The above chart is very helpful for reading the symbols and glyphs we put up in every chart.  It is from Winstar Express, the most inexpensive astrology product out there at $59.00 from Matrix Astrology, now owned by David and Fei Cochrane.

                   Reading this colourful astrological chart

The chart is a large circle with the twelve zodiacal houses, or as Evangeline Adams called them “environment and circumstance” and Marc Jones shortened to just “circumstance.”  It appropriately enough starts with Aries and its glyph, the rams head.   The first circle is each zodiacal name.  The white marks are the thirty degrees that make up each house before applying a person’s birth time.  It is also how the WholeHouse system views them.

The third circle is the signs counterpart.  Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Pisces are all associated with animals.  Scorpio is the only insect which is associated with the Ancient Egyptian goddess Serket, the great Mother Goddess in the Pre-dynastic Period (c. 6000- c. 3150 BC) , making her one of the oldest deities of Egypt.   Serket like her sign  Scorpio is associated with healing, magic, and protection.

 Gemini Virgo Sagittarius and Aquarius are  associated with human beings.  Libra again hearkens to the Egyptians as it is the scales that belonged to the goddess Maat  (pronounced May-et) who used the scales with her divine feather to see how pure a person’s heart was after their death.  We now associate these scales  with Justice. 

Libra and Scorpio thus are the synecdoches.

                            Adams and Jones Keywords

The next circle are  the Evangeline Adams keywords for each house or “circumstance.”  Miss Adams called houses were “environment” or “circumstances.”  Dr. Jones abbreviated that to just “circumstance.”   

For each circumstance there is a keyword.  Miss Adams made them person as in  Aries is “I am”, Taurus “I have” and so on; Dr. Jones made them impersonal and assigned nouns.  Here is the full list.

AriesI am Aspiration.
TaurusI haveVirility.
Gemini I thinkVivification.
CancerI feelExpansion.
LeoI willAssurance.
VirgoI serveAssimilation.
LibraI balanceEquivalence.
ScorpioI desireCreativity.
SagittariusI seeAdministration.
CapricornI useDiscrimination.
AquariusI knowLoyalty.
PiscesI believeSympathy.

                                The four elements.

All signs belong to an element and there are four elements according to the ancients that make up the universe, they are:  Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  Air opposes Earth and Fire opposes Water.  What an element does not oppose, it is friendly.  So air is friendly to fire and water but opposes earth.  Earth is friendly to water and fire but opposed air.  Fire is friendly to earth and air but antagonistic to water (they cannot exist in the same place) and finally Water is friendly to earth and air but unfriendly to fire.

These elements dominate esoteric literature whether it is the tarot (Air is Swords, Fire wands, Earth pentacles and Water cups), astrology or geomancy so they are good to know.

                  The three quadratures or quadruplicties.

Every sign also has a quadrature.  While elements are intuitive, quadratures take more understanding and they cross the elements.   After the elements on the wheel come the quadratures.  Cardinal quadratures are active.,  and task oriented; fixed quadratures are fixed  and thing oriented.  Mutable, or common quadratures, are people oriented.  Thus Cancers are actively feeling out the environment they find themselves while Sagittarians are waiting to see how others respond. 

Using the element of earth as an example:  Taureans have something and desire to hold it.  Virgoans have something and want it to serve them for some better purpose, and Capricorns want to use it now.  Try the other elements yourself, it’s a good exercise and will help you remember the signs better.

      The final circle, the Houses themselves.

  The final circle is the houses, environments or circumstance, themselves.  No matter how your personal horoscope divides this up, the first house is always associated with the self, the second money, the third brothers and sisters and family, etc.   We also associate other keywords are also with these circumstances, but these are the most basic.      Under the keyword is the House Ruler, only the Sun and Moon, our beloved luminaries, rule one house apiece; everyone else shares.                                                      


You can download the Symbol Key here.