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A chart for the time of the massacre. The location is exactly where the school is located.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018 the sheriff of Florida’s Broward County, announced that there had been a massacre inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at Parkland Florida at around 2.21 PM according to Fox News. In toto 17 children and adults dead, another 16 wounded.

parkland shooting.png
The Valentine’s Day massacre at Margory Stoneman High School chart

The suspect in custody is Nikolas Cruz, 19, a former student who was expelled from the school and who unnerved acquaintances with his desire to be a “professional school shooter.”   Before the incident Cruz had no criminal history according to state law enforcement records.

lynda cruz.png

He grew up in Pine Tree Estates, Parkland Florida.  Both he and his brother Zachary were adopted.  Their their father, Roger Cruz, died of a heart attack in 2004 at the age of 67.   On November 1st, 2017 Mrs. Cruz died from complications of the flu.  She was 68 and native of Long Island, New York.

A house in Pine Tree Estates.  The median price of a home in the development is currently about $225K .

After she died  Nikolas and Zachary stayed with friends in Lake Worth but Nikolas asked a former classmate if he could move in with him and his family. They agreed, even though he had already been expelled from the school for disciplinary problems, after getting in a fight with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.  That family said everything was going well.

“He had emotional problems and I believe he was diagnosed with autism,” said a neighbor, Mr. Gold. “and trouble controlling his temper. He broke things. He would do that sometimes at our house when he lost his temper. But he was always very apologetic afterwards.”

He added: “He would sometimes be hitting his head and covering his ears. One time, I sent him home because he was misbehaving at our house and he took a golf club and smashed one of my trailers.”

         Laying out Nickolas

We have only the police report to say that Nikolas Jacob Cruz was born in Margate, Florida.  We do not know where he was adopted, or if the Margate refers to the surrender place, if his parents were in Florida at that time, etc.  There a lot of birth unkowns with Cruz so that was given rectifying his chart.

nj cruz

Nonetheless Cruz gets a 22 Scorpio Ascendant, that the Hyperion Symbols say is a “radio message of great urgency.”  It has the keyword of demand for it is an insistent call that must be heeded.  That seems to be the case as while he had “no criminal record” prior to the shooting, the Parkland Police department was at his house 19 times all regarding violence and a reported Youtube video where Cruz said he wanted to be a “professional school shooter.”  Should not an ankle bracelet been in use for him, a relevant point as he was banned from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for violence, and so would have alerted authorities that he was on the premises?

msd high school.png
The red dot is the scene of the crime.

But let’s go the charts….  There are several interesting things in Nikolas’s chart prime among them the three oppositions, and two of those creating a Cosmic Cross.  Working around the heel the first is in the green boxes, where wehave the two social planets of Neptune and Uranus in the third house of peers and schooling, opposite mars in the Ninth House of higher self and journeys.  This aspect suggests that Cruz really felt stifled at school and resented that the other children were doing better than he a diagnosed “autistic.”  Some states have special classes for those children, it would seem that Broward County does not.

The green triangles aspect via a square on either side highlighted in tangerine (this is the Sunshine State) that shows how much his mother meant to him and without her, he felt anchorless and alone.  His father, Saturn in this grouping, at the Fifth-Sixth house cusp had died when he was little, so Mrs. Cruz was both mother and father and her death left a gaping hole in his heart.

The final third opposition in complementary purple from the Tenth to the Fourth houses, highlights Venus in the tenth conjunct Mercury and via  a translation of light to his Sun in the eleventh house of friends opposite enthusiastic Jupiter in the fourth.  This setup suggests he really wanted to belong to his social group, or at least,  wanted a social group, but could not fit in with any he found.

It’s a pity that his mother’s death in lieu of his past violence was not paid more respect by authorities, or the FBI report not heeded.  Obviously Mr. Moto was not on the job¹ because he would have been the  (Scorpio 15) “reporter in hot pursuit of the news” would have gotten the message.



  1. Mr. Moto is a fictional character created by J. P. Marquand.  Peter Lorre was his Hollywood represntation.  Great stuff for a Saturday matinee.
  2. The School Shooting Charts
  3. Download the Broward County, FLA MC-Docket
  4. Download the Nikolas J. Cruz chart
  5. The Hyperion symbols are for sale here.
    1. Never pay more than list for the book btw, as the author still has some on hand for list plus media postage, signed if you want too, no charge.

