The Titanic sank four hours after its distress call at 2:26 Newfoundland Time on  April 15, 1912.  Easter had been celebrated aboard the ship a week earlier on April 7th.

As depicted in both Titanic movies, the Bandmaster took control of the panic alleviated the dismay with son and chose, Hold Me Up in Mighty Waters. ” Survivor Mr. Harold Bride and many others thought it was the majestic “Nearer My God to Thee.” Actually titled “Autumn ” the hymn occurs in the Anglican hymn book.

The Final Titanic Chart

Was the bandmaster correct that music would calm the savage beast of angst?  A glimpse at the final chart suggests Yes,  as Pluto and Mars becomes subdued by the trio of the  Sun, Mercury and Saturn, incredibly also the Hellenistic diurnal sect.  The yod’s apex is now at Jupiter showing Courage started to sweep the decks and the head of the Yod — undrawn — lays in the Fourth house of end of life.

Inkedtitanic sinks_LI

Thanks to the Bandleader and his belief in the power of music, things aboard the vessel transformed from mayhem, dread and fear to a more peaceful attitude.    The Ascendant at 02 Aquarius 58 , has the symbol of a “Deserter from the Navy,”  and the keyword of Defiance  which sounds more appropriate for the previous hours, but as we read further, comes  the suggestion of “Genuine psychological courage.  “

Despite early misgivings, we are assured, that the passengers aboard the greatest embodiment of human engineering and ship-building skill to date, rose to the final challenge,  reminding us of the original Titans, a race of giants, sons of Heaven and Earth, who were hurled into the abyss for daring to challenge the great god Zeus (Jupiter on the map and part of our Yod).  Like their forerunners, our Titans found themselves submerged beneath Neptune and became mythic.²

Neptune is at 22 Cancer, the mighty waters of the sea, in the Sixth House of works and labour.  From what we have seen, it is unfortunately true that the works of the lax Captain caused the wreck.  Cancer’s Lord is the Moon found next to vain Venus on the Second House Cusp and opposite the South Node — that karmic herald — reminding us that he who trusts in vanity, emptiness is his reward.¹


  1. Job 15.31 Let him not trust in a worthless speech. He leads only himself astray, and  emptiness will be his reward.
  2. Sepharial (Robert Cross), Cosmic Symbolism, London:  William Rider & Son, Ltd. 8 Paternoster Row, c. 1912