chart itself.png
A chart for the time of the massacre. The location is exactly where the school is located.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018 the sheriff of Florida’s Broward County, announced that there had been a massacre inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at Parkland Florida at around 2.21 PM according to Fox News. In toto 17 children and adults dead, another 16 wounded.

parkland shooting.png
The Valentine’s Day massacre at Margory Stoneman High School chart

The suspect in custody is Nikolas Cruz, 19, a former student who was expelled from the school and who unnerved acquaintances with his desire to be a “professional school shooter.”   Before the incident Cruz had no criminal history according to state law enforcement records.

lynda cruz.png

He grew up in Pine Tree Estates, Parkland Florida.  Both he and his brother Zachary were adopted.  Their their father, Roger Cruz, died of a heart attack in 2004 at the age of 67.   On November 1st, 2017 Mrs. Cruz died from complications of the flu.  She was 68 and native of Long Island, New York.

A house in Pine Tree Estates.  The median price of a home in the development is currently about $225K .

After she died  Nikolas and Zachary stayed with friends in Lake Worth but Nikolas asked a former classmate if he could move in with him and his family. They agreed, even though he had already been expelled from the school for disciplinary problems, after getting in a fight with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.  That family said everything was going well.

“He had emotional problems and I believe he was diagnosed with autism,” said a neighbor, Mr. Gold. “and trouble controlling his temper. He broke things. He would do that sometimes at our house when he lost his temper. But he was always very apologetic afterwards.”

He added: “He would sometimes be hitting his head and covering his ears. One time, I sent him home because he was misbehaving at our house and he took a golf club and smashed one of my trailers.”

         Laying out Nickolas

We have only the police report to say that Nikolas Jacob Cruz was born in Margate, Florida.  We do not know where he was adopted, or if the Margate refers to the surrender place, if his parents were in Florida at that time, etc.  There a lot of birth unkowns with Cruz so that was given rectifying his chart.

nj cruz

Nonetheless Cruz gets a 22 Scorpio Ascendant, that the Hyperion Symbols say is a “radio message of great urgency.”  It has the keyword of demand for it is an insistent call that must be heeded.  That seems to be the case as while he had “no criminal record” prior to the shooting, the Parkland Police department was at his house 19 times all regarding violence and a reported Youtube video where Cruz said he wanted to be a “professional school shooter.”  Should not an ankle bracelet been in use for him, a relevant point as he was banned from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for violence, and so would have alerted authorities that he was on the premises?

msd high school.png
The red dot is the scene of the crime.

But let’s go the charts….  There are several interesting things in Nikolas’s chart prime among them the three oppositions, and two of those creating a Cosmic Cross.  Working around the heel the first is in the green boxes, where wehave the two social planets of Neptune and Uranus in the third house of peers and schooling, opposite mars in the Ninth House of higher self and journeys.  This aspect suggests that Cruz really felt stifled at school and resented that the other children were doing better than he a diagnosed “autistic.”  Some states have special classes for those children, it would seem that Broward County does not.

The green triangles aspect via a square on either side highlighted in tangerine (this is the Sunshine State) that shows how much his mother meant to him and without her, he felt anchorless and alone.  His father, Saturn in this grouping, at the Fifth-Sixth house cusp had died when he was little, so Mrs. Cruz was both mother and father and her death left a gaping hole in his heart.

The final third opposition in complementary purple from the Tenth to the Fourth houses, highlights Venus in the tenth conjunct Mercury and via  a translation of light to his Sun in the eleventh house of friends opposite enthusiastic Jupiter in the fourth.  This setup suggests he really wanted to belong to his social group, or at least,  wanted a social group, but could not fit in with any he found.

It’s a pity that his mother’s death in lieu of his past violence was not paid more respect by authorities, or the FBI report not heeded.  Obviously Mr. Moto was not on the job¹ because he would have been the  (Scorpio 15) “reporter in hot pursuit of the news” would have gotten the message.



  1. Mr. Moto is a fictional character created by J. P. Marquand.  Peter Lorre was his Hollywood represntation.  Great stuff for a Saturday matinee.
  2. The School Shooting Charts
  3. Download the Broward County, FLA MC-Docket
  4. Download the Nikolas J. Cruz chart
  5. The Hyperion symbols are for sale here.
    1. Never pay more than list for the book btw, as the author still has some on hand for list plus media postage, signed if you want too, no charge.

In our continuing tour of Marc Jones’s 16 points, next is  the health and the person. Saturn is the planet of health because it is the point of sensitivity while the sixth house is important because it is traditional the house of health and the welfare of the native. Together, these two points show if the physical weakness is psychosomatic in origin   — Saturn is sensitive to criticism and easily embarrassed — or whether there is a true hazard to them.

saturn and tr
Here we see that Saturn in the 7th house is sextile Mercury in the 9th.

