The Controversy of Abdul Baha

 one reader noted that since he was born in Persia, their dating system was not Western but Zoroastrian-based and so our original chart was incorrect. It also means instead of a midnight to midnight calendar, theirs was from noon to noon.  Upon reflection that makes sense as Zoroastrians, or Zarathustrans ( named from Friedrich Nietzsche’s book, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”)  are a light and fire worshiping religion and see the world in Gnostic terms (though they  vastly predate that sect) of light and dark, or as the Orient adopted it into their vernacular yin/yang.  

Zoroastrianism is the oldest monotheistic religion in the world.  The late FreddieMercury of Queen was one and while Shiite Islam has made a great inroad into Iran, formerly know as Persian, they are still holding on, mainly as part of the  Yezidi’s  who use the Avesta (the Zoroastrian holy book) and celebrate Navroze (the Spring equinox and their new year.)

Here are the two charts with our notes.

  1.  Abdul Baha May 22nd
  2. Abdul May 23rd

                       May 22nd yod vs May 23rd yod.

The major difference between the two charts are the yod configurations.  May 22nd’s is made of up the Moon at 02.27 Leo sextiled the Sun at 01.46 Gemini, both planets inconjunct Hades at 11.31 Capricorn.  The midpoint, marked by the yellow slash, is the trans-Neptunian Apollon at 12.46 in Cancer.  The TnP Vulcanus (the red glyph at the bottom center of the yod) gets a translation of light to the Sun at 05.32 Gemini giving Bah’a excellent good health and vitality: physical strength and revolutionary spirit.  

Abdul Bah'a May 22nd natal chart

Abdul Bah’a’s May 22nd yod and a natural disposition fixed.

Vulcanus advances 0°32′ per year making this conjunction lasting all of the Baha’s life. An orbit of Vulcanus around the Sun takes 663 years.

                  Vulcanus and Cupido.

On the other side of the TransNeptunian planet, Vulcanus is Cupido at 29.37 Taurus that bestows upon the Bahia graciousness and ability to get along very well with women.  That worked to his advantage, particularly in America, where 90% of his adherents were female.  While Vulcanus has a leisurely orbit, Cupido is the fastest TransNeptunian ‘planets’ and advances 1°23′ per year. Its solar orbit takes a mere 262 years — one-third Vulcanus’s.

Right next to Cupido is the asteroid Juno at 26.35 Taurus, a degree that suggests material success to those who wait. That whole group is inconjunct Ceres in the Eleventh House, telling us that he uses those gifts in the Fourth and Fifth House to nurture & attract friends who nurture himself. As this is in the Eleventh House, naturally ruled by Aquarius, it suggests a desire to make friendship a philosophical model.

The midpoint of this yod is conjunct the TransNeptunian planet Apollon at 12 Cancer giving Bah’a a magnetic personality, almost Rasputin-like (born 1-12-1869 in Siberia Russia)  or Svengalian (the fictional character predates the man, created in 1896) charisma.  Apollon is the great multiplier of all it touches, particularly trade, industry and all peaceful efforts.   The glyph is a combination of Jupiter and Gemini,  & advances 0°37′ per year, taking 576 years for its solar orbit.

Baha May 23.png

Abdul Bah’a’s May 23, 1844, Chart Here his natural disposition is fixed.

                              the May 23rd Chart.

This chart, though just a day away, changes everything. The Moon and Sun are no longer sextile ,but a Moon-Mercury is and the translation of light disappears and all the attending asteroids.  The yod apex is still Ceres and the midpoint still at Apollon, but the power of the other TransNeptunians is gone and so this chart is not as charismatic or far-seeing.  Here we find someone who is a little more practical.

If this is how you view him then May 23rd, 1844 is the day for you.  Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar thought so, but we are going with the 22nd.  Arguments?  All fine and dandy, we look forward to hearing from you.