On March 4, 2017, Saturday at 4:09 AM, EST, Venus goes retrograde at 13.09 Aries, which has the Sabian symbol “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.” The keyword is “Revelation,” with the warning of surrendering to desires, greed, and vanity.

Revelation by Arthur Hacker c. 1892

Venus’s message here is that understanding our place in the Universe is key to our personal & national development and whether “We our brother’s keeper” as the Murderer Cain asks of God in the Book of Genesis? or is the real issue that continual acquisition (Marc Edmund Jones keyword for Venus)  is a fool’s game that eventually leads to corruption?

During this retrograde season, a see-saw temperament type will be inforce, suggesting the need to focus on one’s goals which will be difficult because of shifting issues, newscasts casting clouds of doubt just general ennui.


Uranus will be opposite ambitious Jupiter, found no less than in the religious ninth house reminding us of our higher duties and callings. It has a T-Cross out at the Ascendant (24.11 Capricorn) — keyword “Sincerity” — conjunct the harsh requirements of Pluto, in the twelfth house @18.51 Capricorn.

Together these two will demand an honest account of ourselves, and our governmental leaders and some blow back ala the “Fake News” pounding the airwaves. Will the unaccountable “Fake news” finally be destroyed? Or will it encourage more fears (Moon 29.26 Taurus) and undermine our society as we question whether our intelligence agencies can function?

Everything though is pounding the second house of wealth, status, and relationships. Chiron ends the stellium there, and for many of us, as well as the Nation as a whole, revelations coming to light on those topics maybe hard to swallow. Are we living la dolce vita, forgetting that such extravagances and accessories are driving us into debt with no long-term benefit? Or are we buying things that will help us long term fulfill our duties (Neptune partile Mercury) and keeping our eye on the prize? If you do not know the answer, now is a good time to ask.

Those questions get asked now, as Venus, that tantalizing planet of luxury, goes backward. Hopefully, 17.53 Scorpio at the Mid-heaven that has the image of a “woman fathering her child” warning us of our prideful arrogance but happily reminding us that our personal & social responsibilities can be a way forward.

Best Wishes.

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