Dr. Jean Baptiste Morin received a medical degree from the University of Avignon in 1613. Thirty years later, , in the great hall of the arsenal in Paris, he demonstrated his “Science of Longitudes” to an assemblage of 300 mathematicians, astronomers and members of the French Court.   After six hours of interrogation, they approved his survey.   One of his key points was the Lords of the Ascendant and Midheaven were more important than previously believed.

I could not find where the Court Royale de Francais  was located and I doubt it was in Paris itself, but I must imagine nearby.  Versailles was not the location of the Court Royale  until the 1680s.  Another guess is the time Dr. Morin gave his lecture, so I am estimating by 4 o’clock in the afternoon it was about finished.

         Reviewing Morin’s Testimony

The Lord of the Chart, or the ascendant, is Mercury, the ruler of Virgo.  The symbol for the ascendant itself is  14 Virgo 00, The Family Tree, or when people’s relationships bond them into a like minded fraternity  that is filled with common experience, knowledge and outlook.  The keyword is Gentility, the quality of being refined and well-mannered.  Conjunct the Ascendant is Mars, showing the great mental expenditure in learning new and controversial ideas.

The South Node is very far away at 29 Virgo 28 but close enough to Uranus (obviously not yet found)  that gives the meeting a creative potential with most likely lively repartee.  The South Node’s influence was actually beneficial here, showing that all parties were open to overcome previous scientific prejudices and embracing an innovative scientific solution.    Nearby is the Part of Fortune 04 Libra 51 adding strength of purpose to environment.

The chart though is a see-saw.  Half is in the southwest and half in the northeast, diametrically opposite.  It is the Northeast where we meet those who would eventually stop Morin’s discovery — Jupiter in the tenth at 24 Gemini 04 is Cardinal Richelieu, who was also Secretary of State under King Louis XIII and square the ascendant.  Morin himself never tells us why there was animosity between the two, but careful reading of history infers that this is because Pope Urban VIII’s refusal to take Richelieu, a religious man,  for his august body to reconcile the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths, but instead a linguist scholar, Morin.

Here in this chart, we see Richelieu being able to stop (the eighth house preponderance is sextile Jupiter)  Morin’s ambitions and scientific work.  This was a major mistake on Richelieu’s part and led to Morin’s friends and students a hundred years later, secreting those documents to England, so the British would “discover” longitude and get Greenwich Mean Time.  In his petty jealousy, Pluto 24 Taurus 12 conjunct Chiron ( inhumanity in dealing with others), Richelieu missed the really big picture, Venus 00 Aries 43 conjunct North Node 29 Pisces 28, thus making Venus exalted in Pisces and Morin a visionary.