President Theodore’s health matrix

For Teddy, Saturn is in the sign of the Sun, a term I have assigned assurance (Leo), in the house of opportunity (seventh)  in the degree of {keyword] “reflection.”   It has no aspect to the  sixth house where the Moon resides, and I do not use minor aspects as my points.  I think that they are optional creatures, that add nuance and flavour, but do not determine the overall character of the person under review. 

The essential ruler of the sixth house is Mercury (keyword mentality) and Saturn (keyword sensitivity) is in a favourable aspect to it, suggesting that his childhood ills would be minimized by travel away from the congestion and pollution of New York City. Indeed Teddy went west in 1883, drawn to the Dakota Territory about the systematic hunting of the buffalo herd in the northern plains.

The symbol  of Leo 12 where Saturn occurs,   reads: “A garden party, with lanterns, music from a string ensemble and an animated interweaving of colorful figures,” showing the easy intercourse of human souls when they are content to relax between moments of greater effort. The sun is hyleg in this chart, and despite a bad start, the older he became, the more virile he became as riding horseback (ruled by the Ninth House Sagittarius) strengthened him, and helped him obtain the physical health he desired.

Janus 5.0 on Saturn’s aspects

SATURN 11 Leo 39

Saturn in Leo
You have a strong desire for recognition and prominence in life, coupled with the urge to gain positions of power and leadership. You need to feel respected by other people. There can be a lack of self-confidence, inhibited self-expression and difficulties asserting your authority.

Saturn in 7th House
You view relationships seriously and realistically. Marriage or significant partnerships tend to be stable and enduring; however there can be emotional coolness between partners leading to feelings of loneliness and separation. You may be attracted to others of a wide age difference to you. Possibly, a partner may be obstructive, critical and uncooperative. Opponents or enemies can be persistent and relentless; and legal difficulties may be experienced.

Saturn Square Sun 7 40′ A
You have a serious and realistic outlook on life based on hard experience and obstacles on your path. While you encounter many difficulties in life, and your share of challenges and defeats. In spite of these troubles, your great powers of perseverance, enduring energy give you the ability to achieve positions of authority. You know how to shoulder responsibility and take charge of situations. Physically, you experience periodic weariness, coupled with occasional bouts of low vitality or delicate health and should rest then. You may have a testing relationship with your father or dominant males.

Saturn Trine Venus 6 22′ S
Stability and reliability in love are important to you. You are practical and realistic about love for once another has gained your trust you remain loyal and faithful in your affections. You are attracted to people older than yourself and respect their life experience and maturity.

Saturn Square Pluto 5 01′ S
Everything you achieve in life is the result of sheer determination and effort — nothing of lasting value comes to you without hard work and sacrifice. You have great powers of endurance and perseverance, coupled with a tenacious attitude and the self-discipline to see things through to their successful conclusion. You have the power to perform at the highest level, but only after you have served an appropriate apprenticeship. In summary, work hard and prosper, accept disappointments with dignity, not bitterness, and remember that difficult times don’t last forever. Separations, and great losses can be experienced at certain junctures in life.

We continually review our essays striving for accuracy and clarity. This one was revised on 3 September 2019.


Who is Sonny Perdue?

Sonny Perdue, no relation to Frank and his chickens, is the United States Secretary of Agriculture since 2017 and grew up in  a farming family in Bonaire, Georgia. He was born George Ervin Perdue III on December 20, 1946, time unknown.

We have rectified his birth time to 6:29 am giving him a symbol of (HS) Cancer 04, “a young boy learning the importance of moksha”, also called “mukti.” Moksha embodies the Hindu concept of ultimate freedom and liberation deriving its meaning from mukt or (Sanskrit) “liberation,” i.e. release from the life-death cycle (samsara) of mundane existence. Moksha is akin the Buddhist concept of nirvana, and often the terms are interchangeably used; but Hindus believe nirvana is attained only after achieving moksha while in Buddhism it is the end itself.

Who is Sonny

Sonny is an  agribusinessman, veterinarian, state legislator, and former governor of Georgia — he’s been around and more recently he has been around 30 farm states since his confirmation to hear what farmers have to say.

“People believe that folks in Washington D.C. had stopped listening to rural America over the years,” Perdue said of those who came out to his town hall meetings… In fields, dairy barns, machine sheds and front yards, thousands of people turned out for town hall meetings to express their frustrations and offer suggestions.”

Sonny Perdue at his confirmation hearings.

