Bahá’ís have some of the most beautiful gardens on their grounds outside of an arboretum, part of their belief of creating a heaven on earth. The featured shot is of their grounds in Haifa, Israel.

bab in jersey.PNG
Picture taken in Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey 1912 while Abdul Baha was in the US.


The Baha’s faith

Their faith includes many notable messengers like Moses & Abraham of Genesis, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and of course the Bab (the founder the Babaism philosophy), Abdul Bahá, his father Baha’u’llah A(who took over Babaism and created the theology of Bahaism). They are Unitarians, for like the Jews & Moslems, believe in only one divine God. Click here for their site in the USA; they are worldwide.

Abdul Bahá’s Chart

This chart is #1 of 1000 charts in Marc Edmund Jones book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Checking various sites, this seems to be generally accepted chart for whom Baha’is called the Master¹; cites Dane Rudhyar, a good friend of Dr. Jones & a noted astrologer in his own right, for veracity. The New York Times archives, while it does not give the time, does agree with the date.²

Dr. Jones used mainly the Placidian house method, so when recreating his charts, we will do likewise and note any discrepancies between our chart and Dr. Jones. For Abdul-Bahá there are none.

  khalil gibran the bab.PNG

 A Classic Bowl

Baha is a Southern Hemisphere Bowl temperament type and fits the ideal of having all ten planets within 180 degrees or the half circle of the wheel & there are no gaps between the planets greater than a sextile straight — there are no orbs allowed.  Note for the Abdul Bahá chart the somewhat empty Third house that has the Sun right at the cusp making for a 38 degree gap.

Often Bowls have a “rim opposition” as Dr. Jones termed it; Bahá has that between the Moon at 02.30 Leo in the Sixth and Saturn at Aquarius 07.17 in the Twelfth, that is also his “cutting planet” & Focal Determinator as it starts the parade of planets.

Bahá’s cutter is in the Twelfth, making him a highly self-contained individual in control of his own destiny and with the Bowl in the Southern Hemisphere, he is willing to share his experiences and knowledge with others.  Alas, with Saturn leading and found in quiet dignity of Ruler of its own house, this made him very sensitive to his overall situation, but being leader of the Baha’i Faith, and was always foremost in his mind.

The square between Saturn and the Sun, shows the strong affect that the Bahaull’ah exerted on him throughout life, and his inability to show much of his own personality but instead having always to obey and regard his father’s.

bab does manhattan.PNG
During the Baha’s trip to the USA in 1912.  He stayed on the West Side on 78 Street, so this was probably a casual stroll.

The rim opposition though did help with that and the burden of being the religious leader, as Dr. Jones writes, it made him stand up and not buckle  though the weight of the whole world bore upon him.  Bahá whatever questions he had,  held fast and did not buckle under duress or  demure from his destiny — North Node and Part of Fortune in the Tenth House, sextile again Saturn.

His Ascendant, A watchdog standing guard, supports his Bowl.  At Aquarius 17 the Keyword is Probity, or the need to search for truth almost obsessionally or religiously, in his case.  Dr. Jones writes that this gives him a “spirit that stimulates the highest response from all.”

Bahá’s North Node at 14.43 Sagittarius  is the “Ground hog looking for its shadow,” with the Keyword of Reassurance and giving him the gift of recognizing any and every opportunity that appears., explaining his travels from Tehran where he was born, to America and finally to the Holy Land using his Resources wisely (Saturn is sextile the Second House.)

He was a major proponent of President Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations.  Bahá  died November 30, 1921 in Haifa, Israel.   Click to read the Obit of the Bahá from the New York Times.

We do not know what time that occurred, so I choose morning as that is when most deaths occur.  If you are interested you do can do a comparison between the two.  Post your discoveries, we would love to see them.  Thanks.