In October, 2017, I started writing a complete set of 480 separate male/female interpretations for all the declination parallel and contraparallel aspects. In doing so, I discovered that both Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering, his number two, were born with Mars closely parallel Chiron.

Goering was born four years later, in 1893. With Hitler the orb is 05m and with Goering the orb is  07m.  With Chaplin, the orb is much wider -46m. Only 9 other men in my collection of 2,279 famous men with known birth times were born with Mars parallel Chiron within 07m. The difference between these other 9 men and Hitler is that most of them have either no close zodiacal aspects to Chiron or have favorable aspects, compared to Hitler’s challenging aspect of Moon opposite Chiron, with orb of 12m.

Hitler’s right hand man, Hermann Goering had Chiron conjunct Juno, the partnership asteroid, with an orb of 0d 24m, and  close zodiacal aspects to the Moon, Mars, and North Node. At the Nuremberg Trials, Goering “was charming, aloof and confident, and from the start was determined to dominate the other prisoners and make them follow his line of defence.”

Mars parallel Chiron is also a  powerful aspect, but it does not always produce an Adolf Hitler, it can also produce a Simon Cowell, a Harvey Levin, a John McCain (held in Vietnamese capitivity as a prisoner of war) , or a Vincent Price – all people who have confronted the unpleasant or the horrific side of life.

The slow-moving planetary aspects include three planets at 19 degrees – Uranus, the Black Moon Lilith, and cold, distant Eris – in addition to tapping into these outer-planet energies, Chaplin and Hitler also channelled the generational aspect of Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini. Both had a close Uranus sesquiquadrate Pluto aspect in their charts, as did Israeli general Moshe Dayan, U.S. senator Robert Byrd (former Grand Wizard of the KKK) Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach.

The energies of that minor square aspect manifest as follows:

“This aspect makes you tough and hard. It gives you the ability to withstand hurts or injuries and yet still recover and thrive. You never stop growing. It gives you the technical ability to have power and influence with others.”

Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp character achieved worldwide universal familiarity – Chaplin’s Moon on the Ascendant gave him a transpersonal connection to the common man. In 1917, it was reported that nine out of ten men who attended costume parties dressed as the Tramp. Stores carried dolls and merchandise with Chaplin’s likeness.

The appearance of Adolf Hitler was often compared to that of Charlie Chaplin. They both exemplified an extreme rags to riches story and in 1940, Chaplin portrayed Hitler  in The Great Dictator – a talkie that was at the time universally panned.

. The connection between them is not just some weird or accidental coincidence but as   Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung commented on synchronicity, it was a link that exists because resonates with deep meaning and significance. Outer events can be signs that point to underlying connections and a deeper reality.

Whereas Chaplin’s strongest planet was the Moon, the planet of emotions, Adolf Hitler’s strongest planets was the Sun, the planet of will.  Hilter also scored high with the newly discovered Eris, the planet of discord.  Deep stuff indeed.

John Halloran
Los Angeles

Several of the charts mentioned are shown above.

The Sabian symbol daily forecast for September 2, 2017 turned up Aquarius at the 7th degree. It has the symbol of  “A child born of an eggshell, ” and is shown on the chart attached for downloading as a Black Circle in the Fifth House near the Sixth House Cusp. It has two major aspects, the first to the Sun/Ascendant at 10-11 Virgo telling us that this is a personal message and the other to the Midheaven at the 9th House at Gemini 06 reminding of our ongoing spiritual journey.

Aquarius 7 is readily made for voyaging through our stream of consciousness & gain clarity into our daily life.  When  I first realized it had a resemblance to  yesterday, “A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy, ”  I instinctively knew that it was hearkening to a more speculative idea.

Our task is to make it work for us. We are still in the realm of ideas even more so than we were yesterday and yet like today, when these symbols were visualized, and then transcribed, physics was all the rage: Albert Einstein was a celebrity and his Theory of Relativity while barely understood was a conversation piece..  When asked about the quantum field Einstein  said it was “spooky action at a distance.”

And so too, the child born of the Orphic egg heralds  both our microcosmic and macrocosmic evolutionary journey and it too is spooky at a distance, but becomes crystallized in our consciousness  when the first step is taken.