Recently is in the news today because of his idea of an AgBox, similar to the 1970’s handouts of cheese, milk and butter to food stamp recipients. The AgBox would be  a package of “nutritious, 100-percent U.S. grown and produced food” containing nonperishable items like shelf-stable milk, cereal, peanut butter, canned meat, fruits and vegetables but it would replace half of those recipients’ food monthly benefits.  How this would be implemented is still under discussion.

                                  The appeal of Sonny

Mr. Perdue is split like an hourglass (Jansky) or see-saw (Jones) right down his chart — see above. To help you view that we have colored the two parts — one in blue and other in wheat yellow. This see-saw is almost all in the northern part of his, with the few that aren’t siphoning from below and giving purpose to his work ethic. The blue side shows the melding of family and government service while the wheaten side his personal initiative.

Perdue’s Uranus in the 12th house of government, large institutions, and self-imprisonment, bridges both sides of the see-saw into a philosophical whole. He believes in government service but also in business initiative, a traditional attitude in American politics that is seeing a resurgence under President Trump. The Uranus Mercury opposition shows Perdue is no stranger to being the bearer of disruptive ways of reforming large scale institutions, OTOH it makes him work all the harder to ironing out the problems so that they will work (square the midheaven at 12 Pisces).

Bonaire is south of Macon & Warner-Robbins Georgia in Houston County. It is not on the map.

The yellow side

On the yellow side of the chart we see the importance of his wife (Venus Scorpio 20.15 to his success and his many children (Jupiter 18 Scorpio 19). As the two planets are sextile his Neptune (10 Libra 40) in the 4th house, his wife and children & faith are his strongest base but inconjunct Uranus in the 12th strife comes from his government work that keeps him from home too long or brings him too munch unwarranted media flak. That may not bother him, but it does them.

Venus is sextile the Sun 28 Sagittarius 30 creating with a yod at Uranus 19 Gemini 24. The apex is then 19 Sagittarius in the sixth giving him a stellium there showing his dedication to his work and desire to work out the smallest detail. The yod recommends that Mr. Perdue delegate some of those menial things and stay focused on the big picture of his message (Uranus trine Neptune).

The Tantalizing Yod

That is hard, very hard, for him as it culminates in the asteroid Tantalus, the Greek mortal who always wanted just a little bit more but alas, could not have it. We recommend Mr. Perdue work on his will-power and self-restraint to help him here as a preponderance in the natural house of the Virgoan 6th also highlights genetic health problems that surface through stress and overtaxation.

We continually review our essays for accuracy. This one was vetted on September 3rd, 2019.

No. 10 – Forward Opportunity

The Dragon’s Tail is the direct opposite of the Dragon’s Head and commonly called the South Node of the moon, but I call it the Forward Opportunity.  My reasoning is that usually  successful people are the ones who have had the most setbacks; that is, he is the  man is just successful enough to keep ahead of this creditors, to pay his taxes and to muddle along somehow, or the woman owning a drug store, and then losing it, starts over again because she thinks this time she has a better idea.   Sometimes their  friends help them; sometimes not.  Either way they go about it more intelligently; profitting from previous experience and seeing what they did wrong before, whether it was a bad location, the wrong store, a fault somewhere in their reasoning.

Each time they improve on their method until they succeed. People who make a large success in life are usually those who have climbed up after one or perhaps many failures and it is the  South Node that says:  “Do you really want this?  What will you sacrifice for your dream? “

troosevelt south nodeSouth Node of TR

In T.R.’s chart the South Node is in the sign of Virgo, the sign of assimilation; in the house of regeneration; and in the degree of 07 Virgo that is Verification. The symbol (Virgo 6) says”Children’s voices and the smiles of elders; it is a merry-go-round, with blatant music and unrestrained joyousness.”

Here we see  the intensification of all elements of life  — the elevation of pleasure to a transmutive force or the assimilation in a carnival spirit.  To Theodore Roosevelt failure was conquered by assimilating everything from the episode because he was “Jack-of-all-trades” who plunged into problem whole-heartedly because he is willing to learn from his mistakes and learn from others successes.

His chart is the splash temperament type:  he planets are scattered  all over the map, but while he was not concentrated in anysphere, he used everything for his ultimate success of his life through boundless energy and great determination.

Ralph Lauren is a on a roll.  Last year he designed the first lady’s dress for the inauguration.  This year he created the USA Olympic Team’s couture (our header image is an illustration).

Born Ralph Lifshitz in the Bronx, New York on October 14, 1939, he grew up there on Moshulu Parkway, itself a creation of New York civic planner-architect Robert Moses. The area was part the FDR WPA program, constructed from 1935 to 1937, and resulted in Van Cortlandt Park and the New York Botanical Gardens.

