portrait of B. Disraeli from the Victoria & Albert Museum c.1850 by Mr. Chas. Lucy

Dr. Marc E. Jones rectified the PM’s horoscope for his 1954 book, The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation. 1 He obtained the birthdata from Alan Leo’s 1001 Nativities. 2 Jones used the Placidean House method; we use the more modern Koch.  The footnotes give you a site where the book can be bought inexpensively. It is also available online thanks to Dromenon over here on the Sabian Assembly site.



Benjamin Disraeli was a novelist and two-time prime minister under Queen Victoria.  He was also a major proponent of Imperialism – a rather discredited economic policy where stronger countries dominate weaker ones for their assets (mineral & mining raw products like wool or cotton, or labour either for work working the resources or overseas export to supplement their population).disraelis birthplace.png

It was a  popular philosophy throughout the 15-19th centuries and led to great economic expansion for Spain, France, Portugal and Great Britian as their broadened their commercial & territorial reach.

The political philosophy was challenged by the 17th Century British economist Adam Smith in his classic Wealth of Nations and David Ricardo, both who argued that it had only short-term personal gains for agencies like the Dutch East Indies Co. but was long-term political loss for the Countries, Principalities etc.  involved because it creates an aristocratic elite that incites aggressive wars and encourages high taxation of the general — home — population to continue their power and lifestyle.

To avoid population “escape” these states (in the classic term of spheres government where as a state, territory or country) band together creating an ever widening net of power i.e. the European Union, the Soviet Union, China and to some unfortunate degree, the United States of America.

Karl Marx wrote against it in Labour Theory of Value .  The Soviet Vladimir  Lenin, and the German Jew Hannah Arendt both supported Marx’s ideology & broadened that idea so that all international capitalism i.e. foreign exchange and banking, is included.  We prefer the classical Smith-Ricardi definition.

Download the Earl of Beaconsfield chart here::PM Benjamin Disraeli

 Jewish Background

Like economist David Ricardo (1772- 1823)  Disraeli was a Sephardic Jew whose ancestors emigrated to England from Italy via Holland. It seems that the family “converted to Anglicanism” but retained their Jewish cultural identity.  Disraeli married Mary Anne Viney-Evans in 1839; they had no children.  You can read many of Disraeli’s work free on Gutenberg.

 The Disraeli Bowl Chart


Dr. Jones calls the Disraeli map a Bowl Temperament Type.  When creating his types, Jones does not use the Ascendant, Midheaven or Part of Fortune just the layout of nine planets;  Pluto though was not discovered in Disraeli’s  lifetime & so ignored.  Jones says that this personality type shows Disraeli’s power of “self-containment” and its tilt, heavily towards the Eastern or Resourceful side of the chart, indicates his power of recovery and the need for completion in his efforts.

Winstar Express, Matrix Astrology

This is supplemented by his hidden i.e. intercepted  “cutting planet”  Mars 19.06 Leo, “Zuni sun worshippers” highlighting the idea of fidelity to one’s group tradition.

As his cutting planet is conjunct his Moon, also intercepted, in the ninth house it suggests that Disrael’s life and actions were open to others and a matter of pulic attenion and record.  It also tells us, that as a scooping bowl, Disraeli is more of  a taker in life’s bounty and less of a giver.

 An Ascendant Stellium

2017-02-15_16-57-40Disraeli’s Ascendant at 28.10 Scorpio  is the Hyperion Symbol of a “Carpenter’s Measuring Tape”  highlighting Disraeli’s conformity to standards, he was head of the Tory – Conservative party, ensuring that integrity was adhered.   It also picks up on our featured image, reproduced here, from a Punch comic at the time, where we see Disraeli measuring the British Lion, their emblem, out for their new Disraeli-designed attire.

Historically, according to Nicholas DeVore, the Galactic Center was placed at 0 Capricorn, making Disraeli’s ascendant a degree away, and perhaps encouraging him to see himself as the center of his universe. We speculate that based on the stellium all around that point:  Neptune 26.53  Scorpio is right next to Jupiter (26 Scorpio)  and his Ascendant, where we see that Disraeli’s loyalty was really towards his own ascension, making him rather a pandering toady (see the “Beckonsfield mispronunciation joke).  Success in public affairs was everything to Disraeli, and he pursued it with laser-like ferocity.


excerpted from Wilfrid Meynell’s biography of the Earl, 1903

So what’s the Line Prime Minister?

Disraeli’s  Line of Personality, sextiling of Saturn 15.05 Libra and Jupiter 25.24 Scorpio that shows his instinctive reflex in social situations while his Line of Culture, the only other planetary pair the PM has, is  also sextile, giving him a facility with words; hence his extensive oeuvre of published manuscripts.

As a last note, his Part of Fortune, in the fourth house is noticeable as here “home” becomes emblematic of patriotism and country, which is how he performed his public service.  E. C. Chambers in his Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac analyzed suggests that this is the ultimate ability to make success out of tatters.  He notes that George Washington’s Venus shares that degree.mary ann viney.png


The Hyperion Symbol for 29.28 Pisces is the Nobel Prize, recognition of exceptional politician and literary  work — he was a popular author.  Instead of a Nobel, not yet created, for Disraeli’s cordial relationship with the Queen he was awarded the title of  Earl of  Beaconsfield so he could continue to serve Her Majesty  in the House of Lords after his final defeat to Sir William Gladstone.

She did not confer a similar honor upon his successor.


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