Dwarf planet Ceres is down to one lone planet according to Astronomy Magazine

Cyrovolcanism differs from classic terrestrial volcanism as it is heat and silica based. Cyrovolcanism means that the orb is frozen but has very warm salty interiors. Ceres is the first volatile-rich dwarf planet with an average equatorial surface temperature of about 160 Kelvin, or -160 Fahrenheit or – 107 Celsius.

Ceres though is  also rather small with a 940 km or 587 miles diameter, compared to the Earth that has a  6500 km diameter.  So the question becomes whether there is enough mass for cyrovolcanism to work in that environment.

As  we are pinning the keyword of “loss” on Ceres, it seems geologically at least, that’s tying in.

from Astronomy Magazine, April 2017 issue.