In honor of Bill Belichick’s Superbowl win, we decided to rectify his chart as we could find none anywhere, so we worked on this during the game; it was an enjoyable way to pass the time, particularly during the first half.


The original Croatian spelling of the name was Belicic, the “ci” giving a “ch” sound in the Romance languages.

Download Coach Belichick’s Chart here.

This map gives Coach Belichick an ascendant at 25 Libra is excellent for a sports coach, needing as they do to be a good balancing act,  good eyesight and the ability to see a unified whole of the disparate parts.


His Ascendant is opposite his Sun 26 Aries making a T-Cross at the Moon 22 Capricorn. This setup gives him a strong personality, harsh and few words, and with Jupiter right next to his Sun, and opposite his Lord Mars, a true martial personality. Belichick’s chart shows he is a workaholic, highly ambitious, with a strong cardinal [action oriented] drive.  His planets are heavily “fire” based too.

In another time and place, he would have made a great General, thankfully today with peaceful Pisces in his fifth house with the North Node at 27 Aquarius, these talents turn to making a great defensive coach-general manager of the Patriots.

His Part of Fortune at 20 Cancer (the Tribulations of the unacknowledged brilliant mind aka Karl Marx) in his ninth house of long journeys, is both literal, all the traveling that he and the team do, as well as figurative — it has taken him over twenty-five years to get favorable press. Besides the T-Cross, Belichick is marked with a Cardinal Grand Cross.


Belichick, Trump and Linda Holliday at Mar-Lago

Theosophist Annie Besant has a grand Cross of this type, as does Prince Otto Von Bismarck.  Dr. Jones in “How to Learn” discusses both charts, & writes that this type gives the native a “pioneering spirit” and strong “organizational” ability. It suggests a “person whose career and temperament” are linked to the age and time they are born.  For Belichick, a friend and supporter of Donald Trump, that has been true in several ways:


First, last year after coming out for Trump, he and his team were taken apart on the Deflategate created by the press and continues into the 2018 season.

This year, with his quick Mental Chemistry, he watched the Falcons run up the score at the second quarter, learning their plays and moves, and then came back in the second half exploiting their weakness for a historic win, using the same tactics that he used, and should have been familiar to the Falcon coach when he was beaten 3 years ago when he headed the Seahawks. But then Dan Quinn is not Bill Belichick.

Belichick and his son Stephen via the New York Post.


Temperament Type

Coach Belichick is a Splash temperament type, something in other charts, we have noticed shows up in good coaches; we cannot yet speculate about players in particular sports, but for coaches, Splashes do seem to have an edge.  Perhaps it is their ability to be dispassionate about necessary player changes, viewing them as pieces in the overall mosaic, each doing a specific job with the required skills and with a lack of conjunctions an ability to handle the heat of criticism.

His Ascendant at 25 Libra, keyword  Leadership,  is directly opposite his Sun and Jupiter, at 26.56 (a degree that shows up in professional prize fighters and other sportsmen according to E. C. Chambers and has the keyword of Opposition)  & 27.09 Aries (Marconi the great telegrapher had that one) and his Midheaven is square to that at 27.24 Cancer (the determination of Newton).   The only planet in this Cardinal Grand Cross that is not almost exact is his Moon at 21.58 in Capricorn (that is the Power of Determination of Charles A. Linbergh) and on the cusp of the third-fourth house.  He has no interceptions.

 The Front Line

His Line of Vitality is square suggesting that he is excellent at distributing his experience into viable patterns of group action in a constructive & communicative manner.  Someone else who has this aspect is Leon Trotsky and Carl Jung; definitely an interesting trio but for Belichick this aspect in the third and seventh house, tells us how the team is a “shadow” of himself.

Coach Belichick’s Line of Efficiency is conjunct in the sixth house of work, telling that he wastes little motion or time in getting things done.  To him, in work everything must fit and make sense; inefficient moves, and players are disruptive to the whole and avoids that as much as possible.derossi1

His Life of Personality is inconjunct as Saturn is in the twelfth house at Libra 10.27 and Jupiter at 27.09 Aries.  Jupiter is too far away from the Ascendant to be conjunct but there is a Translation of Light between it and the Sun reflecting back into Neptune at 20.10 Libra, that is in conjunction with the Conjunction.

It is an incredibly powerful setup that seeks outlet at his Midheaven in Cancer.  To Belichick life is football; family is football, he learned from his father and has taught his three children the game,  and his dream is to be considered the touchstone of the sport like his hero the Great Coach himself, Vincent Lombardi.

Finally, his Line of Culture 10.18 Uranus Cancer ( keyword Memory that showed up with Francis Galton the Human Encyclopedia’s Mercury)   squared 20.10 Libra  (keyword Charm often shows up with philanderers) ndicates a strong responsiblity to his dream and career.  It is no wonder with all four planetary pairs in his chart that his first marriage to his high school sweetheart went south, and his succeeding relationships have not lasted.  This would be a tough man to live with, particularly if you were not part of the team.