Today Puzder said in a statement, “After careful consideration and discussions with my family, I am withdrawing my nomination for Secretary of Labor. I am honored to have been considered by President Donald Trump to lead the Department of Labor and put America’s workers and businesses back on a path to sustainable prosperity. I want thank President Trump for his nomination. … While I won’t be serving in the administration, I fully support the President and his highly qualified team.”


Mr. Puzder is the CEO for CKE Restaurants that licenses franchisees. On the West Coast this is mainly Carl, jr.  On the East, they are known as Hardees.  Mr. Puzder was nominated by President Trump for Labour Secretary but his comments that the minimum wage should be state and not federal based caused a lot of trouble with the media and Congress.

Alexander Acosta, who was named Thursday, has already passed muster with senators three times, winning confirmation under President George W. Bush for a position on the National Labor Relations Board, as assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida. He has been dean at Florida International University’s law school since 2009.  AFL-CIO leader, Richard Trumka has endorsed him.

You can download the Puzder chart here.

 The Meat and Potatoes


We rectified Mr. Puzder’s chart for an 18+ Cancer Ascendant based on his biography which has the Hyperion Symbol of “Guitars and Mandolins” rather ironic as Puzder started his career in guitar sales for his alma mater, Ohio State.  McClung writes about this symbol that it suggests duality which is fitting as he does have a law degree but is known more for his Hardee fast-foods than anything doing with legal affairs.

His temperament type is a Bucket.  The turquoise line shows the East-West hemisphere break, with a lone singleton, Jupiter in the ninth house of long journeys & public writings; he has written extensively on labour issues for the WSJ, Forbes and the National Review.  His career previous to becoming CEO of CKE Restaurants took him from his native Cleveland to  St. Louis Missouri, and now with its advent,  he now goes routinely to all fifty states viewing CKE operations from his home in Tennessee.

Opposite that Bucket handle is Saturn at 15.13 Virgo, creating his Line of Personality, see the rose oval.  This suggests he puts his strong personal & religious views in the forefront, whether it was as a Pro-Life lawyer in Missouri sponsoring an abortion law prohibiting the use of state money for abortions or commenting on how federal litmus test for a minimum wage was actually discriminatory because of the various differing standards of living.

That opposition has an outlet forming a T-Square at his Venus, see the light pink oval, at Gemini 16.3 conjunct his Moon both in his eleventh house showing his deep personal commitment to his community, employees, and franchisees.

While Mr. Puzder will not be US Labor Secretary, based on his chart and past performance, we are sure he will continue writing, discussing and vetting public policy.

General Michael Thomas Flynn has been in the news a lot lately.  There is no birth data anywhere for him other than place, Barrington Rhode Island and month December and year, 1958 —  so we chose one and rectified from there.  Read ahead for is our very speculative chart for him.

President D.J. Trump saluting General Flynn, then National Security Advisor

We propose that General Flynn was born December 7, 1958 in Barrington, Rhode Island at 3;46 AM, EST.  This time/date  gives him a bucket temperament type with a Mars Singleton handle in the Seventh House with the practical sign of Taurus ruling.

We feel that this works because with Mars as a Singleton it gives great emphasis to his Martial (i.e. Miliary) career and his strong desire to rise in prominence within the ranks.  The singleton also gives him a special talent, dealing with military relationships, and the ability to focus in that area of his life with strong concentration.  Often this shows up with someone who is so intent on the big picture that they are felled by an acorn, tripping themselves up by looking ahead and forgetting to watch their step.

He does have a Rim opposition (Uranus v. ) but it requires Chiron (the asteroid of Personal Respect) instead of as Dr. Jones would like, one of the major planets.  As such, with this opposition, it suggests that General Flynn is a stable person, does not fly off the handle and treats people fairly; in short he has a logical and equitable disposition.

This setup of Uranus v. Chiron, also works into Fixed T-Cross with Mars v. Jupiter is atypical and suggests that as soon as the General solves one crisis (problem) he works on solving the next and gives him great potential for accomplishment.  Unfortunately as we previously noted, it also gives him a tendency to scatter his resources, be secretive (the Ascendant of 06.07 points to a person who prizes highly his privacy) and in the process undermine his success.

