Neoporphyry House System & Frida Kahlo

The NeoPorphyry house system is a modern update to the older Porphyry.  Walter Pullen of Astrologica Software created it for his software.    Both are based on the quadrant system Ptolemy mentions in the Tetrabiblos, but the real appeal of Porphyry based systems is it easy to calculate without computers. 

Kent McClung of the Hyperion Symbols uses the Porphyry, as does Bruce Scofield.  The latter gives his reasons in this article on here.

 Our example chart  the NeoPorphyry and Porphyry systems is the Mexican folk artist, Frida Kahlo.



Major Notes:

  • Both  Porphyry systems have intercepted houses.
  • House  sizes are unequal.
  • The Midheaven is tied to the 10th house.
  • The Ascendant is tied to the first.

The original Porphyry

The major differences are the cusp calculations but even the aspects are the same.

The NeoPorphyry

Walter Pullen does not mention his rationale for the Neo’s creation, or perhaps we are not familiar enough with his documentation to find it.  Mr Scofield in his above cited essay, do not mention it.

                            The NeoPorphyry vs. Placidus


Frida Kahlo’s NeoPorphyry house format

A better comparison is the NeoPorphyry to the popular Placidus format.   We have the two here easier visual viewing.  The differences though are not remarkable: Jupiter now falls in the Neo’s 8th house, while in the Placidean it is the 9th of education and philosophical/religious beliefs.

Frida Kahlo’s Placidus house format                 Prior to computers almost all the table of houses and ephemerides were Placidean based, so to compare Frida Kahlo’s chart we use that.  The 20th century Koch house system updates the Placidean to alleviate some problems with higher latitudes, not applicable here with Frida’s Mexican birth,  and so the table of houses for Frida do not differ.  Morinus the house system we prefer,  puts both Jupiter and the North Node in the eighth house and leaves Mercury alone in the ninth.