Point number two is the Part of Fortune, because of its importance of the relationship between a person’s luminaries.  This mathematical point shows a person’s general focus of existence.  To calculate your Part of Fortune click here.

Pars Fortuna tells the person’s emphasis in his life — fundamentally and biologically.  For while Mars gives the basic direction of your life, the Part of Fortune emphasizes it by clarifying it,  just as the moon moves away from the sun, creating a new horizon.  The Pars Fortune then is your horizon and through its  sign, house and symbolical degree shows the will’s focustdr

In TR’s chart the PoF is the eighth house, in Virgo. My nickname for Virgo is assimilation because Virgo has the particular and peculiar gift of absorbing and incorporating outside substances into the whole.  Think of how we assimilate or bring food into our system for nourishment.  Food outwardly is nothing we can use, but we can use it and transform it by a series of mechanical and chemical processes to make it something we can us.

Now combine this idea of assimilation with the eighth house idea of regeneration and get the picture of someone ill taking in nourishment to get well again.  Let us add another idea in and that is of the 18th degree of Virgo that has the image of sharpness and we apply this to TR’s chart for a new picture of him having the focus in life of assimilating ideas and projects in sharp contrast with his own current self but he saw could help him become his new, regenerative, self.

The eighth house is where you live according to the ideas other people have of you and how you try to conform to those ideas which could be discordant with what you want to be or project.  For Roosevelt he wanted to project the image he was in touch with the innermost hopes and dreams of the American people — he was aligned to their interests.

Marc Edmund Jones

Looking at the Sabian Sabian symbol (Virgo 18) we read “Two giggling young girls are sitting facing each other, knees touching, working a Ouija board on their laps.” This shows the touch between the realms visible and invisible and sheds a significant light upon the character of Theodore Roosevelt that he was sensitive to the things under the surface, or the future effect of present causation.

In viewing his personal history, TR started out assimilating everything in his life in a self-regenerative mode via a series of tete- a-tetes with experience. This meant almost anybody could visit the White House and find the President not only willing to talk to him about his interests but well-read on a variety of topics as well, so that the visitor could have a reporte with him on an equal basis.

Part 1 of this series is here.

The Part of Fortune is further discussed in Marc Jones’s unpublished Arabian Astrology, dated April 17, 1933.   The whole mss. deals with Jones discussion of John Gadbury’s (c. 1627)  parts, including the pars fortuna, and his reflection upon their validity.  He renamed many of them to what he thought more meaningful.

Arabian Astrology is available for purchase at the Sabian Assembly website.

In it,  Jones  discusses  his preliminary idea for the Pars Fortuna being a “focus of the self in business,” a different idea than what he postulated here, ten years later in the Guild meeting; the calculation remained the same.

His earlier reasoning is A person (his Ascendant) + his feeling for life (the Moon) – his Will (the Sun) demonstrates by Symbol and aspect, his particular ability to succeed in business.  For Roosevelt as Virgo 18, translated how he mixed sales and politics so much that they are inseparable.

What is the 15 point method?

Marc Edmund Jones put together for the student of the Sabian Assembly, The Fifteen Most Important Points in a Horoscope, this was later published in a book. He felt it was a dependable method that could help anyone go through a chart and create a general portrait of the person. He later expanded this to 16 points.

He was insistent though, that his method required, an exact birth hour. If the astrologer rectifies the chart, then this new chart , must give its own clear testimony of the person, as one aspect depends upon another, and so on creating a unified portrait. Of course there can be one striking thing like the singleton in a hemisphere or unaspected planet, but the chart should have not many of these things otherwise it does not stand as a whole.

the Ostrich atomy

Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric, Baron Georges Cuvier1, once remarked: “Show me a bone and I will identify the animal.” Jones said he thought the comment humorous until he took a class in comparative anatomy. The professor greeted me with a grudging cordiality; “Why are you, a philosophy major, doing over here on the science side?”

“Well,” I said, “philosophers have to talk about science sometimes and I want to know what I am talking about.”

He turned to address the group of us, all but myself on the way to become doctors. “You’ll have to work hard if you want to get A’s here,” the professor remarked. He told the young Jones how they could get into the laboratory at night and on Sundays, as well as in working hours. Finally, they at down before the bone box, with the idea I could recognize anything he handed me. He began with the longest bone Jones ever saw.