Mr. Lauren  attended then CUNY’s Baruch College in Manhattan, where he studied business for two years. After a brief stint in the Army, Lauren took on a sales job at Brooks Brothers.   In 1964 he married Ricky Ann Low-Beer, herself a graduate of another one of CUNY’s schools, Hunter College, where she majored in psychology.

melania in ralph
The First Lady in Ralph Lauren couture on Inauguration day, 2017.

In 1967, while working for Beau Brummell, Lauren began designing his own men’s neckties with a wider cut, branding them under the name “Polo” and selling them at large department stores, including Bloomingdale’s.  It was successful and he got a business loan from Citibank for $50,000 –and therein began the great success story that is now part of the S&P 500, trades around $110.00 a share on the NYSE and is  a 8.5 billion dollar business.

Ralph Lauren

                                                  Unclothing Ralph


We have rectified Mr. Lauren’s chart to a 29 Taurus that in the Hyperion Symbols of  Gavin Kent McClung (a Marc Jones protégé) is a “Young woman leading an aged dog that limps” that is about Loyalty to one’s vision through time and despite challenges.  His first house is Taurus ruled by artistic Venus, a planet that found appropriately in the sixth house of work at 01 Scorpio, the sign of Creative Regeneration, which fits with the whole vision of Polo — designing upscale America for middle class pocketbooks.

ralph lauren.jpg

Lauren’s Saturn, that planet of structure, sensitivity and good taste is in his twelfth house of large corporations and dreams.  Growing up near the New York Botanic Gardens on Moshulu exposed him firsthand to the revamping of what was formerly the empty fields and farms of the Bronx, and perhaps inspired him to dream big, for his chart, a bucket with a Mars Handle in the Tenth House of careers, encourages those thoughts — Mars rules metal and thus scissors a tool integral for the cutting of cloth.

ralph and ricky.png
from Architectural Digest

Saturn, the essential ruler of the tenth house, is sextile Mars (which is exalted in Capricorn giving its native shrewd business sense) giving Lauren a strong determination to succeed, and the Moon trine Mars encourages him to refashion himself. With his Sun in the sixth house, we do not see Mr. Lauren retiring anytime soon.  We think he loves it too much.

Point 9 was originally termed Karma and Marc Edmund Jones defined it as “Karma is what you carry around with you as an excuse for being. Good karma places nothing in your way, and bad karma makes you work, therefore, bad karma is good, if it makes you put forth effort.”  He added  that Jupiter is the planet of karma, the planet of your soul or your conscious conception of your inner self. ”

tdr jupiter

Twenty years later when he wrote his final work, Counseling Manual of Astrology, he had rethought that and felt that Point 9 was now Spontaneity and a person’s enjoyment of life and how that fulfills them, so we are re-terming that now to avoid confusion.  We are also now, changing over from Marc’s Placidus format to our Morinus/Meridian one to show how it applies.

In TR’s chart we find Jupiter (keyword expansion) in the succedent fifth house of offspring and personal environs in the sign of of Gemini that is vivification or giving life to something in a degree of assembly. The symbol (Gemini 22) reads: “An old-fashioned ‘harvest home’ festival is at its height, with flashing dancing couples crowding the dance floor.”

This is symbolic of the richness of life, found by creating good times with human association.  Conviviality is what refreshes us and gives us the good memories to empower us to go forward and the Lord Jesus himself, never refused an invitation to a party. Teddy too liked parties and the “bringing in the sheaves,¹” is giving life to ideas, and carrying them out to benefit others.


  1.  Sheaves are the plural of sheaf, a stalk of a cereal plant, but no one can do much with one stalk, so harvest time is about collecting and binding the sheaves of  wheat, rye, etc., after they are cut down typically with Cyrus McCormack’s mechanical reaper.

No. 7  – Relationships with Others, the Moon

From the mental chemistry of a person, my next point is the  the emotional life and marriage, or the moon, and the planet or planets that indicate marriage, respectively. The moon is while important is almost midway in the list because it is reflective and so we need the other planets to fully understand its colour.

teddy roosevelt's moon.png

Our emotions are intimate and specific.  It is our capacity for intimate experiences and sharing experiences.  For T.R. his Moon is in the sixth house which I have assigned the keyword of “Duty” in the thirteenth degree of Cancer, its essential lord.  Teddy was often  often accused of  excessive self-love (egotism)  but that be constructive when properly applied as it was here, for the individual has a real  sense of social responsibility.   Of course this makes his Moon rather impersonal but as it was the sign of growth (Cancer) and in the house of duty with a degree of determination it worked well.

