The Venus Sun Conjunction

The symbolism abounds

At 5:17 AM this morning, Venus created an inferior conjunction with the Sun at 4 Aries 57.  The Sabian Symbol reads: “A triangle with wings” – contemplation of  which leads to an  experience of peace, harmony, and Oneness because Three is  self-steadying.     Three is associated with spirituality  because the “wings” have left the ground — they are transcendent.  This fits in well with the religious denotations for this day, it is exactly nine months to Christmas and today marks the  appearance of the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary for the “annunciation.”

A new beginning takes courage, John Collier artist


Currently, hidden in the Sun’s rays,  Venus will appear again on March 31 as a  “helical rising”  where Venus is ahead of the Sun.   She continues thus for approximately the next year or 260 days.    While retrograde, she will station direct on April 15 (US Tax Day) at 26 Pisces 55  on the cusp of the seventh house and conjunct Neptune, Pisces’s modern co-ruler.  The Sabian Symbol  for this degree is the “harvest moon”  where  new achievement  emphasizes nature’s gifts.

The ingress progressed to the Venus-Sun conjunction shows a cup with  a Jupiter handle., or the idea of material security and
a enthusiasm with earthly possessions.  This is not the greed for more, but the faith that all will be provided if one plans
and is prudent — the old fashioned husbanding’s one’s resources.


A Venusian conundrum

The desert lantana is in bloom

Venus though is in strange territory.  On one hand in the seventh house, that she essentially rules  for Libra, is found currently  under the influence of Aries, where Venus  is in her detriment  or her polar opposite.  So Venus is getting “sucked dry” by the “heat” of Aries like the beautiful desert lantana and her brilliant yellow red blooms are flowering too quickly to be appreciated by all but the most attentive butterflies

  • The general advice is to maintain your mental and emotional equilibrium by pacing yourself and like the butterfly waiting for your moments to strike.