Goering c. 1917

Göring was an ace flyer in Germany’s First World War.  He was fast acting,  reactive fighter pilot  (Venus and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius – Capricorn) with good stamina and physical courage.

Born Hermann Wilhelm Goering on January 12, 1893 at 3:13 AM ¹ in Rosenheim, the Kingdom of Bavaria, the German Empire. to Heinrich Ernst and his wife Franziska {Fanny} Tiefanbrunn.

He was the second  of their four children — Karl, was the eldest from this marriage and Albert Gunther (who saved many Jews from extermination and was rumoured to be the son of a Fanny and Hermann Epenstein liason) followed him on 9 March 1895.

His father was a former cavalry officer, and Governor General of German protectorate in South West Africa (Namibia) and then Haiti.  Heinrich also had two girls, Olga Therese Sophia and Paula Elisabeth Rosa Göring, from his first marriage and was blood related to Count von Zeppelin, Hermann Grimm, Karl Burckhardt and the Merck family.

Hermann’s godfather was  Dr. Hermann Epenstein Ritter von Mauternburg a wealthy physician friend of his father and Christian of Jewish descent, after whom the boy was named.  The wealthy doctor was so overjoyed that he announced that the family could stay in his Burg Veldenstein − an imposing, medieval bastion in Franconia − and summer at Burg Mauterndorf, a fairytale castle in the Tauern mountains of Austria near Salzburg.  It was an idyllic childhood.

berg veldenstein.jpg
Burg Veldenstein — the Goering winter home

                         The Göring MAP


Goering Natal Chart

Göring is a bucket with a Neptunian handle — Pluto was not discovered until 1930, that lays in his Seventh House of Personal Relationship and how others view him.  It’s hard to think of Göring as a larper, but OTOH, he did wear lots of outlandish costumes and have mock medieval events at his own burg — probably confiscated in the same manner as ISIS does today with their enemies.

His ascendant at 20 Scorpio is opposite Vesta in Taurus in the Sixth House suggesting that he was an all-or-nothing leader who encouraged his Luftwaffe to perform more as individual stylized heroes (Chiron is the point focus of thatT-Square in the Ninth House of Long Journeys) of the First World War, than a cohesive team as many military strategists have noted.

His Mercury in the First House of self-identity is squared his Mars in the Fifth, telling us that Goring suffered from chronic anxiety and perhaps contributed to his morphine addiction (Neptune in the 7th house opposite the First) as needing always to appear calm and in control.  Conjunct his Venus, this would have made him an over-preening egotist, a little too vain.

The real issue in the Reichsmarshall’s chart though is that his Lord of the Chart (the final dispositor of all other rulers) is Mars in the Fifth House at 10 Aries.  It has the symbol  “A man teachings new skills for old ways,” but since it is so heavily squared it gets the warning of him having a “twisted perspective” in his affairs.

The final dispositor is viewed as because it is the only planet that is in its own sign, naturally auspicious, but also  it is the only planet that has complete autonomy, being ruled by no other planet. Also, all the other planets have their lord ruled by the final dispositor, or have signs planets rules that which are themselves ruled by the final dispositor,  thus making all the planets in the chart as being under the sway of the final dispositor.

In Goring’s case this would have made him a bully, aggressive and hard for other men to get along with, though his first wife Carin also seems to have problems.  He would have been a hard man to work for, always yelling and pummelling his pilots for more and better and never letting up.  In a military arena this was probably expected and thus accepted, but it would have also meant that only a very few, the very best, would be loyal.

                                    The Lines of Goering

The Line of Vitality, also called the Line of Self-Determination, is that aspect between the two luminaries themselves:  the Sun and Moon.  In Göring’s chart they are sextile, suggesting he was self-indulgent and trusted toadies — he did not want anyone around him that was unlike himself or equally aggressive.  Perhaps his second wife, an actress, knew how to play that to her advantage as they more happily married.

The next major aspect is the Line of Motivation, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, always historically mated in astrology.  Here Göring has the two opposite highlighting his need to dramatize his existence into mythic proportions.  This was probably exacerbated by his childhood memories of living in castles and travelling around the Empire.

The third aspect we look at is the Line of Efficiency, which is the aspect between harmonic Venus and warrior Mars.  He has no major aspect here, but there is a  biseptile (a difference between planets of 102º 51′ 26″)  telling us of his compulsive bravado and best others over small and trivial issues like his daughter the prettiest, the best student, he would have to win at whatever game or sport you were playing and win convincingly, and on and on it would go.  This would irritate in the best of times, but when someone holds life and death over the competitor worrisome.

The final and fourth aspect is the Line of Significance, also called Culture, that is between Uranus and Neptune, or as Jones called socially significant planets.  Göring does not have a major aspect here, but an inconjunct (150º distance between the two planets), showing how he inter-reacted with the world as large:   his irrational fears, psychosomatic illnesses creating an artistic tension that required an outlet.  For Goering that outlet was projecting himself into a world of make believe where he, and not Hitler, was Lord Emperor.

The Castle the Görings has use of through their association with  Dr. Hermann Epenstein in Austria.


Göring was found guilty as a war criminal at the International Military Tribunal at Nurnberg,  (Nuremberg)  Germany.  He was due to be hanged on the conviction of war crimes and crimes against humanity from the Nuremberg Trials after his request to die like a soldier and be shot was denied.  Instead, he took his own life with a potassium cyanide capsule hid in his skin care cream.

Download the Goering natal chart

Download the Goering Suicide Progressed chart


  1. Marc Jones cites 3:13 AM for  Göring ‘s birth while other sites, like Michel Gauquelin, mention 4 AM.  We are going with Marc’s data as we find that rectification works well.
  2. Göring with the umlaut over the o is the proper way to write the Reichsmarshall’s (Field Marshall) name, but Kepler does not allow umlauts, so instead according to German language Instructor, C. A. Weingaertner, adding an “e’ in is an acceptable approximation.


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