The symbol (Cancer 13) reads: “A hand held out is remarkable for the suggestion in its prominent thumb.” This dramatizes an essentially practical approach to life, a freedom from all impeding illusions and notions. The thumb is what gets in the way of things, or in Teddy’s case, his strong self, but also makes think of the “hitch-hikers.” For Roosevelt this meant that he never lost an opportunity to put his thumb up, riding every possible vehicle of life in fulfilling his duty.


                                                             Point 8 – The Man’s Marriage


teddy roosevelt's moon.png

In a man’s chart the moon is the marriage significator, and marriage is indicated by the planets that the moon applies before it leaves the sign in which it is found at birth.

In T.R.’s chart the moon is in opposition to to Mars in Capricorn 17 in the Twelfth House showing the marriage to the first Mrs. Roosevelt, the mother of Alice. Alice seems to have fulfilled many of her father’s great desires (twelfth house)  for outstanding initiative.


Anne hathaway Lee Roosevelt.jpg
Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, Teddy’s first wife.

Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt.jpg
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, the First Lady











The next application is to Neptune a trine away from the Moon in the same triplicity but in the second house.  This planet is an impersonal one, and usually represents a career marriage or business deal rather than a love for the woman herself suggesting  that the second marriage to Edith Carow, a friend of his sister’s,  was entirely subordinated to duty.

The next application of the Moon via a trine is to Neptune, an impersonal sign.  This planet usually represents a career rather than a woman.  Neptune is also in the second house, suggesting that this marriage was entirely subordinated to the career and born from duty to his daughter and family name (the first Mrs. Roosevelt having died early in their marrage when Alice was four.)

In October, 2017, I started writing a complete set of 480 separate male/female interpretations for all the declination parallel and contraparallel aspects. In doing so, I discovered that both Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering, his number two, were born with Mars closely parallel Chiron.

Goering was born four years later, in 1893. With Hitler the orb is 05m and with Goering the orb is  07m.  With Chaplin, the orb is much wider -46m. Only 9 other men in my collection of 2,279 famous men with known birth times were born with Mars parallel Chiron within 07m. The difference between these other 9 men and Hitler is that most of them have either no close zodiacal aspects to Chiron or have favorable aspects, compared to Hitler’s challenging aspect of Moon opposite Chiron, with orb of 12m.

Hitler’s right hand man, Hermann Goering had Chiron conjunct Juno, the partnership asteroid, with an orb of 0d 24m, and  close zodiacal aspects to the Moon, Mars, and North Node. At the Nuremberg Trials, Goering “was charming, aloof and confident, and from the start was determined to dominate the other prisoners and make them follow his line of defence.”

Mars parallel Chiron is also a  powerful aspect, but it does not always produce an Adolf Hitler, it can also produce a Simon Cowell, a Harvey Levin, a John McCain (held in Vietnamese capitivity as a prisoner of war) , or a Vincent Price – all people who have confronted the unpleasant or the horrific side of life.

The slow-moving planetary aspects include three planets at 19 degrees – Uranus, the Black Moon Lilith, and cold, distant Eris – in addition to tapping into these outer-planet energies, Chaplin and Hitler also channelled the generational aspect of Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini. Both had a close Uranus sesquiquadrate Pluto aspect in their charts, as did Israeli general Moshe Dayan, U.S. senator Robert Byrd (former Grand Wizard of the KKK) Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach.

The energies of that minor square aspect manifest as follows:

“This aspect makes you tough and hard. It gives you the ability to withstand hurts or injuries and yet still recover and thrive. You never stop growing. It gives you the technical ability to have power and influence with others.”

Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp character achieved worldwide universal familiarity – Chaplin’s Moon on the Ascendant gave him a transpersonal connection to the common man. In 1917, it was reported that nine out of ten men who attended costume parties dressed as the Tramp. Stores carried dolls and merchandise with Chaplin’s likeness.

The appearance of Adolf Hitler was often compared to that of Charlie Chaplin. They both exemplified an extreme rags to riches story and in 1940, Chaplin portrayed Hitler  in The Great Dictator – a talkie that was at the time universally panned.

. The connection between them is not just some weird or accidental coincidence but as   Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung commented on synchronicity, it was a link that exists because resonates with deep meaning and significance. Outer events can be signs that point to underlying connections and a deeper reality.

Whereas Chaplin’s strongest planet was the Moon, the planet of emotions, Adolf Hitler’s strongest planets was the Sun, the planet of will.  Hilter also scored high with the newly discovered Eris, the planet of discord.  Deep stuff indeed.

John Halloran
Los Angeles

Several of the charts mentioned are shown above.