If only that was not so……….maybe you have a better idea?  Let us know.

Download the general-mtf’s here.general flynn.png

Flynn’s fall occurred because of the discrepancy he reported to the Oval Office and what was recorded and illegally leaked. The Washington Times thinks that inside rivals may been integral to the general’s quick fall.

This was created by the Mathematical brothers Johannes and Matthias Campanus, who were born around 1250 AD. It did not become popular until about 150 years after their death when Regiomontanus said his system was an improvement to theirs.  it has interceptions and unequal houses.  It was the favourite of Dane Rudhyar, a good friend of Marc Edmund Jones, and Charles Jayne.

Ian Brady, Britain’s child murderer and rapist, died on Monday.  Michel Gauquelin has his birth data, so we decided to view it  The chart has some asteroids, from WinStar Express, has Kepler does not depicts them at all except on a print out; I prefer Solar Fire’s integrated approach, but SF has a lot of problems running on my Win 10 Machine for whatever reason. Perhaps in an upgrade, they will fix that so to get some of the asteroids I create the chart in WinStar for publication.

Mr. Brady has a see-saw temperament type, with most of the planets located in the Southern public part of his chart. It also leans towards the Western or opportunistic side of the map, showing how he took advantage of each situation to his benefit.

See-saws or as Robert Jansky retermed them Hourglasses, are always caught in a balancing act with a shifting emphasis between the two hemispheres  in Brady’s chart between a desire to be quietly prideful (PoF at 24.58 Taurus) and an incredible desire for fame and fed into his narcissism of four planetary pairs.

The group of planets, asteroids and Arabian parts at his ascendant is disturbing.  Brady has TransPluto right next to his ascendant suggesting that he grew up in a critical and perfectionist environment wherein the personality, the ego and first house, felt picked to pieces.  As this aspect is coming from the Twelfth house conjunct Uranus, Brady took this very personally and harbored this criticism within

Across from Vesta in the Sixth House, and so creating a T-Cross with his Sun, 12 Capricorn, and highlighting the Ninth House as its focal expression.  While the Ninth is the home of long journeys, from Glasgow to London is about 400 miles, it is also the place that journalism (the Fourth Estate) resides, suggesting that he realized making his name in Glasgow would not make as big a splash as it would in London town fueling his need and desire for notoriety and publicity.

Asteroid Hygeia, not shown, is at 1 Libra, is next to Poseidon and opposite the harsh father of Saturn. This combination of public dis-health (Hygeia) in his working Sixth, coupled with desire, Poseidon, has another outlet, this time in the Third House of Brothers and Sisters at the Arabian Part of Divorce.  Could Brady have wanted to create a family for himself, of little virginal girls faithful to him, unlike his mother who serially remarried?  It is hard to say, but the chart and his murders are psychotically disturbing. Of course these two T-Crosses create one large Grand Mutable Cross supporting the See-saw configuration.

Also in his Third House, conjunct Divorce are other odd parts like the Part of Deception & Lying, and Sudden Advancement which is opposite his Sun wanting notoriety, so it would seem that to him that this was a way to make a big a splash. London’s Fleet Street  Tabloid journalism playing up his feats added to his glee.


Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

As for Myra Hindley his accomplice, his chart does show Juno in the Seventh next to the Arabian part of Cooperation, opposite his Part of Fortune.  There can be no doubt that without Myra a lot of this would not have happened, as he needed a willing accomplice who supported his ambition.  Whether Miss Hindley was truly a victim of his Svengali methods as the London Times wrote,  is difficult to say, we do not have her horoscope on hard,  but with his part of marriage exact to his Saturn, there is no doubt, in my mind at least, that this was a significant relationship to Brady.

His progressed chart to his approximate time of death, shows once again everything hitting in his chart in the Tenth House of career fame.  It would seem that Brady had more than his fifteen minutes of fame, and twice.

The Charts.  The progressed is from Kepler, the Natal from Winstar.  Both are owned by Matrix.