On January 22 2017, Donald J. Trump, sr. was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. This is the event’s chart.

The Inauguration as Touchstone

We do not whether the Inauguration sets the tempo for a president’s whole four years, at least not yet, but certain things strike us.  First starting with the blue circle around the Ascendant,  at 14 Taurus, is a good omen for someone who wants to put America back to work.  The Hyperion symbol suggest that is of a “Patriarch at the foot of a mountain, ” a nice wordplay on the Father of our Country.  Mr. McClung writes that this symbol suggests a “crisis of real leadership” and the celebration of discovering one. 

The little red stellium in the eleventh house tells us that President Trump has every intention of making good his promises to his “friends, neighbors and countrymen” who voted him in and with Chiron right in the middle at 21  Pisces 48 that he will ignore all the “Siren Singers” around him who try to dissuade using either Venusian charm or Neptune’s laws and edits  or stop him aggressively via  judicial law (24 Pisces 22, Supremes?).

Mars, the outer red circle,  is interesting. At 24 Pisces 22, it suggests a central repository as guidance.  In the eleventh house we think that this means various news medias and judiciaries in the Country who will try to sway people to their side but since it is Mars, a military symbol,  could this be the FBI?   CIA?  Dunno to be honest.  But winning an election is one thing, actually doing what you say with lots of temptation to stop, constant blockage and family blackmail is another.

The Moon, green circle, suggests that Trump will have to battle a lot of fears, including his own.  Worries and concerns about how deeply entrenched the Empire mentality, sitting in the sixth house next to welcoming Jupiter, lurks within the majority of the populace.  To win those hearts will be a tough job.


Will he succeed?  Based on this chart, the Part of Fortune at 22.31 Aquarius (pink circle at the top)  the Hyperion symbol of the “Koran upraised” tells us that justifying his mandate, his election?,  will be challenged by that very Moon 09 Scorpio. Those working against him and trying to foster their own agenda will be strong, perhaps even up in arms — that Mars again, though that orb is very wide.

The leader — 14 Taurus 00  — opposes the Moon and the T-Cross outcropping is at the Part of Fortune — where Trump gets his strength:  the American electorate.  I think he’s in for a rough four years.  I wouldn’t wager who wins.

Hyperion Symbols by G. K. McClung can be bought here.

Per Martin Schulman notables with a 9+ Scorpio ascendant —  actor Will Smith, Mila Kunis, the discovery of Uranus, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,  Iceland, King assassin James Earl Ray 

Originally posted January 22 2017.  Typo corrected, and chart verified  for viewing as we are no longer giving away PDFs, March 2020.  The chart itself should be downloadable.