Science fiction movies conjecture about our individual and collective journey and in the classic film Star Wars,  Princess Leia becomes a symbolic Great Mother, healing the wounds between her people and her mission, her brother and their father, her lover and herself.  Especially today, express your loyalty to the first step of your rejuvenative journey.

“May the force be with you.”

Joel Anthony

0902 Dice.pdf


Today’s’ chart is at sunrise in Providence, Rhode Island.

A day can be viewed as a spiral. We awake, move, interact, regroup, be still in each day. How to understand it can be a dizzying roller-coaster ride. My purpose is to share a symbol for that 24-hour journey to gives clues to accomplish a personal rhythm consistent with who you are and who you are becoming. The symbols themselves will unfold and can be viewed as a lens to your day. They also connect over longer periods of time to form a greater appreciation for life.

Scorpio 23º has the symbol of a bunny metamorphosed into a fairy implying that there is fertile ground for transition like the  bunny’s change to a fairy.  It is more specific to ideas than people or  normal activities and our task is to communicate those ideals in our lives overriding the superficial tendencies always present.

Our mental acuity for connecting the dots is stimulated by our innate initiative able to generate a self-response to our deep-seated convictions. Our bunny represents a more material function. The fairy connects to our less substantial contemplation. We have the creative spark to incorporate to share those ideals in our everyday lives. Simple responses will do.

From the chart above I see that it is sextile Vesta suggesting I need some time alone and opposite Pallas for planning a journey based on the bunny a spiritual not physical one.  Feedback, good or bad, is always welcome.

Enjoy the transition.  Joel Anthony

Queen Anne lithograph


Anne was born in the reign of her uncle Charles II, who had no legitimate children. Her father, James, was then the first in line to the throne, but because of his Roman Catholic ties, he was very unpopular with the House of Lords. Charles II recommended that Anne be raised as an Anglican to help James’s cause.

It did not help James for three years after he succeeded Charles, he was deposed in the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688.  His daughter Mary II and her Dutch husband were the reigning monarchs.  They had no children, so after Mary’s death in 1694, William continued as sole monarch until his death in 1702 at which point Anne became monarch.

queen anne.png

We did not rectify this chart; Ms. Lois Rodden did.  Queen Anne is a Bundle even with the Modern Planets excepting for Pluto, blacked out on the chart here.  This temperament type is very insular and here, with everything in the Northern Hemisphere increases that predilection.   What’s rather interesting is looking at where her Neptune, that planet of dutiful obligation resides, at 18.47 Capricorn in the third house, but the same degree as Joan of Arc is said to have had her Saturn.

qa highboy.pngQueen Anne is a Bundle even with the Modern Planets excepting for Pluto, blacked out on the chart here.  This temperament type is very insular and here, with everything in the Northern Hemisphere increases that predilection.   What’s rather interesting is looking at where her Neptune, that planet of dutiful obligation resides, at 18.47 Capricorn in the third house, but the same degree as Joan of Arc is said to have had her Saturn.

The Hyperion Symbol is “Small dogs chasing a squirrel” which is all about the gay abandon one pursues one’s interest.  That is later amplified by her Uranus at 16.35 Aquarius that is exactly the same degree as her descendant Queen Victoria’s Jupiter. Both Queens made a big splash promoting the  arts and crafts of their time; Anne in furniture and Victoria in textiles.

Her third house is also rather crowded, with her sister Mary, her Dutch cousins, Mary’s husband William, and large extended family.

The classic Queen Anne style.

The difficulties she had with her sister are shown by the elder being a stern taskmaster at Saturn 06.21 Capricorn but with its image of “Young girls by a lotus pond”  that there may have been some subtle rivalry going on as Mary was barren and worried about her successor.


Finally, her Pluto, not discovered for several centuries after her death & way out in the eighth house at 24.23 Gemini, tells us that she was quite aware of her image and legacy.  With the keyword from Sepharial of “friendship”  and opposite her dutiful Neptune in the third house, there is no doubt that the Queen invited and curried British craftsman’s favour in a celebration of interior decor and a major attack on the prevailing French provincial style of the time.

Her eye on the “future,”  Saturn in Capricorn, was a smart bet; she left no issue and was the end of the Stuart line after her comes in the Hanovers — but her furniture, elegant and timeless, lives on.

Click to download queen-annes-chart