“If it wasn’t so big,” I said, “I’d identify it as the femur of a bird . . .. I suppose it’s a crazy kind of a hybrid.”

He laughed: “Why don’t you stick to your guns? Did you ever hear of an ostrich?”

Marc Jones

Astrology duplicates this preposition every day. If you have skill enough, you can take any fragment of a chart and read the life from it. For practice we would take a torn quarter of a chart, and find how much we could gather from just that. This is how I boiled down the technique.

Beginners always take the houses, and go around the chart completely, bringing out everything about personality first, then money, and so on. A more effective method is to take the planets because then you are reading more dynamically using the houses you are locked down and the reading is static. Better to just look at quadrants, like Ptolemy suggests, and see the geometric layout of the chart but read from the planets as they are the dynamic bodies that distribute the forces of actual living and experience, setting up the strains and stresses of life and create a basic complex . They articulate the forces of the universe and represent your distribution of this energy.

To demonstrate this method, we will use the chart of President Theodore Roosevelt whom George MacCormack, a founder of the Guild, got the data rather directly from the Roosevelt family, and has done a lot of work upon it, so we can be rather sure of its accuracy.


                             Mars – the energy center                             

I begin with Mars because it has the most to do with activity. It represents how you throw off energy, fly off the handle and move the hardest to get things done. It is also the planet closest to the earth. 

Mars is in the first house in Teddy Roosevelt’s chart, therefore it calls for unusual energy, which certainly describes the native. Now let’s get a technique down for this proposition of reading from the planets. First look at each planet by what sign they are in, then by house and finally symbolic degree.

The justification for a use of these symbolical degrees is that they work. Here is something that baffles people. I remember the story in the Bible of the boy who was cured of blindness. The learned people came to him and said it was impossible. It just didn’t happen. The “medical books” said it couldn’t be done that way. This, of course, is my own version of the story! The young man in the Bible narrative, who was a simple sort of fellow, remarked: “What you say is very interesting. You are learned gentlemen. I am convinced you are very clever and know much more than I do. However, all I know is that once I was blind, and now I see.”3

And so, like that boy, we won’t go into a discussion of the symbolical degrees, but content ourselves with the fact they are something that works.

Mars is at 17 Capricorn 49, or energy in the sign of critical discrimination. Since I have Mercury in Scorpio, I will be giving you many nicknames tonight, and I would suggest that you make your own when mine do not click. I have made them for myself to save time and effort and I find them a great help. To me Capricorn is the sign of “critical discrimination,” well illustrated by Teddy’s campaign against the “nature fakers.”

The Sabian degree for Capricorn 18 reads:

“From the proud new warship of Britannia, a token of her maritime power, flies the Union Jack in calm dignity. “

T.R. made the United States a first-class power, and he did it with the Navy. The symbol puts the case forward exactly. But what is  the idea of a warship? A warship is any ship used as a weapon for combat; never for defense. It has dignity and is often representative of the country that builds and floats it, and so too this man, with his personality and critical discrimination —  the ability to distinguish two or more things from each other —  was a man who, in everything he did, said: “We have to find a way to make this stand out, & make this dignified.”


It was no different for himself.  He went out West and became a cowboy, and a good one. Not the kind they have on dude ranches – pretty boys that prance around and do nothing, but a real working cowboy who roped and broke horses.  He used these skills in the Rough Riders, the First Volunteer Calvary unit in the Spanish-American War.

When he was a sickly, scrawny youngster with squinty eyes, he was determined to be well, and he made himself over in the image of male virility and health by becoming a real “rough rider.” All this is shown by this first house and the sign and the degree of Mars.

 Thus, you have the first salient point in a horoscope:  Mars.


  1. Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric, Baron Georges Cuvier , was a French naturalist, zoologist and paleontologist during First Empire. He was born on August 23, 1769, eight days after Napoleon Bonaparte’s birth, in Montbéliard, then Duchy of Württemberg.
  2. These notes were taken from a Marc Jones’s talk for the Guild in 1942.  You can read all 15 points here.
  3. This parable is from the Gospel of John chapter 9 verse 25, Revised Standard Version:
    1. He answered, “Whether he is a sinner, I do not know; one thing I know, that though I was blind, now I see.” 
  4. You can download TR’s horoscope in the Placidus format that Jones used, here.
  5. You can read it online at Sabian.org

Jupiter and The Nazis by Gary Noel

Astrological researcher and statistician Michel Gauquelin studied the birth charts of prominent Nazis several decades ago. Of 508 generals, dignitaries and chiefs, 118 entered the world when Jupiter had reached ascendancy or the upper culmination in what we now call Gauquelin power zones.

