We think that Boris Johnson has a good running for the next PM of the UK.

Bojo with ex-wife Marina.


Perhaps that is hinting to his loose living, emotional outbursts and strong language seen as irrational and un-gentlemanly to run a nation.  While the scandals have been mild — more problematic to Marina than the public — but many fear that such peccadilloes can bring down a PM for fear of exposure like the Profumo affair(the me2 of the 60s).   It was the bane of President Bill Clinton.

Fomalhaut is important because while Regulus was long considered King of the Four Guardians of the Apocalypse, Fomalhaut is assigned to Gabriel who announced the messianic conception of Virgin Mary.  Later in the book of Revelations, the Archangel Gabriel is said to bring forth a “new stage in human spiritual evolution,” for which Gabriel must come blow his horn! The two appear in the second house at Scorpio 01.   

E. C. Matthews, an early 20th century astrological writer notes  ” this is a strategic person who is powerful and good-natured, sometimes outrightly humorous.  Original and often a winner because it prepares him for the unexpected.”

His Sun at 29 Gemini is sextile the other Royal Star, Regulus, 29.

But all of that is so yesterday…….what does his progression say about right here, right now?  Does he have the right stuff?

                             So is Boris Johnson the next UK PM?



We have attached for the Natal and the Progressed charts for you to view. Let us know what you think.