Campanus House System.

The mathematical brothers Johannes and Matthias Campanus,  born around 1250 AD, created this house method but it did not become popular until about 150 years after their death when Regiomontanus said his system was an improvement to theirs. 

What the Campani brothers do is divide the sky into twelve houses using the Prime Vertical instead of the celestial equator, a similar idea to our terrestrial equator . 

In both cases,  a great virtual circle intersects the celestial sphere and both hemispheres are equidistant from it.  The difference is in the terrestrial equator these equidistant poles are horizontal, while in the celestial side both halves are vertical.  This causes the equinox.

The table of houses, instead of recording the entire path of the line between houses, gives just the boundary of each house as a single positional line bounding a house across the Ecliptic.  As planets move along  Ecliptic,  unequal houses and interceptions occur.

French-American Dane Rudhyar made this house system popular using for archetypal psychological work; Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady, current president of the AFA,  uses it too for the same reasons.

Major Notes

  • The Ascendant is the first house cusp.
  • The Midheaven  or the Medium Coeli is the tenth house cusp.
  • The Campanus system allows interceptions. 
  • Houses are unequal & can vary from 15 to 32 degrees wide.

Regiomontanus & Bogey

For this comparison  we are using our good friend, the late Mike “Bogey” Boguslawski, best known for his Hartford Connecticut television show “On your side.”  

Neither system gives Mike any interceptions.  The cuspal house boundaries are different making in the Regiomontanus the Part of Fortune in the eighth, while with Campanus with the Arabian part is the seventh tying his career opportunities to other people: notably his sister Rita (in the fifth house for both).  Other than that, the charts are very similar.

His obit is here.

The Campanus House System and Bogey

The major differences between the two charts are:

  • The Part of Fortune in the Regiomontanus is in the 8th House (death & endings) while in the Campanus it is in the 7th (opportunities from others).
  • Mercury moves from the Regiomontanus’s 5th house (creative  to the Campanus’s 6th house (work & service).


Modern update:  Bogey and Koch

With the modern Koch method, Bogey’s chart changes more than one would think.  The Part of Fortune is now in work and service square religion and higher calling, showing the problem he had with higher radio executives who wanted him to change to a more marketable focus. 

Pluto in the eleventh highlights his investigative work as a consumer advocate, similar to fellow Nutmeger Ralph Nader.Bogey though worked on a local scale, even when he moved to L.A.