calls the search for self-identity.

How this all plays out, one never knows, but we certainly wish Mr. Cooper the best in his endeavours.  Namaste.

All the pictures are from Mr. Cooper’s Instagram feed.