Ceres is an asteroid.  In Greek she is Demeter, the goddess of farmers who lost her daughter Persephone to the dark lord, Hades.  In astronomy, Ceres is the smallest & dwarf-planet-ceres-bright-spots-art.jpgclosest of all the dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt that lies between Mars (the Greek war god Ares) and Jupiter (the Greek main god Zeus).  That placement was important in her naming for when Ceres realized her daughter was missing,  she got angry, and when the goddess of agriculture and fertility get angry things either get frigid or burn up.  In her case, it was the latter and famine occurred &  the earth dried up.

Jupiter (Greek Zeus), the supreme Roman god, worried if this continued the earth would become desolate, so he sent his messenger, Mercury (Greek god Hermes), to talk to Pluto (Hades), to let Persephone (Proserpina) go.  Pluto did, but only for a few months of each year, during which time Demeter allows the fields to be fruitful, flowers to bloom, chickens lay eggs and cows give milk and the sun shines.   All the earth is a bounty in Ceres’s joy,, but then when Persephone’s time is up and she returns to her husband, and Ceres’  lets the earth go fallow, the days are short and everything  withers and dies,  as the unhappy parent mourns her daughter’s disappearance.


Like any rocky asteroid Ceres  is not much to look at, but in astrology she has taken on a mythic quality of her own.  Perhaps that is because she was the first of the asteroids to be found January 1, 1801 by astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi in Palermo, Sicilia, Italy.  Let us do her chart and see what Ceres has to offer.  — Further research has nullified this report.  Ceres was not discovered on 01-01-1801 but 01-24-1801.  Read here for the updated Report.

 The Ceres Chart


We have no time for when Ceres was actually discovered, but knowing other astronomers, most discoveries happen before dawn so we chose around 5 AM Palermo.  Ceres the asteroid is found in the house of labour at 23.23 Taurus that day, a symbol that Sepharial says (we chose him as he wrote about that time) a King sits upon his throne and a veiled black figure  is near.  This symbol he writes, suggests “Collapse” or loss.

Ceres part of fortune is at 27.45 Taurus that Sepharial says is symbolized by a “man is seen climbing a pole,” or perhaps this is a telescope that Signore Piazzi had to put up on one of the high mountain ledges around the town to get the best view.

Opposite Ceres is Chiron, not discovered for nearly two centuries later, in 04.34 Sagittarius.  Sepharial says that this symbol is one of a “a soldier holding a crossbow ” and suggests Prudence.  As it is opposite loss, prudence would be the best way forward.  This opposition is part of a T-Square with Saturn at 29.22 Leo as the release.  Here Sepharial writes that the symbol is “two golden circles joined by a blue ribbon.”  He adds that this a benevolent nature, a kind person  who ends their days in peace and harmony.  It suggests a happy marriage  with many friends.    In our scenario, this aspect must be Peresephone herself.

 A Word to the Wise

So we suggest following the symbols themselves, that Ceres in a chart should be taken a warning of loss.  Her oppositions  are suggestions for how to protect oneself from her adverse effects; and hopefully like Persephone herself, your days will be filled with happiness and delight.