Gauquelin also felt that this demonstrated the Law of Statistical Averages, he wrote that there should have been no more than 83. That precept is actually is a fallacy because there is no mathematical requirement that short-term balances must occur and correspondingly no Law of Averages. This is also called the Gambler’s Fallacy that eventually if you play enough, you have to win because the lottery eventually will even out. Wrong. The lottery, like birth days, is a random game and one can play a 1000 times and the number #34 never appear. Aleksandr Pushkin remarked upon this over two hundred years ago in his short story, The Queen of Spades. It is a short story and worth reading. Get it here.

Jupiter and Mass Hysteria

Historically, Gauquelin noted that there was a high amount of Jupiterians in the French Resistance. Being a socialist and pro-Revolution, Gauquelin thought that being a Jupiterian might be the only way to resist Jupiterian tyranny.

In 1944, Himmler, a Jupiterian (Jupiter rules Pisces his Ascendant) supervised numerous mass murders, with Hitler’s permission. He bragged he had seen 6 million Jews died. Himmler’s revelation was met with thunderous applause. Later on, before a group of navy leaders, Himmler boasted of murdering women and children too.

Early in his life, Hitler had nothing against the Jewish people. When his mother died, he told the Jewish doctor who treated her that he would be forever grateful for the care he had given her. Hitler kept his word. Even after the Nazis came into power, Dr. Bloch felt that he enjoyed privileges not granted to other Jews.

What changed him was Hitler convinced himself that Germany lost World War I because World Jewry sabotaged the war effort many think this is the genesis of his abhorrence of Jews.

Gauquelin attributed Hitler’s tyrannical nature to the fact he was born with Jupiter near the IC in a zone of moderate influence. Hitler had Uranus in a major power zone but Gauquelin found no link between Uranus and personality.

Psychic Edgar Cayce, however, called Uranus the planet of extremes and to him, Hitler was a Uranian as the planet was near o his Ascendant. Cayce noted that Himmler also a combination of Uranus and Jupiter, had both planets conjoined in a primary power zone right at the midheaven in the Tenth house. Following Cayce’s idea, that the marriage of Uranus and Jupiter is a strong one, perhaps something to check.

The Hyperion Symbol for Scorpio 27 is the “Fate of the Old King” when continuity is established and handled down through patterns of thoughts and behaviour.  The North Node is in the eighth house and trine the Sun in the fourth, encouraging us to stay home and not fight the dragon head on.  A Qi Gong practitioner I know says it took Wuhan 100 days to fight the demon, if so its 109 days to Fourth of July, and ninety-four to summer and it’s already been about seven.  Hey, looking to the sunny side of the street — we’re almost there.

The Spring of our Discontent¹

Footnote:                                                        1.  Apologies to William Shakespeare and Richard III.

Spring is upon us yet we are all hibernating like bears hoping that if we communally requester the C thing will die all the quicker.  Let’s keep that good thought.

Our Ascendant is 27 Scorpio and both its lords, traditional and modern, are in the second house, the nations economy, but  neither square Uranus in the fifth, so perhaps there is an urge to be creative with our finances.  They are trine Venus as she shutters the business of America and blows the ill wind of Covid-19 upon us but again Uranus, the lone ranger of individual defiance, stands strong.  Actually Uranus is “unaspected”, not counting that semisextile to the Sun in the fourth and that in reality maybe the best thing for us as we get through this.

From the Sabian point of view, an unaspected planet could be a focal determinator, if so this Springtime Uranus could be the bellweather of a new individual coming forth from the froth of Venus and heralding a self-sufficiency and end of the great global brotherhood.  Anyone up for planting Victory gardens?

It an ill wind that bears no fruit, and C19 seems to be recommending this Springtime self-sufficiency, Walden and other historically important but short literature like the Rights of Man, the Declaration of Independence and of course the granddaddy of the all, the Magna Carta. On your off hours call or write,  another habit long forgotten, to friends and family.  Reach out and touch someone by phone:  reconnect, and finally as the night falls,  remember it is Lent, that period of mediation, recollection and prayer. 

Hey folks — it’s a Spring Break……literally.  Use yours well.